Authtrail’s token is trending. What about the GREENY token?


Authtrail’s token is in the spotlight, garnering investors’ attention. This project offers a unified gateway to various Web3 ecosystems. It will enable enterprises and developers to build on Polkadot parachains easily. The company also provides standard API connections. Thanks to their different use cases, customers will be able to build and implement dapps on one platform and find Web3 solutions for everyday business. Authtrail’s service is easy-to-use, reliable, and fast.

The company has already created a blockchain-based data integrity SaaS platform, as well as its adjacent apps. As a result, it can now offer customers: an ecosystem where they can trust data and verify critical information; Traceable transactions – users will be able to track the execution of various operations.

According to the team, their platform can overcome most limitations when it comes to transaction performance and high costs. The company tried to simplify the way unlimited data is linked to a single transaction on the blockchain. Consequently, clients will benefit by receiving an easy-to-use and highly affordable SaaS service to anchor blockchain data and get verification at an enterprise scale.

Deloitte mentions that companies and businesses failing to develop and implement suitable data integrity standards may fall behind global regulatory requirements. As a result, they will face the consequences ranging from fines and shutdowns to criminal charges. They will also lose their competitive advantage against their rivals.

Realizing the necessity and potential of such a platform, the Authtrail team decided to create a universal platform for data integrity and verification. This project will add value to various enterprises and businesses through advanced cryptography and blockchain technologies. Moreover, it will enable users to check the veracity of enterprise data, as well as its history, without relying on any external authority.


What is Authtrail’s goal? 

The company aims to support digitized organizations. It will aid them in leveraging quality and reliable data. On the other hand, these firms will be able to expand to new business opportunities, lower costs, and even gain a competitive edge on the market.

Overall, Authtrail wants to become a go-to service platform when it comes to protecting and verifying essential data, contracts, documents, and other business material. This company will allow users access to easily check the data’s veracity, relying on technology instead of human agents.

The make things even easier for its customers, the company created the utility native token AUT for its platform. Its holders will gain some advantages on the platform. AUT is based on Binance Chain, and it’s a secure and dependable coin. The total supply is 150,000,000.00 AUT, but only 15,000,000 are available for sale during the ICO.

Authtrail has a strong potential to achieve success as data integrity is highly valued in sectors dealing with advanced processes, invaluable IP, and state-of-the-art technologies. Such enterprises need to test all components, procedures, and end products against various standards. However, some industries rely on data integrity more than others. Those are, for example, BFSI (banking, financial services, insurance), manufacturing, healthcare, retail, telecom, and IT, as well as government.

Furthermore, data integrity is crucial for several other technologically highly advanced sectors, including the aerospace industry, pharmaceuticals industry, robotics, automotive, high-value products, electronic equipment, the energy sector, and so on.

The company has already implemented and tested the Authtrail platform in various industries. Currently, many enterprises face multiple issues as they have to use manual data processing systems. But the need to streamline the process is growing, with companies adopting data integration and integrity software tools. That’s exactly what Authtrail offers.


Authtrail's token is trending. What about the GREENY token?

What is the Green Uni Network, and why is its token trending? 

The Green Uni Network is another successful ICO project. It aims to develop a decentralized network of European universities, along with colleges and high schools. This network will offer users online education in computer science, informatics, and other high-tech specialties.

The team calls its brainchild – Virtual Electronic University (VeU). This decentralized, blockchain-based platform will enable millions of people to access high-quality and affordable university/college education. Moreover, this platform will unite the best European universities, colleges, and high schools. Students will have the opportunity to complete advanced courses in Informatics and Computer Science without moving to other states or countries. They can do that from their homes, thus, saving additional living costs.

In addition, Green Uni Network’s educational project has huge financial potential. Its investors will gain handsomely over time. The forecasts show that the need for online education is increasing annually. And considering our technological era, education in Informatics and Computer Science will give students the opportunity to pursue highly profitable jobs.

The team stated that the current trend of merging human life with the computer future influenced the Green Uni Network project and its GREENY token. The latter is very high-ranked on various ICO listing platforms due to the project’s popularity. After all, many people consider education in digital technologies the safest investment for a successful and profitable career. There are so many opportunities out there, all connected to computers and the internet.

While the pandemic dealt a heavy blow to the economies of the states, it also broadly opened the door for the Great Technologies. People became even more dependent on a computer as they worked or studied from home. Some analysts think that Artificial Intelligence will bring $13 trillion each year until 2030 to the world economy.


How will the Green Uni Network contribute to such growth? 

The company believes education needs to be changed according to the new demands. Online learning is the future. However, every change brings with it various challenges. But the Green Uni Network aims to provide security and transparency in all activities related to its educational services.  

Its utility token, GREENY, will also prove very useful. It will power all services provided on the platforms of this project. This token is based on Binance Smart Chain. The team launched its Pre-sale on July 11, 2022, and it ended on August 31, 2022. However, the company started the ICO sale today and will last until November 30, 2022. 500,000,000 GREENY tokens are available for sale. But the total supply of the coins is 1,000,000,000.00.

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