ApeCoin’s Upward Momentum and Akita Inu’s Steady Path

  • ApeCoin price continues its upward consolidation today. 
  • Akita Inu continues with lateral consolidation. 

ApeCoin chart analysis

The price continues its upward consolidation today. Yesterday we had the formation of this week’s new higher high at the 3,483 level. Then there was a pullback to the 3,400 support level. Additional support in that zone is in the EMA50 moving average. Now we need another positive consolidation and a move up to the 3,450 level.

Above, we would be close to testing yesterday’s high, and we could see a breakout above. Potential higher targets are 3,500 and 3,550 levels. On the bearish side, the first support is at the 3,350 level. We could look for the next lower support at the 3,300 or 3,250 level.

ApeCoin Chart Analysis

Akita Inu chart analysis

Akita Inu continues with lateral consolidation. The price has tested the 0.0000001240 level several times, where it is receiving support for now. The pressure is still present, and we could find ourselves at that support level again. The inability of the price to hold there will lead to a continuation of the pullback to the next support level.

Potential lower targets are the 0.0000001220 and 0.0000001200 levels. We need positive consolidation and growth to the 0.0000001350 level for a bullish option. We have additional resistance in the EMA50 moving average, and we need a break above it if we want to see a recovery of the Akita Inu coin.

Akita Inu Chart Analysis

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