XGT, NFTP, ORT, and CSX got high ranking – Market Wrap

Xion Finance launched its ICO on July 7, 2021. The company is offering investors 700,000 XGT tokens during the sale. That is a great opportunity, considering that Xion Finance is already very successful on the market.

The price during the initial coin offering is $0.180000, and the platform aims to raise $126,000 by trading its native tokens. Xion accepts BUSD in exchange for XGT.

This platform is the next generation of payment portals. It aims to bring cross-chain decentralized payments, financial rewards, and loyalty to a commerce industry worldwide.

Furthermore, Xion Finance wants to solve various problems currently making it difficult for ordinary people to use the DeFi. The main obstacles are high transaction/gas fees, locked sales revenue, lack of loyalty programs, and merchant underwriting processes.

Thus, Xion offers solutions to each of those problems, including 0% transaction fees(microtransactions), loyalty programs, 100% cashback rewards, instant time to market, and access to ones’ own funds.

Moreover, Xion is essentially the first cross-chain decentralized e-commerce and finance ecosystem, allowing customers to intuitively earn passive income, cashback on their purchases, and trading fees.

With those advantages and the company’s excellent team with 30+ years of marketing experience, it’s not surprising that Xion found its followers so fast. The company has the true potential to disrupt the payment system industry and become a leader in the space.

Xion also managed to find strong allies. Industry-leading experts, such as CertiK, Lupa X, GD10, Metrix Capital, DarkPool liquidity, SkyVision Capital, Twin Apex, Tokenova, and others back up this company.

 What about the NFT TOKEN PILOT ICO?

NFTP is a binance smart chain based on the NFT project. This platform will enable creators to change their art or collectibles into NFTs. While the company is relatively new, it may have good potential.

Its initial coin offering starts on July 12, 2021, in three days. A total of 500,000 NFTPs are for sale, and the price will be $0.000500 during the ICO. The company is accepting BNB coins in exchange for NFTP.

Xion Finance offers its hot token for sale in IDO

Ortcoin is in the spotlight. Why is its ICO so popular?

Ortcoin plans to create a blockchain jobs platform that will help investors and freelancers to connect. Furthermore, the platform will provide efficient transactions, along with robust protections through smart contracts everywhere around the globe.

The company has recently launched its native token to raise funds for the development of its network. The pre-sale began on July 3, 2021, and will end on July 23, 2021. Meanwhile, the ICO sale will begin on July 24, 2021, and will last until December 31, 2021.

Even though ORT is a squeaky new token, it already has a very high ranking on several ICO listing platforms. The token is BEP-20 based on Binance Chain. 6,000,000,000 ORT (60% of the total supply) will be available for sale during the initial coin offering.

The pre-sale price is 0.01 USD per ORT, and the platform accepts BTC, LTC, USDT, DOGE, Direct Bank Deposit, Credit Card, and Debit Card in exchange.


How will the platform work?

Ort will be self–governing, Defi-powered DAO designed to act as a decentralized and broad platform for freelancing. It aims to provide the best experience for B2B (Business to Business), as well as the P2P (Peer to Peer) interaction. The company offers an intuitive user interface that will match skilled freelancers for job postings around the globe, all with a commission-free transaction.

Furthermore, it brings in a new innovative model and ensures that both the employer and employee get the best quality work. Due to the open markets’ specific, employers often get an unsuitable workforce, and on the contrary, employees have to contend with unreliable employers. That gave impetus to have sub-contract models, as well as intermediaries’ in-between, throwing out much more pay for the job than it deserves.

However, such a scenario also brought in a lot of mistrust and doubt, adjusting with near-to-desirable outcomes for the employer and not a satisfactory payment for the employee.

Okratech’s goal is to offer free solutions for such situations. The platform will bring a game-changing strategy in freelancing to ensure an accurate match between employer and employee. As a result, the company will ensure that the right person will get the right job for the right pay.

Besides, the Okratech team highlighted that this platform would be truly decentralized. Other platforms already attempted their best to decentralize but ended up in the “niche” part of the market. However, Okratech assures its clients that it won’t share such a fate.

Coinstox’s token also ranked high, but its ICO will end soon

ico Coinstox is the DeFi crowdfunding platform. It enables entrepreneurs and startups to generate capital fast. Furthermore, its marketplace leverages blockchain technology and connects businesses looking to raise capital with investors who are looking for small investment opportunities.

The company launched its native token’s ICO on January 15, 2021, and since then, it has rapidly gained popularity. An ERC-20 type CSX token is quite hot right now. Its total supply is 1,000,000,000, and during the initial coin offering, the price is 0.05 EUR per CSX. The company is accepting BTC, ETH, and USDT in exchange for its tokens.

What does Coinstox offer to its customers?

Coinstox wants to introduce its concept of financial trade and investment by using blockchain Management. The latter will enable enterprises to source capital much more efficiently. It also provides better investment opportunities for investors. The team created the concept of Coinstox in June 2020, and since then, they have been working passionately to invent an easy and secure but simultaneously beneficial way of financial trade. The company aims to revolutionize the financial services sector.

Startups and small businesses often struggle with raising capital as they experience challenges often unique to them. Such obstacles are, for instance, lack of creditworthiness, inexperienced founders, and missing balance sheets of startups.

Furthermore, companies have to face enormous legal channels, along with a lack of the necessary exposure to potential investors. Usually, transaction fees and interest rates on loan repayments are very high. That also causes a lot of complications for startups. In addition, the company’s finances are monitored centrally and struggle to receive any capital for development. Considering all these, you will understand why the creating of blockchain-based technologies is such an attractive prospect.

However, the Coinstox team reflected on the general problems and difficulties small companies have to face when it comes to raising capital and determined to aid them. There is a wide range of potential investors who are interested in investing their capital in various kinds of businesses.

Coinstox platform offers its users decentralized blockchain technology for payments and finances, along with “smart contract” for contracts with investors. Furthermore, it doesn’t require additional licenses for tokenization, which makes the process even smarter and quicker. Every company will be able to own its individual currency – the Tokens, which make trade possible. Besides, using such currency will also allow a secured form of investment. In return for their investment, the token holders will receive special offers from the company.

The users can exchange their Tokens with all other project Tokens without raising marketing expenses. All in all, Coinstox offers to create a secure possibility for investments and raising of capital for companies. Every brand using this platform will hold their own individual Token, the project Tokens, to trade with.

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