WingStep enables you to gain by just walking. Don’t miss it


Fitness and health tracking mobile apps are becoming a new trend. There are so many of them on the market that it’s hard to choose which one to use. However, that means they have to work harder to attract users and offer more benefits. WingStep is a Web3-based mobile app that has integrated NFT gaming and social media elements. Its users will be able to earn rewards by walking, jogging, or using a gym. This game is pretty exciting, and it has great potential.

To join WingStep, users need to have a free NFT. They can also buy an NFT in the form of sneakers. After that, they will be able to earn crypto and other NFTs in the game simply by walking, running, and exercising. Moreover, customers can use the acquired items for in-game activities or cash them out for profit.

This project relies on an app that tracks and allows players to work on their own goals. Through the game model, users will improve their fitness and, in the process, get rewards to encourage that exercise. In addition, the team integrated the application with the traditional social network model. Thus, users will be able to easily share their own training process, as well as training route and results. They will connect with other users to exercise together or share various life experiences.

The company decided to release the game for free with free items in order to introduce and reach all users interested in improving health and fitness. Despite that, players will still be able to experience the game fully.


What about the WingStep’s features? 

The game model mainly focuses on improving the user’s fitness and health. Still, the company plans to apply attractive reward mechanisms for members who are more interested in gaining NFTs while improving their fitness. That process will help encourage users to create exercise habits and, as a result, improve health on a regular basis.

The team also didn’t forget to bring a Defi feature. Thus, users can now save time but still earn extra income. Furthermore, the Defi features will help WingStep have a stronger and more realistic financial background.

The project will develop freely and fairly. To ensure that, players who own the project’s governance tokens will have the right to vote on developing game features. They can also vote on the trading roadmap of NFTs and other collectibles items of the game.

One of the biggest benefits of this app is that you don’t need to understand NFT or crypto to be able to use it. Players just need to download the app and join a workout or purchase an NFT to get started. Their only goal will be practice.

The team members acknowledge that building a habit of doing something is difficult for everyone. That’s especially true when it comes to our health and fitness. That’s why they decided to give their users real incentives. This app will help people to get healthier and earn money simultaneously. Besides, WingStep’s realistic rewards factor, along with its social media platform, will make it easier to create a workout routine and stay healthy and active.


Civitas' token is still trending. Why's that? 

WST token enables users to gain real money

The company has launched its native utility token, WST, recently. The price of this ERC20 coin was 0.01 USD during the initial coin offering. The total amount of tokens is 500,000,000, but only 15% was available for the token sale.

WST token will offer its holders additional benefits on the WingStep platform. The team developed an in-app tracker where the player has to manually start and end the activity. It uses this tracker to track players’ workouts. The company will also use GPS, motion sensors, and gyroscopes to accurately track players’ activity data. In the upgraded version, customers can receive better rewards when using sports bands or smartwatches.

Meanwhile, the team will launch several activities, including running, jogging, and step counting in the beta version of the app. But users must do all those actions outdoors for the purpose of a better GPS connection. After a workout, the app will show users data on Distance Steps, workout time, speed, calories burned, as well as rewards.

WingStep will also update the tracking features in the future. The team wants to add cycling, Gym (Gym/Home), golf, swimming, tennis, etc. It will launch these features according to the roadmap, but the company hopes to implement some of them sooner.

The company also offers a daily quest system. That is a mechanism that helps players earn additional rewards (WSS Token). The latter is the platform’s other token. Users will be able to share tasks, such as taking pictures, checking in, etc. They will need to share them on WingStep’s Social Network and other social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and so on.

Players will also perform tasks like locating treasures or searching for other users. They will receive different amounts of WST tokens depending on the difficulty of their tasks.


Civitas’ token is still trending. Why’s that? 

Civitas is a play-and-earn city-building game that is becoming very popular lately. In this game, every citizen (player) can customize their plot of land with unique structures and items. They can either acquire these items or craft them. Every structure placed on a player’s land will influence its statistics, as well as its ability to produce passive resources.

Users will need to work together within their city subDAO. As a result, they will accumulate power, construct more advanced buildings, and progress to new eras.

Moreover, each city center will house a virtual tower of influence. And only citizens will be able to access them. Towers provide players vital information regarding available quests, city performance, global diplomacy status, subDAO business, yield rates, and other information relevant to city progress and growth.

The company plans to launch its ERC20 native token CITI this month. This token is already popular due to the game’s attractiveness. The platform is interesting, with well-developed features. The game is immersive, and it has a great reward system that ensures that users will gain tokens along with enjoying playing.


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