Web3Games’s token W3G is trending. What about SFTY? 


Web3Games is an interesting integrated blockchain gaming ecosystem. It includes four core products: Protocol, Portal, Studios, and Chain. The project aims to help traditional game developers integrate their gaming products with blockchain. It will make gaming assets decentralized and permissionless, thus, bringing back the digital ownership of in-game items to gamers.

Web3Games Studios will collaborate with game developers to build good-quality blockchain games. The company will distribute these games through Portal. In order to attract more user traffic, the team plans to provide IGO/INO services for other cooperative gaming projects.

All users in the portal will need to create their own Player ID in this ecosystem. According to the company, as more and more people start using Player ID, more developers are willing to integrate with the Web3Games protocol. Players can also log in to lots of different games with their Player ID. The chain is very important, as it supports the whole ecosystem.

The team has built its platform to help game developers to transform their products into blockchain gaming. When a gaming project joins this ecosystem, the company provides services such as blockchain integration, development, and token economy. Also, it will help customers to create a go-to-market strategy on the launchpad, as well as gaming token sales and NFT sales. The goal is to help game developers to produce the best blockchain games for the Defi community.

Portal is one of the key products. Its’ actually a one-stop blockchain gaming portal with a multi-chain launchpad. And it features facilities such as Token Swap and NFT marketplace designed for the gaming market. Thanks to Portal, game developers will be able to launch their new projects. They will also have the opportunity to host the initial sales for the gaming assets.


What about other features? 

The company designed an API-as-a-service protocol specifically for gaming companies to integrate with blockchain. As a result, users will be able to seamlessly access and distribute blockchain assets such as NFTs and gaming tokens.

Studios are essentially hubs to foster up-and-coming blockchain games and digital culture. The company’s current portfolio includes game development teams with extensive backgrounds in producing virtual games like Diablo and Call of Duty, among others. They are now building play-to-earn blockchain games, though. Game developers will be able to join or partner with Studios to build superior blockchain games together.

Moreover, Web3Games plans to provide a Substrate-based blockchain to improve efficiency, as well as ensure low transaction costs for NFTs. Web3Games Chain will support its player ID to show transparency and gradual decentralization.

The company also created the platform’s native utility token W3G, which is quite trending. The price of this ERC20 token will be 0.025 USD during the initial coin offering. The team aims to raise $250,000 with the sale. The total supply of tokens is 1,000,000,000, but only 21% will be available for the ICO at this stage.

Web3Games is a one-stop integrated ecosystem. As such, it aims to build a bridge between Defi users and game developers. The company identified various problems that plague the Defi space currently and decided to offer its own solutions. For example, it offers easy access to crypto wallets, unlike other platforms that have more complicated rules.


Web3Games's token W3G is trending. What about SFTY? 

How does the Player ID system work? 

The team has created Player ID specifically to lower the entry barrier for general traditional gamers, thus, enabling them to join the Blockchain Gaming World. The company stated that Player ID is a brand-new user account system. It allows players to create an account simply with an email and a verification code. Furthermore, it’s associated with crypto wallets. However, it doesn’t store any on-chain assets in the Player ID. Consequently, customers will be able to log in to different games using their Player ID without any risks. At the same time, game developers will be able to access players’ on-chain assets through the Player ID APIs.

Moreover, the company set up Web3Games Protocol API for traditional game developers, aiming to break their current games into two layers: on-chain gaming assets and off-chain gaming mechanisms. As a result, developers will be able to access players’ on-chain asset information easily. After the game, they can also allocate the gaming tokens to the gamers as rewards through the asset distributor. This will greatly simplify blockchain integration, as well as boost game transformation.

Web3Games Portal plans to cooperate with a list of blockchain gaming projects. It will help them form early communities for players, along with assisting with campaigns such as public token sales. The team also plans to implement a professional marketing program to engage players in the early stage. In the long term, it will spread the game to players all around the world. Through Web3games Portal, users will be able to get the latest news of games, join token or NFT sales events, and participate in the regularly organized marketing events.

Besides, the team has set up Web3Games Studios to work with various gaming production companies and studios. It will provide consulting services on blockchain integration, as well as token economy.


What about the Stella Fantasy? 

Stella Fantasy is a great character collectible NFT action game. Its players will be able to explore many parts of this exciting world. They will also have the opportunity to battle against various foes and experience growing up together with charming anime-style characters.

Moreover, the players can earn digital assets such as characters, equipment, and other goods throughout the game. The company will ensure to add these to players’ wallets as tokens and NFTs. In addition, players will experience a value increase generated by economic flow through the game’s ecosystem, as well as its organic communication system.

The company aims to break away from the outdated graphics and simple gameplay mechanics that are prevalent in the existing NFT game market. Instead, it wants to create a more complete and full-fledged game. Thus, the game’s players will be able to collect and interact with various characters with unique personalities, along with exploring and experiencing real-time action combat against powerful foes.

The team also created Stella Fantasy Token (SFTY) to maintain its ecosystem and governance. SFTY serves to link the game to external systems. It also gives its holders various benefits.


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