Tr3zor token is ranking high. What about 8.Finance’s token? 


Tr3zor became known as the first global lost and found a network based on blockchain technology. This platform connects searchers and finders, and it uses new technology to present a sustainable solution to the pressing problem of lost or stolen belongings. The team utilizes blockchain and implements multiple incentive mechanisms such as bounty rewards.

The Tr3zor network offers a global database of lost or stolen items on both mobile and web. It also promises to give the users the advantages of borderless, swift and cheap digital transactions, along with the highest standards in security and transparency. All of that is thanks to the immutability of blockchain networks.

The company aims to create an interconnected, cooperative network between multiple entities and places where people lose their belongings most frequently. The team is also establishing connections with lost and found offices in cities and at airports, hotels, police, public transport companies, railway and bus stations, restaurants, and many others. Such an approach ensures that the network will have the highest reach possible even beyond the community-based model. This also increases the likelihood of a property getting found by its owner. After all, that’s the main goal, and besides, finding items will give more people the incentive to join. The team wants to continuously accumulate new users and, eventually, widespread international adoption.

Tr3zor created TR3 as the native utility token of its platform. The team based TR3 on the ERC20 standard. This coin is the main payment instrument on the Tr3zor platform. Moreover, it facilitates all bounty rewards and serves as an incentive mechanism encouraging user interaction on the platform.


What other advantages does TRS offer? 

According to the team, the gamification-based tiered system will provide additional motivation and use cases of its token. Finders and searchers will get rewards and additional bonuses once they reach a milestone (for example, by obtaining their first bounty). Users will also be able to receive fast payouts at any time. For that, they can exchange the tokens in their Tr3zor account for a crypto of their choice and demand a payout of funds.

That’s not all, though. While the company makes the usage of other cryptocurrencies such as BTC or ETH possible, it also offers numerous advantages of using TR3 tokens. Using its native tokens will allow users to get exclusive rewards from the gamification mechanism it has implemented. In addition, users will get ranks based on the amount of bounties they have received or granted to other community members. The higher the rank, the better the rewards.

The team also listed existing problems in the case of a lost or stolen item and offered its own solutions to each of them.


What are Tr3zor’s solutions? 

The company pointed out that traditional solutions are not effective enough to recover a high percentage of lost items. Currently, community-based lost and found networks lack incentive mechanisms that encourage and reward people for their participation. That prevents these networks from achieving widespread adoption and gathering a critical mass of searchers and finders.

However, Tr3zor has implemented bounties, coupling them with a gamification system that would provide a wide array of incentives for community members to be active on the platform. Besides, users can get paid for returning an item and receive visual recognition in the form of ranks and badges. They will also get additional monetary rewards for achievements.

Furthermore, networks that are running on traditional web technologies lack security when it comes to storing personal data. And entry barrier is often discouraging new potential users. On the other hand, blockchain offers a high level of security, especially when it comes to storing personal information. On Tr3zor, the searchers can post information about their items or themselves without worrying that it can be compromised.

Banks are notorious for their high international transaction fees, as well as their slow execution time. There is always a possibility of blocked or denied transactions. This is another obstacle, especially in the case of an item that was lost at an airport. Tr3zor executes payments by using blockchain technology. Thus, people have a viable alternative to the traditional payment methods. The company uses different cryptocurrencies and TR3 tokens. It allows users to deposit funds swiftly while preserving their privacy. It will also make sure that the person who found the item is rewarded.


Tr3zor token is ranking high. What about 8.Finance’s token? 

Tr3zor aims to create the largest network worldwide 

Blockchain enables a high degree of globalization without currency or legal restrictions. Users can obtain the bounties in a universal cryptocurrency no matter where the finders are. The company also offers advanced functionality to its customers. For example, it will use automatic image recognition that visually analyzes the database for the lost item, compares the input data and then matches the finder with the searcher automatically. Users won’t have to search for the person who is currently in possession of the item at hand to get the reward. The whole process is automated.

Moreover, searchers and finders are the two main stakeholder groups on the platform. As the name suggests, searchers are people who are looking for a lost or stolen item. Finders are users who found an item and are looking to get rewards from its rightful owner for returning it.


What is 8.Finance and what does it offer? 

8.Finance is a relatively new MetaFi platform. It boasts elaborate hyper-deflationary tokenomics that is the result of synergies between Games, Metaverses, DAOs and Defi.

The company started its token’s Seed Round on October 1, 2021, and it will end on October 31, 2022. The price of 1 token is 0.005 USD, but its value will increase over time.

On the 8.Finance platform, users can easily play, study and earn cryptocurrencies without any special skills. Even crypto amateurs will be able to reach the level of experts with this network. Players can start with a simple free-to-play game, “Snake for Crypto,” and collect their first cryptocurrencies on the playing field. Then they can withdraw them into their wallet and sell them. 8.Finance will provide a high-quality blockchain-based service in the field of decentralized finance, as well as entertainment and education.


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