The Uptrend Center Review – Is it good to trade with?

General Information
Broker Name:
Broker Type: CFD
United Kingdom
Operating since year:
Regulation: N/A
Broker status:
12 Hammersmith Grove, London
Trading platforms:
Web Based
Trading platform Time zone:
Demo account:
Mobile trading:
Web-based trading:
Other trading instruments:
Minimum deposit ($):
Maximal leverage: 1:400
Scalping allowed:
Payment methods:
Crypto Assets
Account types:
Silver: min deposit $10,000, Gold: min deposit $50,000, Platinum: min deposit $100,000, VIP: min deposit $250,000+


The Uptrend Center Review - welcome to the The Uptrend Center, your respected online trading partner

General Information & First Impressions

The Uptrend Center is a new high-end brokerage that offers users trading services on cryptocurrencies and other assets. The broker operates via CFDs, which allows it to set up a diverse asset library easily, becoming more versatile. UptrendCenter works from the UK’s capital, and you can find its offices at  12 Hammersmith Grove, London. If you’re an active trader that likes simple and accessible crypto trading, the broker fits your profile. Our UptrendCenter review will tell you whether the broker offers what you need as a trader.

The Uptrend Center is an established company in the financial landscape, operating for two decades. It started in 2002 and has been providing financial services to customers ever since. However, finance has evolved since then, and the broker has decided to go along with it.

As cryptocurrencies become more and more popular, the need for crypto service providers becomes dire. The Uptrend Center aims to occupy that space by creating a service that’s easy to access and operate. It aims to be a crypto trading hub free of all the complications that usually come with crypto exchanges.

That’s fairly interesting and has distinct advantages over similar services. Paired with the broker’s tenure, it makes for an alluring proposition, especially with the crypto world’s instability. As such, The Uptrend Center broker is one that might find a place for itself in the online financial service landscape.

For us, that establishes a promising start to our The Uptrend Center review. The broker may just open up room for newer and casual traders to have an enjoyable crypto experience.

Fund and Account Security

Fund and Account Security

Safety is a significant part of any of our reviews. A safe brokerage is crucial, especially for crypto users who are already susceptible to scams and cybercriminals. As such, we look at every company in-depth to make sure they have the right intentions. Beyond that, we also look at their security measures and how well they can fend off potential cyberattacks.

And as we touched on earlier in our review, the broker is significantly trustworthier than most crypto companies. That’s because it has a carefully-built foundation of trust with over two decades of construction behind it.

Experience alone doesn’t dictate that a broker is safe. However, it can be a strong indicator, especially when it’s as rich as The Uptrend Center’s. The truth is that scams can’t operate for too long. Either they get busted by regulatory entities or users, and they bleed out. The fact that a company has worked for 20 years means it follows a sound, customer-oriented business model.

The broker’s legal documentation and overall structure also verify that. They’re clear of superfluous claims that don’t serve a purpose other than to attract uninformed users. The Uptrend Center broker uses clear language and makes it apparent what users get when they sign up.

As far as cybercriminals go, that part is largely up to customers in the crypto world. However, the broker does introduce measures that will help you secure your account and your crypto deposits. That includes authenticators and encryption, which make it harder for hackers to breach in. Overall, the broker comfortably positions itself as one of the most secure crypto companies out there.

The Trading Accounts at

As we said earlier in our review, the broker is a high-end company. That means it requires users to be able to have a good amount of disposable funds specifically devoted to trading. The cheapest account requires a $10,000 deposit, which isn’t too much for serious cryptocurrency users.

Beyond that, there are other accounts that unlock extra benefits and have different deposit thresholds. The Gold account is the second one, requiring $50,000, followed by Platinum with $100,000. The last option present is the VIP account. It requires a hefty deposit of $250,000 but comes with various luxury features.

The broker understands that the deposit requirements for the higher accounts are steep for most potential users. In accordance with that, it doesn’t hide any crucial features behind the more expensive options. That way, everyone can have a pleasurable experience while the high-end users just have some specific benefits.

The Uptrend Center’s Trading Platform

The Uptrend Center’s Trading Platform

The Uptrend Center’s platform focuses on maximizing clairvoyance and control over your financial experience. It has an accessible and easily understandable interface that makes transitioning to it simple. It also has broad functionality, allowing access to many of the service aspects crypto users enjoy.

It’s also important to note that the broker has crypto deposits enabled. Strangely, that’s not something we can say about most crypto services. So if your goal is to remain truly free of fiat, you can do that at

The broker’s platform is web-based, ensuring ease of access for its users. Modern web platforms lose nothing over downloadable terminals either, so there’s no need to worry about optimization. We’re confident that The Uptrend Center’s platform will run fine on just about any device you open it on.

Customer Service at The Uptrend Center

Customer support at The Uptrend Center is versatile in that it works a day longer than normal broker support operators. That lightens the workload and increases average response time, leading to a better experience for users. It’s good that the broker didn’t neglect that, as a lot of online financial companies have issues with customer communication.

The Uptrend Center contact

Review Conclusion

As we said earlier in our The Uptrend Center review, the company fills a much-needed vacancy for online financial businesses. It’s one of the more trustworthy online companies, reducing the risk of you getting tricked. It also has potent and versatile trading conditions that allow its users to profit if they deftly navigate markets. Overall, it eliminates a lot of the risk associated with online investing while maintaining all the benefits.

The Uptrend Center Review
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