The Merkury IT (MEK) ICO brings mining to everyone

Merkury IT started originally as a completely different project altogether, focusing on Hi-Tech e-commerce. Now, its focus is somewhere completely different, in the decentralised financial world. Specifically, the team is focusing on creating a crypto platform to give its users multiple different services. The most important of these, however, will be their crypto-mining services. They want a crypto mining project that is far more eco-friendly and profitable than the bigger cryptocurrencies have been recently. So find out what the Merkury IT ICO is all about.

For a while now, crypto mining has become a very expensive prospect. Those who effectively could mine would have had to buy quite advanced equipment and a lot of it. Obviously, not everyone is able to set up a whole mining farm if they simply want to enter this sector. So only those who already were wealthy would be able to make more money by mining. Merkury IT plans to make the process simpler. The platform will allow anyone to easily access its services. From complete crypto novices to hardened veterans, whatever financial level. The Merkury IT developers want a real universal appeal for their project.

Another problem inherent to crypto mining is the great amount of energy it needs to be effective. The pollution it causes can be hard to believe. Therefore, Mekury IT is making sure to strictly use green power for their mining servers. This includes solar, wind and hydroelectric power. This should help relieve this project of this damaging reputation.

The team has already established a mobile container, with cooling and all the necessary equipment for mining. The cooling will be primarily done through a recycle air design, reducing costs considerably. They hope to scale this to great speeds for their users to take advantage of. Once the project is funded by the ICO time end, they will be able to mine and profit at a greater rate. Their customers will then be able to use their mobile app to look up live statistics on the Merkury network. This includes the earnings and growth of the mining project.

The MEK token

Buying the MEK token will mean that purchasers can profit from the project in the end. The company will distribute profits to them once the project takes off. They will profit indirectly from the mining containers Merkury IT would have been able to purchase. The more MEK tokens one has, the greater the profits.

The MEK ICO will still be available for sale for the coming weeks. You should still be able to buy it until the 31st of July 2023. It has its basis on the Ethereum platform, giving access to smart contracts, and ensuring against fraud. The total supply of MEK tokens in existence is 500,000,000, of which 325,000,000 are available for sale. That’s a total of 65%, which is a considerable portion. Right now, the ICO price is 0.10 EUR per MEK token. The team will accept a wide range of cryptocurrencies of equivalent value. Those already invested in the crypto world could easily get involved.

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