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General Information
Broker Name: The Investment Center
Broker Type: Forex & CFD
Country: United Kingdom
Operating since year: 2001
Regulation: -
Address: 71 High Holborn, London, United Kingdom
Broker status: Active
Customer Service
Phone: +14373704393
Email: [email protected]
Languages: English
Availability: 24/6
Trading platforms: Proprietary
Trading platform Time zone: GMT
Demo account: N/A
Mobile trading: YES
Web-based trading: YES
Bonuses: N/A
Other trading instruments: YES
Minimum deposit ($): 250 USD
Maximal leverage: 1:400
Spread: Floating
Scalping allowed: NO

The Investment Center Review

The Investment Center Review

General Information

The Investment Center is a veteran broker that has recently undergone somewhat of a revitalization. The broker offers a wide array of trading services, focusing on Forex and CFDs. The firm has been operating for nearly two decades, with a start in 2001. Its office is in the UK, or more precisely in 71 High Holborn, London. It isn’t in an offshore location, lending it a degree of credibility right at the start.

The Investment Center is definitely a firm that’s got experience on its side. While similar companies often fall behind as they fail to update their services, this broker made sure to avoid that mistake. It’s undergone an almost complete overhaul, updating the few parts of its service that were dated to modern standards. As it stands, the company seems ready to make waves and establish itself as one of the top dogs.

The Investment Center’s website is undoubtedly a significant asset in its claim as one of the market’s top brokers. After all, first impressions matter, and having a frustrating website is a secure method of turning customers away. As such, the site’s quick, professional, and exceptional layout conveys the broker’s best qualities. It does that in such a way that it feels like a presentation rather than an advertisement shoved down your throat. On top of that, it runs smoothly, without any delays or stuttering, mirroring the broker’s modern transformation.

However, perhaps more importantly than anything else, the broker set up its website with transparency in mind. All the info you need to know is right there, and you don’t need to dig through confusing pages and documents to find it. However, let’s see what else the broker has to offer:

Why trade with The Investment Center


The broker’s education stands out as a feature that can be very beneficial for both new and experienced traders. For newcomers, the purpose is obvious; they can learn, expand their skill set, and become a more skilled and confident trader. However, even those that have been at it for a while can make use of the asset index and glossary. It’s challenging to remember all the different technical terms for trading, and some can slip your mind. It’s quite handy to have a reminder that you can simply access by pressing a few buttons.


Funding transparency is a crucial feature of modern online brokerages. Knowing that the money you fund your trading with gets its full value is vital, especially for specific trading tactics. Most day trading strategies, for instance, rely on many small trades during a relatively short time frame. Tacking fees onto each of those smaller transactions could ruin any potential of winning, thus labeling a theoretically valid strategy useless. As such, it’s essential to seek out commission-free brokerages, such as The Investment Center.


Having a healthy variety of trading products is an essential part of any quality brokerage. That allows the firms to cater to a wide variety of traders, ensuring there’s something for everyone. It also makes managing portfolio diversification much simpler, as the greater pool of choices leads to better choice quality. With five major categories and over 200 individual assets, The Investment Center surely has more than enough to please most traders.

Funds Trading And Security 

Besides the exact trading specifications, security is perhaps the most vital feature to look for when searching for a new brokerage. After all, what good is making millions of dollars if you never get to withdraw any of that money? Safety has been even more crucial recently, with more traders flocking in, leading to an increase in scams. Luckily, there are some key things you can look for as a guarantee for safety. As for The Investment Center, we looked at the brokerage and are ready to report the results.

Luckily, there’s nothing negative that can be said about the broker’s safety measures. It took the standard precaution of ensuring that traders were protected by SSL encryption technology. That means all the data you input is scrambled, guaranteeing the safety of both your payment and personal information.

Next up, we can look at some slightly more subjective details that still serve as precise security measures. For example, the broker’s office is in the UK, which is a much safer location than popular offshore destinations. The laws and regulations are much stricter, and there’s a chance of actually enforcing them if the broker shows malicious behavior. Additionally, the broker’s website displays a great degree of transparency, which indicates integrity and confidence in its level of service. Malicious firms tend to hide info, acting as a trap rather than letting customers make their own choices.

We also sifted through the terms and conditions so that traders wouldn’t need to. We found nothing that would indicate that the broker intends to harm its users. Shady brokers usually insert malicious clauses in their terms and then point to them when users complain. They rely on traders not reading them and shift the blame from themselves.

Trading Accounts

The Investment Center’s account setup combines well with the rest of its services to create a quality experience across all investment levels. The cheapest version starts at the standard $250, but its quality exceeds the price. The conditions that you get are definitely above average for the investment, and they only improve as you go up.

  • Silver Account – The starting deposit amount is USD 250. Perfect for beginners as it offers up to 200 tradable assets and overall market review.
  • Gold Account – This account is perfectly suited for intermediate level traders. The initial deposit is USD 20 000. It offers level 3 tier trade room analysis and risk management planning.
  • Platinum Account – The starting fund is USD 50 000. It provides traders with platinum spreads, dedicated senior account manager, special venture promotions, financial planning, and so much more.
  • VIP –  Opening a VIP account is only possible with an invitation. It offers all possible instruments, plus exclusive VIP features.


However, additional investments aren’t necessary if you want a pleasant trading experience. We’d argue that you could theoretically stick with the cheapest account and be entirely content. However, you’ll likely achieve an upgrade naturally if you decide to stick with the brokerage due to its tiered system. Each account requires an investment rather than having a cost, so you can upgrade purely by funding your trading habits. The best part is that you don’t even lose anything for the account, as you’ll be using the money you invested in trading.

Trading Conditions

As we mentioned multiple times throughout our The Investment Center review, the trading conditions the broker provides are excellent. They fulfill all the needs traders usually have at a price that’s quite affordable. For example, the leverage is at 1:400, which is more than most would even recommend using. The spreads are floating but remain tight across the board, while the execution speeds and liquidity are excellent.

On top of that, the proprietary platform the broker provides works as well, if not better than standard options. It allows traders to quickly react to market changes and make the most out of their trades. The asset number is quite large, allowing for a diverse experience and catering to a wide trader variety.

Even the conditions that don’t strictly relate to trading but still affect it, such as security and funding options, are excellent. There’s nothing to complain about with the safety, and the deposits/withdrawals are all quick and devoid of fees. As such, the broker does everything in its power to enable trader success.

The Trading Platform

The Investment Center: trading platform

Earlier in our The Investment Center review, we mentioned that the broker uses a proprietary platform. Some may see that as an issue, as they associate those with less-than-stellar brokerages. However, this broker’s platform isn’t a bootleg copy of something else, but instead a potent trading tool. You can inspect it with a button on the broker’s homepage as proof of its functionality and ease of use. The platform also functions as a mobile or web tool, allowing for the greater convenience of trading.

The Investment Center’s Trading Products

trading products

The broker has a strong variety of assets, ensuring that most traders are welcome. It covers all of the major trading categories, with over 200 different instruments overall. Here are the trading product classes you can expect to see at The Investment Center.

Customer Service

The broker has an above-average support structure that starts with an extended work time. Its customer service representatives work 24/6, a day longer than with most brokerages. To reach them, you can use the live chat feature, email, or one of the three phone lines spread across multiple countries.



Australia +61383999132

United Kingdom +442039123746

Canada +14373704393



Investment Center Review: Conclusion

The Investment Center has undergone a successful transformation and stands to rocket towards the top of the online trading world. The excellent conditions, customer care, security, and variety all mix to create an experience few could find unsatisfying. It also shows a willingness to improve, meaning it might evolve even further in the future. For now, we’re keen on seeing where it goes next and definitely recommend you give it a shot.

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