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The Dangers of a Cyberwar

In times of a pandemic, the Internet has been the best ally of the users and companies. We’ve been able to continue fulfilling our obligations and maintain contact with the closest people in our lives. However, as with everything in life, the abuse of digital gadgets and tools also has its downside.

The rapid technological advance, the lack of security in work solutions, and the wide variety of options that the pandemic offers to cybercriminals to create and launch attacks have defined the field of cybersecurity during 2020. According to the predictions of the leading firms in the sector, they will also do so during 2021, along with other phenomena causing headaches for years such as the cyber cold war.

A new phenomenon?

The cyber cold war is not a new phenomenon. It occurs when computer attacks are used by some countries against each other. It has been around for ten years. Moreover, it acts as one of the biggest concerns of companies dedicated to cybersecurity. The cybersecurity experts consulted by ABC think that these sponsored attacks aim at misinforming or damaging the critical infrastructures of an antagonistic country, among other things.

Corey Nachreiner, a chief technology officer at cybersecurity firm WatchGuard, stated that the Cyber ​​Cold War remains in its infancy for now. State-sponsored agents will continue to use cyber techniques to spy on each other. This will result in dividing citizens of other countries in hopes of causing internal conflict. Authoritarian governments want nothing more than to ‘prove’ that democracies don’t work by causing polarization and conflict in non-authoritarian institutions.

Eusebio Nieva, technical director of the CheckPoint company, said that professional attacks in which there is spying from one nation to another are surprising. He expects to see it more this year. There are going to be a lot of attacks against critical infrastructures. We have to be very attentive. They are not going to stop, Nieva warns.

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