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SIF TOKEN is a SIFIRINCIFILO initiative, which offers interesting features. This token caused quite a splash among the investors. The team based its platform on Binance Smart Chain. The token will provide funds for the project, and the team will create an initiative ecosystem. Furthermore, this coin will provide funding support to all SIFIRINCIFILO initiatives. Consequently, stakeholders will support many project owners and entrepreneurs by simply holding SIF tokens.

The company plans to offer various ways to obtain SIF. Users will be able to earn tokens by playing the platform’s games and participating in various competitions. The team aims to ensure that SIF TOKEN will be valuable and provide future profits to its investors. The latter can buy, earn, exchange, and sell SIF TOKENs in its ecosystem.

Furthermore, the team plans to launch the token’s ICO on December 26, 2021. The sale will end on January 2, 2022. 210,000,000 SIF will be available for purchase for the price of $0.060000 during the initial coin offering. That is 10% of the total supply. Users can buy the tokens on the Latoken platform. It will accept USDT, BTC, and LA in exchange for the SIF tokens.


What are this token’s advantages?

SIF Token will be a reliable tool, as well as a source of social responsibility for the investors. They can trade this token on global exchanges. Besides, SIF Token holders will also acquire a tool to earn money easily.

SIF is a symbol of abundance in Scandinavian mythology. The team wants it to become an investment tool that will meet the funding needs of its projects. According to the company, the starting point is to help students have equal opportunities in education by minimizing financial problems in their education life. The team will provide support directly or indirectly with its SIF Token by implementing it in the projects and works.

Furthermore, SIFIRINCIFILO aims to create an enterprise network. It will enable project owners to bring new ideas, initiatives, and projects to life. The company will provide opportunities for the implementation of the projects by meeting creators’ financial and labor needs. In fact, SIF tokens will act as the funder of SIFIRINCIFILO projects.

What about the company’s other features?

The team plans to introduce a diversified platform. It believes that it is necessary to be open to innovations and ideas in our fast-changing world. However, it’s important to manage earth energy transparently. Moreover, everyone should have enough stake in it.

Instead of rapidly consuming natural resources, the company offers to implement alternative systems aiming at sustainable development. Investors should search for new resources. The SIFIRINCIFILO team plans to use clean energy systems like wind and sun actively and efficiently. Lately, more and more large companies and researchers are focusing on green energy sources, which is the correct course, if we don’t want to pollute our planet. SIFIRINCIFILO will work on its projects using advanced solar panels and other renewable energy resources.

In addition, the company will follow the rapid development of communication resources. In fact, it is representative of the transition from the first-generation non-interactive broadcasts. This process has started with the World Wide Web. The team supports freedom of information, believing that it grows as it is shared.

The platform will use web software tools, visual content, and database applications suitable for both Web and Mobile browsers. The team aims to reach large masses and diversify them according to their needs.

It will prepare the visual designs of the structures it creates in HTML, SQL, and PHP languages with Illustrator, Photoshop, and Animate programs. Moreover, the company will create logos, Banner sketch works, and animations for individuals and institutions.


What is READ EARN, and how does it work?

Read Earn is another interesting project that this platform offers. Although the team thinks that the flow of information from books to digital documents is fast enough nowadays, it wants to increase the number of readers. SIFIRINCIFILO developed the game READ EARN and hid passwords in lines of books in various languages to achieve that goal. Users have to find the hidden words.

The game will reward those who solve the secret. The team hopes that it will increase the habit of its players to read books while simultaneously supporting authors, bookstores, and publishers.

What about the Starbots’ ICO?

The Starbots team will launch its native token on January 11, 2021. The sale will end on the following day. 4,750,000 BOT will be available for purchase for the price of $0.100000 during the initial coin offering. The company aims to raise $475,000 with the trade.

Starbots created an exciting universe. The team got inspiration from BattleBots and decided to create the first robot battle NFT game. Its players will make fantasy robots to fight against other competitors. The winners will collect NFT items and GEAR tokens.

According to the team, robots will come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The body, gadget, weapon, and wheels are the four components needed to have a complete robot. Players will be able to collect these various parts to build and power up their own robots. Moreover, users will gain GEAR tokens by winning battles, strategically assembling robots, conquering new lands, and completing missions.

How can players earn money?

There are various earning activities, such as competing in PVP battles. The latter will enable users to win championship prizes. They can also conquer planets in PVE and get Loot Box, as well as GEAR tokens needed to upgrade robots.

Users will collect robot parts via Loot Box. Afterward, they can sell them on the marketplace. From the 2022 year, players will also be able to earn a governance token, BOT. This coin will give users governance rights, along with the advantage of fee-sharing.

The team developed Starbots on the Solana Blockchain to ensure open, transparent ownership, as well as a liquid, secure marketplace. As a result, gamers will have complete control over their robots. They will also be able to trade and sell them securely and efficiently. As a native utility token, BOT offers many advantages, and it’s pretty popular.

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