Atompix – The simplest, fastest & most efficient trading solution for brokers

Having found success in the industry for a number of years, Atompix has become one of the most reputable trading solutions for new and experienced brokerage companies around the world. In this article, we will look into the features of this multi-asset trading platform, understand why it stands out from other platforms, and how your business can benefit by incorporating Atompix.

Why Atompix has made its way to the top 

Having looked into the platform’s features and functionalities, we found that Atompix offers complete trading solutions – simplified. Its innovative and extensive trading features allow for one of the most atompixeffortless trading experiences. How? With the option of full customization. Users can view, hide and customize each section of the platform to narrow down what needs to be focused on. In comparison to other trading platforms that can sometimes look overwhelming, especially to novice traders, Atompix offers a much clearer trading experience. In a comparison between Atompix and the well-known trading platform – the MT5, we found that the main differences lie in the modernity of Atompix. This cutting-edge technology is new in the market and is what makes this platform stand out from its competitors.


How your Brokerage Company could benefit

Atompix is designed to help businesses enter the financial market quickly and effortlessly with one of the easiest integration strategies available. This easy-to-integrate multi-asset platform offers full brokerage services to companies without the need for any additional software. All you need to do is choose between opening a demo account or request directly a business account. The account request process doesn’t take more than a minute and can be done at any time on the website atompix.com.

After in-depth research, we found that this multi-asset trading platform also stands out in terms of value for money, its’ attractive pricing in direct correlation to the trading features available is definitely worth looking into for your business.


Cutting-edge technology and innovation at its best 

Atompix offers extensive features, including crucial market analysis tools to make the best possible trading decisions. Some of the most well-known and useful charts are available including bars, candles, hollow candles, heikin ashi, line, area, baseline and so much more.

Going back to the platform’s ease of use, Atompix’s watchlist provides instant information for over 1500 instruments so you can stay on top of market performance at a glance and monitor future trading opportunities on the instruments of your choice.

Cutting-edge technology and innovation at its best

The layout of the platform is designed to give you quick and easy access to the trading tools you need. At the click of a button, you can view all indicators available, drawing tools, trade history, order and position tracker, pending and immediate trading executions and so much more. The platform is fully customizable, each tool can be viewed or hidden and the layout can be changed from dark to light mode according to the user’s preference.


Atompix is the future of brokerage companies 

With over 160,000 active users and 500 employees across 6 offices, Atompix is catering to brokerage companies based in Europe, America, Asia, and Australia. In a direct conversation with Atompix Director, he stated: ‘Our vision for this platform is only getting bigger and bigger as we gain popularity in the industry. We started off a number of years ago working closely with only 12 brokerage firms, and as our success started to grow, we have expanded on an international scale and today, we cater to hundreds of companies including some of the most reputable brokerage firms in the industry.’



Atompix is the complete trading solution for brokers 

After an in-depth review of the trading platform and a comparison of other competitors, we feel confident to state that Atompix is a leader in the industry. Its innovative trading features, fast integration system, and ease of use have led to the global success of this multi-asset trading platform.

We highly recommend for new and existing brokers to check out the website and request to open an account. The platform is extensive yet very easy to navigate with full customization features. Value for money is a key player here with Atompix ranking as one of the highest in the industry. All in all, we are extremely impressed with Atompix and believe that both new and existing brokerage companies would benefit from adopting this platform to their business.

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