Outlanders hot ICO starts soon. Don’t miss out on the EMT token


Outlanders is an interesting project that aims to become the first open-world MMORPG utilizing blockchain technology worldwide. This adventure game will enable players to fight monsters and other gamers for territorial dominance. Every defeated entity will lead winners to a unique crypto asset in the form of an NFT or valuable in-game item.

Users can connect their Web3 wallet and get some benefits from the platform. For example, they can list their item for sale in $LAND. The latter is the game’s native token. Afterward, players can sell these assets in a game-wide marketplace, as well as set up individual stores to negotiate with other users.

Moreover, gamers will be able to use LAND to increase character strength further and enhance the gameplay experience. They can also choose to stake acquired $LAND for additional rewards or vote in various strategic governance decisions that drive Outlanders’ gaming community forward.

The team has built this platform on the powerful Unity and WebGL frameworks, allowing this game to exist as a web-based application with the fastest execution and a sublime experience. Moreover, it is the first play-to-earn game launched with the Nakamoto Games SDK around the world.

Unlike existing play-to-earn games, Outlanders lowered its entry barrier by offering a free-to-play model with limited rewards. All users have the same clothes and weapons to play with from the start. However, they can make their items more valuable by defeating monsters within the game. Gamers can also enjoy more profitable and competitive gameplay by holding $NAKA and purchasing Nakamoto Games tickets. The company announced that it would list Outlander’s in-game assets on the official Nakamoto Games marketplace for purchase, but players will have to use $LAND tokens.


When will the LAND token’s ICO start? 

The Outlanders team will release its native tokens on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It plans to kickstart Nakamoto Games’ multi-chain approach with the dual token dynamics ($NAKA + $LAND). In addition, the company will launch the initial coin offering on June 10, 2022. The sale will end on June 11, 2022, though. The LAND tokens’ ICO price will be $0.012000, and users will be able to buy them on the PolkaBridge platform.


Elf Matrix Metaverse is another exciting project. What about the EMT token? 

Elf Matrix is a new Play-to-Earn NFT Game. The team is building it on BSC and Polygon blockchains. This platform will offer users nearly instant transactions with almost no fees. Players can enjoy this game on smartphones as well as on PC. Mac and Android versions are already available, and eventually, the team will add it to IOS, as well. Moreover, all in-game items and creatures will be blockchain-based tokens and NFTs, so users will be able to gain significant amounts while playing.

The founder team noted that it has got the inspiration for Elf Matrix’s visuals and gameplay from classics like CryptoKitties and Pokemon. Gamers will be immersed in an ancient and mysterious alien planet – Matrix. There they will be able to summon and collect cute elves, as well as battle with them to earn crypto rewards. Furthermore, players will own NFT land plots in Matrix and build their own elven kingdom, where they will get rare resources and tokens.

The game creators aim to provide an ecosystem of a player-owned economy with excellent and immersive gaming experiences in the community. They want to develop a metaverse where people in all countries come together with their elves to play, live, and earn.

The company will launch the platform’s native token EMT on June 14, 2022. The sale will end on June 15, 2022. The token price will be $0.050000 during the initial coin offering. Users can buy the EMT tokens on the Kommunitas platform. The EMT holders will benefit from owning these tokens. The game has several modes, and EMT is useful for each of them.


Outlanders hot ICO starts soon. Don't miss out on EMT token


What does each mode offer? 

In adventure mode, the users will battle against AI; namely, it will be Player vs. Environment (PVE). Users will have the opportunity to play against evil elves together with their nature elves in the PVE mode. The latter contains dozens of passes. However, the next pass won’t be unlocked unless the player cleans the previous pass. The later the pass, the more difficult it will be to clean. On the plus side, players will get more experience points and token rewards.

Meanwhile, Arena means game participants are battling against other players, namely Player vs. Player (PVP). The PVP arena will provide a place for players to battle. Compared with the PVE mode, PVP aims to bring players a more intense combat experience. By participating in the PVP arena, gamers will have the opportunity to get rich rewards in rankings or competitions. The latter require users to conduct more practices and researches on game strategies.

There is also the Summoning System, which is a big part of the Elf Matrix universe. New Elves are created thanks to this system. Players can use newly summoned Elves for battling and earning. According to the team, the summoning system is similar to the reproduction of biological offspring in the real world. A new Elf can be summoned by the combination of two Elves regardless of gender. However, Elf summoning is limited to seven times to control excessive growth. If a user wants to increase the number of Elf summoning, they will have to pay more fees.


Are genetics important? 

In some way, yes, genetics are very important. The heredity and mutation of summoned Elf are mainly based on the genes and elements of the “parents .”The general rule is the “parents” with better basic information will have a greater probability of producing quality offspring. It works similarly to traditional genetics. The new Elf will inherit some features of the two Elf parents. However, sometimes mutation occurs. That happens in special conditions, and unexpected features will appear in such cases.

The company plans to offer its own web-based in-house trade marketplace, which will be a crucial part of the Elf Matrix ecosystem. It will enable players to buy and sell Elves, lands, and other in-game items freely and conveniently. The marketplace will also encourage players to work hard on acquiring more assets for sale to earn more in-game.


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