Meta Launcher ICO (MTLA) is trending. When is it starting?

Meta Launcher is an innovative project that aims to offer customers the biggest online shop for all products they might need for their metaverses. The company will build MetaMall, as well as various MetaStores. It will give users access to different products. As a result, customers will be able to save considerable time and effort while building their own platforms or metaverses.

The Meta Launcher team also plans to launch its ICO – MTLA. The latter is as trending as the ECOTERRA token. However, it will be available earlier. The EcoTerra team hasn’t divulged the timeline for its ICO sale yet. But Meta Launcher will start its ICO on May 1, 2023. The sale will end on May 7, 2023. Moreover, the price of 1 MTLA will be 0.007 USD during the ICO sale, but it might increase in the future. The total supply of MTLA tokens is 500,000,000, but the company will trade only some percentage at this stage. It will also accept BNB in exchange for MTLA.

The Meta Launcher team stated that its platform would be a one-stop shop for all Metaverse products and services. The company will provide a comprehensive, advanced platform for entrepreneurs, businesses, and individuals. Its customers will be able to create and trade their products and services on this platform. Furthermore, Meta Launcher will enable people to experience the full potential of blockchain technologies and build their own metaverses. It aims to help people develop their brand or achieve more success in their field. It will have everything clients might need – virtual stores, galleries, showrooms, and offices.

What about the platform’s features?

The company offers various interesting features. Among them are MetaMall, MetaStore, and MetaChest. The first is probably the most important one. MetaMall will offer customers the same services as physical malls but in a virtual space. Customers won’t need to spend their time and money shopping at the mall. They can instead use a website to shop more easily and efficiently from the comfort of their own homes. Metamall will allow users to shop from any brand, anytime, and anywhere. It provides a very convenient and easy way to purchase various goods.

However, there are other virtual shopping websites, and almost every brand has its own site. So, what is the catch? Unlike many other platforms, Metamall offers its customers a hyper-realistic shopping experience. It enables them to see 3D models of showrooms and products. Moreover, users will be able to interact with the products they like in real-time.

For example, they will be able to walk down the virtual aisle, pick up and examine a product from different angles. They can even try various sizes virtually to see which one fits better. That is a completely new and incredible experience. Metamall allows customers to fully immerse themselves in shopping without leaving their houses.  

Meta Launcher’s other impressive product is MetaStore. This is also a marketplace, but it’s intended mostly for Brands and Entrepreneurs. The latter can create their own virtual store on this platform and sell their products. MetaStore is available for customers from all around the world. So, using it will allow companies to gain access to the global market. Thanks to MetaStores, small businesses, and entrepreneurs will have an opportunity to reach a broader audience.

What are MetaChests?  

Meanwhile, MetaChest will reward the company’s loyal customers. It uses a loot box system. The team noted that MetaChests are actually virtual treasure chests. They will contain various rewards and a wide range of items. Entrepreneurs, brands, and developers will be able to reward their customers, fans, and supporters by offering rewards through MetaChests.

The company plans to add more interesting features to its platform in the future. Like EcoTerra, it aims to achieve more success over time while also bringing profits to its clients. And while these two platforms offer different products and have different goals, they both strive to make the world a better place for people.

EcoTerra’s native coin continues rallying. It has a high ranking on various ICO listing platforms. The total supply of ECOTERRA tokens is 2,000,000,000, and the company will offer some of them for purchase soon. Its team is working to create a system to help people change the recycling process. However, the ultimate goal is to hinder global warming and climate change as much as possible.



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