LogusApp’s hot token LGSP is available. What about L2EARN?


LogusApp is a great platform that is based on blockchain technology. This decentralized app aims to provide its users with a seamless and secure ecosystem where people will be able to communicate and swap ideas.

This messenger may seem like other social media apps, but it offers much more than your average application. This platform boasts an innovative design, along with advanced functionality and high security. It is excellent not only for personal but for corporate and business use, as well. According to the creator team, the platform is an end-to-end encryption system. Moreover, LogusApp leverages Blockchain technology to ensure that it will establish secure and trusted communication between its users.

The company encrypts files and communications in the senders’ browsers. That happens before users send the messages to the servers. Only intended recipients can see the decrypted data. Besides, the platform ensures that all communications and data are encrypted without any exceptions. The LogusApp team takes security very seriously, doing all to guarantee its users’ safety.

There are other reasons why this application is a great choice for personal and business use. Besides ensuring the users’ privacy, it has no ads, which is a great advantage. Customers won’t have to suffer ad pop-ups flashing on the screen every five minutes. Registering on the website is also very easy. After signing up, people can implement this app in their everyday lives.

The company created some incentives to attract more customers. By sharing this app with their friends, users will also get rewards.


What makes LogusApp unique? 

LogusApp’s advanced features will offer customers a great experience. They will enjoy using the app and even have the opportunity to earn money in the process. The company leverages the new Blockchain technologies that enable it to establish private, secure, and trusted communication between its users.

In addition, the team attached cloud storage to its platform. It stores each customer’s valuable data, documents, and photos in his/her own encrypted cloud storage. People can easily share and manage their files and folders. Furthermore, they will be able to collaborate securely by calling, chatting, and sharing files. The group conferencing feature allows all of that. Thanks to LogusApp, companies can work smarter. Secure and easy communication between its employees will benefit the businesses.

The LogusApp Messenger app already exists. The team launched Version 3.1 on Google Play and AppStore at first. Then the company added a crypto e-wallet. It also wants to unite an entire crypto community inside its geo-localized map. The latter is available from LogusApp Messenger app version 3.2. However, users will need to register on the platform before gaining access to these features. If they already have an account, they just need to authenticate themselves.

The company also created the LGSP token. It is a native utility coin of the LogusApp platform. The team launched its ICO sale on January 1, 2021. But the sale will end on December 31, 2022. LGSP is already very trending. It has a high ranking on various ICO listing platforms. The token holders will get various advantages while using LogusApp.


How does this app work? 

LogusApp offers customers three main possibilities. They need to slide over a contact to view them. These are video calls, voice calls, or sending tokens. However, there are other options to interact with your contacts, as well. Users can click on a selected friend to see those options, including chatting, viewing the contact’s timeline, or adding him/her to a specific group.

The app boasts a modern interface. Its voice calling option has smooth colors. It also offers wave effects around the contact’s picture. The users can see the latter while they wait for the call to be connected. The chat feature is also very stylish. The team integrated the Discussion area into a well-designed bubble while the contact’s view displayed the image. Moreover, it has specifically chosen such colors that won’t irritate users’ eyes. Thanks to such foresight, customers will be able to enjoy long chat sessions much more comfortably. The platform supports Push notifications. So contacts won’t miss a message.

The app requires users’ phone number or their LogusApp Chat ID for signing. Customers can use several devices to access LogusApp. Moreover, both iPhone and Android support this messenger. The company even provides its mini blog, called – the Timeline. This is the place where users can add pictures or videos, as well as write some texts.

On the Timeline, the platform will automatically post content under the actual date and time. The customers will be able to set up authorization. In that case, only limited friends or family groups will have access to their feed.

What is L2EARN, and what does it offer?

L2EARN is a new web3 platform that will enable customers to learn English easily and earn money in the process. This project focuses specifically on blockchain and web3 knowledge. The platform’s founder company aims to make learning English an easy and fun process for everyone. At the same time, the customers will gain knowledge about cryptocurrencies and the Defi world. They will get a high-quality education.


What is L2EARN, and what does it offer?


However, teaching the language to vastly different individuals, all of whom learns in different ways, isn’t an easy task. The L2EARN team knows that and plans its teaching strategy accordingly. The platform will ensure that its effective educational and rewarding system fits the requirements of each student. The users will have their private tutor and will be able to access him/her 24/7.

Moreover, the platform offers to teach users new words over playing games. It uses the same method when it comes to learning about web3. As a result, customers will have fun during the process and have an opportunity to earn tokens.

That’s not all, though. The company launched its native utility token, L2EARN, on September 9, 2022. The sale will end on September 23, 2022. This token is very hot right now. Its total supply is 1,000,000,000. The platform will offer users these tokens as a reward for fast learning. The L2EARN platform is free. Users won’t need to worry about various fees. They can use both web and mobile versions to start studying.


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