Live Coin Watch App And Its Alternatives You Need To Know

Have you ever thought about what Live Coin Watch is? Why do so many enthusiasts choose it over the others currently available on the market? And what is the secret of this watch? What makes it special and appreciated?

First of all, it’s crucial to understand that technology is so advanced that nowadays, it is almost impossible not to use beneficial tools. In addition to the fact that with quality crypto tools, you can improve your trading and get better results, such applications make your life easier in many ways.

But what is this really about? What makes apps like Live Coin Clock so worth considering and then using? Let’s find out all the useful info about it with this one-of-a-kind useful Live Coin Watch review, shall we?

What is Live Coin Watch exactly?

Live Coin Watch is actually the first-ever crypto price-tracking web app that’s been functioning in real time. Price tracking software represents a service that enables users to track the full value and amount of users’ cryptocurrencies on all platforms, wallets, and exchanges in real-time.

With the proper tracking software such as the Live Coin Watch, it’s possible to track all the useful historic transactions, sources, destinations, and the real worth of these transactions. In addition to that, since exchanges send live updates directly to users’ desktops, users can keep track of their portfolios non-stop on their desktops. 

The team behind the Coin Live Watch app had the vision to develop one of the most effective web apps that will be responsible for monitoring not only Bitcoin but also all gains of an altcoin. In other words, this app is fantastic for all enthusiastic crypto users who require a real-time crypto price tracking app for the web to observe their portfolio non-stop. 

In addition to all that, the Coin Watch provides training in the form of documentation.

One of the leading crypto research platforms

One of the leading crypto research platforms

Live Coin Watch is currently among the leading crypto research platforms that enable its users to get real-time information such as:

  • Crypto data 
  • Analysis
  • News
  • Humor and other quality content

Why is the Live Coin Watch App so special? 

It’s quite clear that the Live Coin Watch app has a lot of competitors on the market. Some of them are well-known names, such as Coingecko, Coin360, Crypto, Cointracker, and much more. The main question is why individuals should choose the Coin Live Watch app instead of any of its competitors. Why is this specific app so special compared to numerous others?

Well, while almost all other competitors usually bombard people with irritating ads and products seen every five minutes, on the Live Coin Watch app, you’ll get price updates almost every few seconds. 

The market capitalization of the specific cryptocurrency is what determines the rank. It’s calculated by multiplying the circular Supply and its volume-weighted average price. In order to be ranked successfully, the coin is required to be present and traded on at least three different markets and two exchanges. 

How is the price of cryptocurrencies calculated?

First of all, directly from exchanges where these prices are pulled from. The cost of a digital currency is determined by the globally traded market pairs’ volume-weighted average on spot markets, inclusive of trading charges. 

In other words, the volume directly relates to its impact on the worldwide average price. Keep in mind that the total volume of cryptocurrencies is best calculated by acquiring the sum of the volumes of every single active market online. All possible markets that are integrated within the total volume stats represent spot markets that include various trading fees. 

Main advantages and disadvantages of the Live Coin Watch App

What advantages does the Move-to-Earn model offer? 

  • Advantages: Nearly every aspect of the design. Numerous filtering options. It is continuously updated every two seconds.
  • Disadvantages: It would be beneficial to receive more details about each coin.
  • Summary: I absolutely love it. I always have. The interface is simple enough for even a fourth-grade child to navigate. Although they may not comprehend every aspect, it is the fastest ticker outside of exchanges.

What does Live Coin Watch currently integrate with?

At the moment, the well-known and high-quality Live Coin Watch crypto price tracker app integrates with the following:

  • Alterdice
  • AEX
  • Bitbank
  • Bitcoin
  • BigONE
  • Bitkub
  • BitPro
  • Bitvavo
  • BKex
  • BitWell
  • BtcTrk
  • Coincheck
  • Coinbit
  • CoinFLEX
  • CoinEX
  • ExMarkets
  • Graviex
  • Indodax
  • Kuna Exchange
  • MAX Exchange, etc. 

The definition of Total/Circulating/Max Supply

live coin watch

The Circulating Supply refers to the number of coins in circulation and used by people. Any coins locked up, held in escrow, set aside, or unable to be traded are not included in the calculation of Circulating Supply.

The Total Supply is the overall number of coins that have been minted or produced, excluding any coins that have been destroyed. The Max Supply is the upper limit of coins that will ever exist for a particular cryptocurrency, as determined by its platform.

Live Coin Watch collaborates with a variety of users and organizations, including mid-sized businesses, small businesses, large corporations, freelancers, non-profits, and government agencies.

Why is Advanced Portfolios a great option?

Generally speaking, portfolios are fantastic options if you, as a passionate investor or trader, are willing to mimic all of your activity on exchanges very closely. It’s crucial to log every individual transaction. 

Once you do so, the Live Coin Watch app is responsible for instantaneously aggregating them to measure profit successfully, plan all essential trade histories, and much more. It’s also vital to remember that Advanced Portfolios include the fantastic functionality of the so-called “Quick Portfolios.” In addition to all that, users are able to track dates, P&L, transaction fees, and much more! 

Transactions you need to know before buying Advanced Portfolios

Transactions you need to know before buying Advanced Portfolios

Before you opt to buy Advanced Portfolios, you must comprehend all of the transaction types there are:

Transaction Types Explained

Before you start using Advanced Portfolios, it’s important to understand the different transactions available. There are six types of transactions grouped into three categories:

Deposit and Withdraw Transactions

These transactions allow you to add or remove coins from your portfolio. Use deposit transactions to track your investments and withdraw transactions when you cash out your gains. When you create a new Advanced Portfolio, you’ll be asked to enter your initial holdings, and these currencies will serve as your first deposit transactions. But don’t worry, and you can always add more later.

Buy and Sell Transactions

These transactions should be used for all of your trades. When you buy or sell coins, the Buy and Sell transactions will update your portfolio, deducting the currency you sold and adding the currency you purchased. In addition to the quantity and market rate, you have the option to include a fee, which can be either a fixed amount (such as $2.50) or a percentage (such as 0.5%).

Reward Transactions

Use these transactions any time you receive coins for free, such as from airdrops. You can enter a source for each Reward transaction, like “Uniswap Airdrop” or “Staking.” These transactions are similar to Deposit transactions, but instead of being counted as investments, they’re counted as pure profit.

To grasp these transactions more effectively, envision them as a representation of your dealings on an exchange. First of all, you should deposit some funds into the exchange of your preference. Once you’ve done so, use that money to buy a different coin. And once you have sufficient funds saved up, withdraw them to acquire that luxury sports car you’ve been yearning for.

Live Coin Watch App Latest News on Twitter 


If you are interested in the latest things about the Live Coin Watch app, follow its official profile across social networks. Certainly, the Twitter social network is the most up-to-date profile, where you will always be updated with the latest news about this app.

Here are just some of the latest Twitter news you can find:

  • The Android app of LiveCoin Watch has been proclaimed ready for trial use. Prospective early adopters can discover an invitation on the company’s Twitter page to become a vital member of the beta testing squad. To join the trial run group, individuals who are interested are requested to send an email with the subject line “I aspire to be a Beta Tester!” to [email protected].
  • Mastercard is driven to broaden its crypto-related offerings, including substantial and unwavering support for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and the metaverse. As indicated in a recent blog entry, the Vice President of Digital Assets & Blockchain at Mastercard expressed that the “long-awaited aspiration of rendering crypto as a payment option could be realized.”

Bottom Line

Anyone with at least a little motivation and desire to outwit the competition and be better should only use proven good and high-quality platforms and apps like the Live Coin Sat app. In addition to the fact that this application is one of the most effective, undoubtedly, and successful crypto price tracking web apps, it provides training in the form of documentation and a unique experience for its users in many ways.

By utilizing appropriate monitoring tools, such as Live Coin Watch, individuals have the capability to observe all pertinent past dealings, origins, endpoints, and the genuine value of these dealings. Furthermore, since trading platforms provide real-time notifications straight to users’ computers, they can continuously monitor their investment portfolio right from their desktops.

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