US President Joe Biden Extols the Crucial Alliance with Indian Leader Narendra Modi


US President Joe Biden welcomed Indian leader Narendra Modi with grandeur and enthusiasm during his state visit, highlighting the significance of the burgeoning US-India partnership. The extravagant reception included captivating marching bands, a sumptuous vegetarian dinner, and a resounding 21-gun salute on the picturesque South Lawn of the White House. This remarkable display of camaraderie set the stage for an extraordinary exchange of ideas and mutual appreciation between the leaders of the world’s two largest democracies.


A Defining Relationship: Countering China’s Ascendancy in the Indo-Pacific

For years, Washington has viewed India as a formidable counterpart to China’s growing influence in the Indo-Pacific region. India has been somewhat hesitant to embrace this role fully. However, the strategic dynamics have placed it at the forefront of global geopolitics. While addressing the US Congress, Prime Minister Modi skillfully alluded to the challenges posed by “dark clouds of coercion and confrontation casting their shadow over the Indo-Pacific,” without explicitly mentioning China by name. This diplomatic maneuver underscores India’s delicate position as the country seeks to navigate its relationships with both Washington and Beijing.


Russia, Ukraine, and India’s Time-Tested Ties

Amidst global tensions stemming from the Ukraine conflict, Prime Minister Modi refrained from singling out Russia or assigning blame. He emphasizes instead the resurgence of war in Europe. India’s substantial dependence on Russian defense and oil imports is the main reason for its  reluctance to openly criticize Russia. Besides, there are the deep-rooted historical ties between the two nations. This has strained relations between the United States and India. Despite that, President Biden opted to accentuate the positive, emphasizing that the alliance between the two countries has never been stronger. He went so far as to declare it one of the defining relationships of this century, cementing the importance of this partnership.


A New Chapter in US-India Relations: Bolstering Global Strength

A New Chapter in US-India Relations: Bolstering Global Strength

Prime Minister Modi concurred with President Biden’s assessment, proclaiming the meeting of the world’s two greatest democracies as a monumental event. He expressed his belief that the friendship between India and the United States would play an instrumental role in fortifying the strength and resilience of the entire world. Furthermore, he emphasized the addition of a “new chapter” to the comprehensive and globally strategic partnership shared by the two nations. This mutual commitment to progress and collaboration promises a bright future for bilateral relations.


Mixed Reactions: Protests and Dissent

However, amidst the celebrations, not all voices were jubilant. Prime Minister Modi has faced increasing criticism for his government’s crackdown on dissent. Some  people raised concerns about the protection of minorities from violence and discrimination. Despite protests, his visit to the United States has been met with approval from a significant and influential Indian diaspora. The latter includes prominent Silicon Valley CEOs. Nonetheless, several liberal Democrats chose to boycott his speech at Congress. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stated on Twitter that individuals with “deeply troubling human rights records” should not be granted state visits, the highest diplomatic protocol in the United States.


Trade Agreements and Open Dialogue

In addition to the splendid displays of pomp and ceremony, the US-India partnership yielded fruitful progress on the trade front. Both countries agreed to resolve six longstanding disputes at the World Trade Organization. That signifies a commitment to fostering a fair and balanced economic relationship. Furthermore, the leaders announced deals with industry giants General Electric and Micron, creating avenues for enhanced collaboration and economic growth.


The Future of US-India Relations

As the US-India partnership continues to evolve and strengthen, it holds the potential to reshape the geopolitical landscape of the 21st century. The meeting between President Joe Biden and Indian leader Narendra Modi showcased the shared values of democracy, cooperation, and progress. While challenges and dissent persist, the promise of a mutually beneficial alliance between these two great nations remains a beacon of hope and opportunity for the global community.

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