Hibiki Run ICO (HUT): Music Streaming Revolution with Digital Tokens

The world of music streaming and digital collectables is about to undergo a revolutionary transformation, and it’s all thanks to Hibiki Run ICO. This groundbreaking project is set to redefine how we experience music and collect digital tokens in a fun and engaging way. With its unique blend of East Asian philosophy, game assets, and aesthetics, Hibiki Run seems poised to become a game-changer in the world of Web3 music streaming.

Unlocking the Harmony of Hibiki

The word “Hibiki” in Japanese means “sound,” “resonance,” and “harmony.” And that’s precisely what this project aims to achieve – a harmonious fusion of music, gaming, and digital tokens. By incorporating concepts like “Ichigo-ichie” (random music streaming) and “Omamori” (Soulbound Token type of amulets), Hibiki Run creates an immersive play-to-collect experience that’s both enjoyable and harmonious.

Game Overview

Hibiki Run offers a unique gaming experience with its core assets and tokens. There are four core game assets, including Headphones, which serve as the core asset for music discovery and gamification. Users can fuse Pouches into Omamori, an accessory to headphones that boosts their performance. Additionally, there are digital collectables from external creators/projects that play a critical role in collecting and boosting headphone performance.

When it comes to tokens, HUT serves as the utility token, providing in-app credits. HBK is the governance token for critical game upgrades, while Matic, Polygon Network’s native cryptocurrency, powers the marketplace on Hibiki Run.

The game offers two exciting modes. The First consists of gamified music streaming, where users can collect digital game assets and tokens while listening to music. The second introduces a raffle system/game that rewards players with diversified prizes.

What Are The Platform’s Key Features?

One of the standout features of Hibiki Run is its gamified music discovery. It taps into the growing trend of Web3 music streaming, offering a unique way for both creators and fans to engage with the music industry. Users can listen to different music genres using various types of headphones they collect, such as Gold, Electric, Water, Fire, and Storm.

The raffle system adds an extra layer of excitement. Players can earn HUT during their running sessions, but the real fun begins with the in-app raffle system. The team will add NFT assets from external parties and the community to the NFT raffle pool, ensuring fairness and unpredictability.

Key Features

Hibiki Run Open Marketplace

Hibiki Run’s marketplace isn’t just for buying and selling NFT collectables; it’s also an open launchpad for external projects. Creators and projects can promote and airdrop their NFTs, receiving royalties and exposure in return. This synergy enhances the Hibiki Run game mechanics, enriching the overall experience.

Future Visions

Hibiki Run has ambitious plans for the future. They are developing a streamlined system for onboarding content creators and external projects, enabling them to airdrop their works and list items in the marketplace with high royalty fees.

Integration with Spotify is also on the horizon, allowing users to listen to their favourite music during the game. The goal is to complete this integration by Q3 2023.

Lastly, an upgrade to the visual and game system for the Headphones collection is in the works, including the introduction of 3D headphone models.

Don’t Miss Out on the HUT ICO

As the Hibiki Run ICO approaches, the excitement surrounding this project is palpable. It promises to revolutionize music streaming and digital collectables with its unique blend of gamification and token incentives. With a roadmap filled with innovative features, Hibiki Run is poised to leave a lasting impact on the world of Web3 music streaming and beyond.

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