Hestia: Luxury Properties for Sale in Cyprus

In modern-day and age, when the outside world is so unstable that it is nearly impossible to predict the future, finding a safe space to escape the craze becomes more and more important. Finding a spot that will keep you and your loved ones comfortably oblivious to the uncertainty of everyday life is fundamental for one’s mental stability.

There is a constant increase in the demand to buy homes or apartments; however, the luxurious options are the ones that stand out – as they offer exclusivity and top-tier homely comfort. Buyers, who are tired of metropolitan jungles and rural craze, want more than just four walls and a parking lot. There are a lot of reasons why luxury homes are the most preferred homes among buyers. However, you might consider a couple of important points before starting your research in luxury real estate in Cyprus.

First, let’s establish that it is a myth that only the established and wealthy section of society opts for luxurious homes. In fact, searching and selecting homes that have the essence of luxury does not have an economic pre-conditioning.

Hestia Cyprus real estateHomes in affluent neighborhoods tend to have more safety because of the top-notch security. These homes have hi-tech security installations and trained security personnel. Modern amenities like a swimming pool, yoga centers, gym, underground parking, green area, modular kitchen, clubhouses, etc., are things people look for to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, and these luxurious homes have just all of it. All of these are quite alluring, don’t you think? And considering that we only live once, creating a lifetime of comfort at home seems like a great idea.

So if you’ve been thinking about investing in real estate, especially in Cyprus, we can do the research and go through a few places that have recently gained popularity.

Real Estate Investments in Cyprus.

The Republic of Cyprus has become a beacon of stability and successful development. In fact, it is perfect for making profitable investments in real estate. Despite the recent global economic downturn, the Republic of Cyprus has successfully resisted chaotic politico-economic times; this saved the country’s internal environment from too many economic fluctuations.

Hestia Cyprus real estate

What are the benefits of purchasing real estate in Cyprus?

If you are ready to invest your money profitably in your future secure real estate, then the best way to do this is to invest in houses and apartments in Cyprus. So, if you’ve made up your mind, purchasing the real estate in the Republic will give you a wide range of opportunities; you’ll be able to create a place for recreation and get a source of passive income;

Keep in mind that investment in Cyprus real estate can generate income monthly when rented out, as well as in the form of a net increase in value.

Hestia: Where Dreams Come Home…

Hestia is a development company, a member of Kuutio Group, established in 2015, based in Paphos, Cyprus Republic. The company specializes in creating a new perspective of comfortable living combined with a luxurious lifestyle.

With the power of highly experienced creative minds from around the globe, Hestia’s goal is – to execute their clients’ dreams into reality.

Hestia Cyprus real estate

Hestia’s Massive Estate Project: Luxury Properties for Sale

As we’ve mentioned previously, Hestia ensures that their clients’ needs are naturally at the heart of all the company does. With that in mind, Hestia seeks out the most desirable sites, designs with exquisite taste, and creates high value with premium products at all their real estate developments. These attributes are what differentiates Hestia homes from any other in Cyprus.

The company offers several real estate projects in various locations in Cyprus, depending on your preference; you can choose the ones you like the most.

Hestia Cyprus real estate

EL-PEZ: Luxury Beachfront Residences

El Pez is a highly anticipated stunning new project release located in the heart of the Pafos prime coastal area. Located on the stunning sandy beach “Riccos,” it leads to the picturesque harbor with its Medieval Castle. The project is perfectly positioned; it takes advantage of not only the natural attractions but the extensive infrastructure and amenities of the wider area.

Combining every aspect of daily life: a plethora of restaurants, cafes, shops, and other amenities, create a perfect modern feel to it.

The project incorporates beach and town locations with breathtaking Mediterranean sea views. The whole territory is in the palm of your hand as the Paphos Airport is less than 10 min away; moreover, the Pafos center is less than 5min.

When it comes to the complex itself, El Pez is a limited selection of seven five-bedroom Luxury Villas offering spacious layouts with high-quality finishes throughout. The project extends over three levels to provide ample space for all your family activities.

El Pez is designed to create a unique visual impact from every angle and privacy for its residents. In fact, each property has direct access to lavish gardens and a private swimming pool. The complex offer vast basements that provide a collection of utility spaces, keeping the living areas clear of clutter.

MOJO: Urban Luxury Living Lifestyle

Hestia Cyprus real estateThe Hestia does not stop with one project only and continues to spread the luxury estate even more with the Urban Luxury living lifestyle venture. Each project by Hestia is an example of prestigious construction, unique design, premium quality finishes, and an impeccable location.

The new Kuutio Homes project, Mojo, embodies the best qualities inherent in the company’s principles. The urban properties are conveniently located just behind Kykkos B Lyceum – Paphos. The company expertly designed Mojo to provide an extraordinary new way of living in the city. The company ensures that your experience with the real estate investment in Cyprus is pleasurable and enjoyable.

The expertly laid-out apartments optimize the living spaces. The team of architects created a wide-open-plan living room and kitchen. The building projects have sliding windows open to spacious verandas surrounding the living area. The external spaces enhance the experience of broad green areas. Peripheral planters with rich foliage surround the dwellings in green, ensuring the clean air and the buildings remain cool. Individual swimming pools are provided for each unit, giving the project a stand-out appearance!

GALLERY: Luxury Private Residences

GALLERY: Luxury Private ResidencesFirst, the Gallery that became this year’s winner of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of The Best Luxury Real Estate in Cyprus should be brought up first.

Architects and builders put their hearts and souls into this project, as they wanted to make sure that it’s an ideal modern residence. The Kuutio Homes team combined Leonardo da Vinci’s famous ten attributes of sight. This is where Darkness, Light, Darkness, Color, Solidity, Form, Position, Distance, Motion, and Rest come together to provide the perfect home. Also, the team wanted to create an ideal project for a modern residence. As a result, they formed the unique basis of The Gallery, a boutique collection of stylish contemporary private residences in Cyprus.

As Hestia’s team tries its best to create personalized homes for their dwellers, each project is an example of impeccable construction, unique design, prestigious construction, premium quality finishes, and a breathtaking location.

The Gallery collection of these private residences is in an exceptional town. In fact, the modern lines of the buildings make perfect harmony with the natural surroundings. The three-level homes complement this location and give it an extraordinary contemporary elegance. The Gallery is located within close proximity to educational facilities, shopping malls, hypermarkets, beaches, hospitals, parks, any type of public transport, and other necessary amenities.

The Gallery showcases the high standards of Hestia Designs, ensuring that the investment in Cyprus real estate is worth every penny.

FELICIA: Built around your green lifestyle

Hestia Cyprus real estateHestia’s luxury lifestyle projects don’t stop in their innovative variety and offer even more to the buyers’ satisfaction. Felicia Gardens is a first-class Freehold Investment opportunity with an ambitious green outlook. The award-winning project has been created to co-exist with its natural surroundings. It offers privacy and a spacious open-air feel to its residents. If you take a look at the photos, the proportions make an impeccable first impression. The design of each home is approached with an emphasis on quality over quantity and low-energy green construction.

Hestia challenges the conventional view that sustainable green design is boring. Instead, the team delivers beautiful, elegant green buildings that are functional, practical, and so close to nature. They hose contemporary decorative materials and colors carefully to complement Felicia Gardens’ picturesque sea-facing location.

VERDE: Luxury City Centre Apartments

VERDE: Luxury City Centre ApartmentsReal estate in Cyprus, offered by Hestia, has even more investment opportunities and incorporates sustainable luxury, urban architecture, and City Centre Apartments. In fact, each project by Kuutio is an example of unique design, prestigious construction, and an impeccable location. If you enjoy breathtaking views and spacious verandas, this project might be right for you. Large sliding windows open up to spacious verandas that surround the living area.

The new Hestia project, Verde, embodies the best qualities inherent in the company’s principles.

The luxurious and urban building is conveniently located just behind Kykkos B Lyceum (Paphos); close to public transport, city park, shop centers, and other amenities.

AZURE Elegant and Lavish Villas

AZURE Elegant and Lavish VillasLocated on the coastal plain of Paphos, Azure consists of 3 lavish villas where the peaceful area enriches family life, the luscious nature, the backdrop views of the coast with the blue color palette of the sea, and the luck of being at a critical point location. Features open-plan layouts, contemporary finishes, and covered alfresco areas for seamless indoor-outdoor living and are equipped with a selection of top-notch amenities such as Private Pools, BBQ areas, Landscaped Gardens, Verandas, spacious Parking Spaces, Energy Efficiency A, and more.

Now that was a lovely virtual tour in Hestia’s property projects in Cyprus. Hopefully, you enjoyed it as much as we did writing about it. However, make sure to remember, to make your own research, keep a careful eye on your finances and make calculated investments!

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