FiatVisions Review 2024 – Is this broker really so good?

General Information
Broker Name: FiatVisions
Broker Type: Forex & CFD
Country: N/A
Operating since year: 2021
Regulation: Financial Service Commission (FSC)
Address: /
Broker status: Active
Customer Service
Phone: +18009721281
Email: [email protected]
Languages: English
Availability: 24/5
The Trading platforms: Proprietary
Trading platform Time zone: /
Demo account: No
Mobile trading: Yes
Web-based trading: Yes
Bonuses: No
Other trading instruments: Yes
Minimum deposit: $5,000
Maximal leverage: 1:400
Spread: Floating
Scalping allowed: Yes

FiatVisions Review

FiatVisions is thrilled to be recognized with the award for Best Trading Platform for Newcomers. The platform is designed with beginners in mind, featuring easy-to-navigate interfaces and comprehensive educational materials. This ensures that those new to the financial markets feel empowered and supported as they embark on their trading journey. We are dedicated to fostering an environment where individuals can flourish, making their trading experience both enjoyable and successful.

Well, let’s hop on this FiatVisions review and take a look at everything that FiatVisions has to offer.

General Information: A smooth start to FiatVisions review 

FiatVisions is a new luxury brokerage aiming to provide customers with Forex and CFD trading and investing services. It operates from a popular spot for brokers, Saint Vincent, and the Grenadines, and has been running since 2021. From its opening, the broker’s neat design and broad functionality have generated a ton of user interest. Because of that, our FiatVisions review will inspect the company further and help you decide whether to use it.

As we said, the broker has quite a strong visual design, beating many of its competitors. As such, the first impression it leaves is quite positive, as it usually is with good-looking services. However, that’s not enough for a positive review, and some will question whether it’s important at all. We see the importance of visual design for brokers as what it represents rather than its face value. A broker who goes the extra mile to ensure its website looks pretty will likely apply that same effort in other areas.

And while we’re discussing the website, we also feel like it’s vital to mention its functionality. It runs noticeably better than a lot of brokers we’ve encountered, without any lag. Even the dynamic elements it includes don’t seem to cause any significant slowdown. Furthermore, the broker organized it very well, so it’s quite simple to find out what you want to know.

Just from the first impression, it’s apparent that FiatVisions’ broker company is quite competent. Before we carry on, let’s look at some of the interesting features the firm offers its customers.

trading instruments and other general information

Sophisticated Technology

As a new brokerage, FiatVisions also follows the latest trends and innovations in the online trading sphere. That has allowed it to base its service on new, potent technology that boosts the overall trading experience. A part of it lies in its proprietary platform, carefully crafted to suit trader needs. Because of the tech it utilizes, the broker maximizes liquidity and minimizes execution times. That translates to minimal input errors and makes it easier to capitalize on opportunities.

 Detailed Analysis

Another significant area of the broker’s service is the analysis tools it provides to its customers. Naturally, those include educational materials, which have become common in the online trading space. However, FiatVisions’ materials are more hands-on than those competitors provide and tackle practical issues. Another part is that the broker has technical tools that help brokers analyze previous markets. On the flip side, the same tools help you predict how markets might move in the future.


As the part of the review it is worth mentioning that makes FiatVisions stand out from competitors is how clear it is about its service. One part of that transparency comes from how is set up, maximizing clarity and efficiency. As such, learning about the broker becomes a simple task rather than a tedious one. The other part comes from its top-tier execution and sophisticated transaction systems. They ensure stable pricing and eliminate any extra fees, so traders always know how much money they’re using.

Funds Trading and Security

Today’s brokers seem to have mostly forgone the security measures older firms have established. While more experienced firms know they have to earn trader trust, newer brokers act like it’s a given. Because of that, many companies’ security setups seem dubious at best, leaving a ton of room for doubt. More often than not, those doubts come true, and the broker manages to harm at least a few clients in a significant way. Luckily, FiatVisions took an old-school approach when ensuring users were secure.

The safety at FiatVisions comes from a culmination of multiple factors. As we said earlier in our review, the broker makes a point to be as transparent as possible. While that’s not enough security of its own, it’s a solid start, and the broker can build upon it further. It does so in multiple ways, leading to a satisfied customer base.

For example, FiatVisions only deals with top-tier banks, securing user funds there. As such, there’s very little chance of a breach, lack of liquidity, or anything similar. You can always be confident your money is safe in your FiatVisions account. Furthermore, the broker also segregates user funds, meaning your money is safe even if the broker goes under.

To add more user protection, the broker also utilizes account verification and digital encryption measures. That, along with the banking connections, makes it fool-proof, ensuring no hacking attempts are successful. That makes the broker feel fully secure, with the overwhelmingly positive user reviews serving as confirmation.

The Trading Accounts

FiatVisions has a healthy account structure which helps its service be more accessible to everyone. The accounts have different levels, and upgrading occurs when your cumulative investments reach a certain threshold. On top of that, none of the accounts cost anything since you can use the entirety of your deposit to trade. Because of that, choosing which option to go for is much more forgiving than with other brokers.

For example, if you’re uncertain about the broker’s services, you can go for the cheapest account with the minimum deposit of $ 5,000. Then you can gradually deposit more and get to the next tier somewhat organically. On the other hand, you can also skip the line and get benefits by showing broker loyalty. There are no strict downsides to either approach, so traders can go with whatever feels right to them. Here are some of the account specifications at

FiatVisions account types

FiatVisions Review of account types


  • From $5,000
  • Personal account manager
  • Floating Bid/Ask Difference
  • Mobile Trading


  • From $25,000
  • Personal account manager
  • Floating Bid/Ask Difference
  • Mobile Trading


  • From $100,000
  • Personal account manager
  • Fix Bid/Ask Difference
  • Mobile Trading
  • Daily Technical Signals
  • Trading Academy
  • Trading Commissions (up to 20% discount)


  • From $250,000
  • Personal account manager
  • Fix Bid/Ask Difference
  • Mobile Trading
  • Daily Technical Signals
  • Trading Academy
  • Access to Event Room
  • Trading Commissions (up to 30% discount)
  • VIP Trial Period to Event Room


  • Personal account manager
  • Fix Bid/Ask Difference
  • Mobile Trading
  • Daily Technical Signals
  • Trading Academy
  • Access to Event Room
  • Trading Commissions (up to 50% discount)
  • Video Courses
  • Webinars
  • VIP Services

Trading Conditions

Near the start of our FiatVisions broker review, we mentioned its sophisticated technological setup. Building on that, the broker manages to provide top-tier trading conditions, allowing it to compete with veteran brokerages. As we already said, the trades are transparent minus the spreads, which are quite tight at FiatVisions. That will enable traders to maximize the money that goes into their portfolios.

On top of that, the broker offers a leverage of 1:400, which is quite high. Its funding, platform, and asset variety are also top-tier. For deposits and withdrawals, it has tons of options with max possible speeds. There are tons of different trading products across a multitude of classes, and the platform is fully optimized.

Lastly, we should also mention the broker’s sophisticated analysis features. Those make it easier for traders to predict future market occurrences and act accordingly. As you progress through accounts, the broker will assist you more, so the potential for help is quite high.

trading platform

Regulation and Security

FiatVisions operates under the stewardship of Global Invest Ltd., which is domiciled in Fomboni, on the Island of Mohéli, within the Union of Comoros. The firm proudly bears the registration number HY00623402 and is bolstered by an international brokerage license, marked by the License No. T2023296. This pivotal license is a testament to the firm’s adherence to the International Brokerage Regulation Act, meticulously regulated by the Mwali International Services Authority (MISA). This governing body ensures that FiatVisions adheres to the stringent requirements set forth for brokerage firms, allowing it to offer trading services.

These services are squarely within the legal framework established by the Agency for Regulation and Development of the Financial Market of Mwali, located in the Comoros Union. This framework, known as the International Brokerage Regulation Act, grants the company the authorization needed to provide comprehensive brokerage services under the banner of Comoros Union brokerage services. This regulatory environment ensures that FiatVisions operates not only with permission but also under the rigorous standards required for the regulation and development of the financial market of Mwali, ensuring a secure and regulated trading environment for its clients.

Trading Platform

Throughout our FiatVisions review, we’ve complimented the broker’s platform as a great piece of software. It comes in web, mobile, and downloadable forms, covering all three major options. It has many helpful features and properties, such as raw pricing, high execution speeds, multiple execution modes, etc. The platform is user friendly and intuitive as well, allowing you to get used to how it functions quickly.

FiatVisions’ Trading Products

FiatVisions has a massive asset library which minimizes the chance of missing an opportunity. The vast majority of the most popular global trading products are present, along with a ton of exotic options. As such, diversification and experimentation become simple, leading to a skill-expressive trading experience. Investors who like to play it safe and those who take risks will feel at home with the selection. Here is a list of the asset classes at

  • Major Currencies
  • Global Stocks
  • Equity Indices
  • Hard/Soft Commodities

Customer Service

FiatVisions has an excellent 24/5 support structure that you can reach via phone, email, and live chat. They promise quick response times and knowledgeable representatives, minimizing the impact of unwanted occurrences.

Phone: +18009721281

Email address: [email protected]

FiatVisions help center Review: Conclusion

FiatVisions is a company that acts like it’s been in the business for a long time while providing a modern experience. That blend of taking the best from both worlds is massively beneficial for traders, as the service favors them. There’s an account type for each type of trader, as well as a massive asset library. That means traders can utilize their skills and trading tactics to come out ahead. The broker supports such endeavors with its features emphasizing trader individuality.

Beyond that, it’s also commendable that the broker maintains a high level of quality in everything it does. Its security ensures users won’t get scammed out of their money or be victims of a hacking attempt. Meanwhile, the trading conditions ensure investors have the best possible chance of profiting. If you know how to navigate markets successfully, the likelihood of your success skyrockets. Needless to say, we’re content with what the broker offers and would like to conclude our FiatVisions review with a recommendation.

FiatVisions review
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