EQONEX Releases Its First Crypto-linked Product

EQONEX announced the official launch of its investment products business with the ETN listing. Following the approval of the ETN prospectus, the EQONEX Bitcoin ETN is the group’s debut product with a pipeline of crypto-investments and methodic products for launch in the second half of 2022. The EQONEX Bitcoin ETN provides a direct investment in Bitcoin through an exchange-traded, physically-backed product.

Investors may trade in and out of the ETN through their brokerage accounts. They will also have the benefit of being able to redeem your underlying Bitcoin for free using a Digivault escrow account. In fact, It is only accessible to investors resident in Germany. The bitcoin underlying the ETN will be held in the group’s Financial Conduct Authority-registered custody provider Digivault. Also, It is one of only 35 exchange or custody providers to hold this accreditation.

The launch of the company’s debut crypto-investment product is an important milestone, according to EQONEX’s CEO. As the firm mentions, this is another attempt to build the world’s leading and reliable crypto company. Germany makes an ideal, strategic starting point for the investment products business and has a practical and skilled investment community.

EQONEX and Germany

In addition, EQONEX is great to offer a unique collection of investments and products, that fit the company’s ecosystem. This includes exchange and guardianship opportunities. Also focuses on regulatory compliance and security.

According to EQONEX’s Head of Investment Products, the launch of the investment products business is an important milestone for the company. The firm is devoting more attention and focus to providing a broader mix of investment opportunities to clients across Germany, and over time to other international markets.

Investors are looking for different ways to access investment opportunities in digital assets. Therefore, a product that provides direct exposure to Bitcoin and is available on a secure and globally attractive exchange is very interesting. EQONEX embeds additional investor protection by storing the underlying physical Bitcoin in a separate account under the Security Trustee. This ensures that it will not be for rehypothecation. Bitcoin is in Digivault. This means it is checked by Chainalysis to ensure it is legitimate and avoided money laundering or criminal activity.

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