Destiny Credit Card And Other Alternatives

Destiny Credit Card is an unsecured MasterCard designed for those with bad credit. It offers a way for individuals to access credit without requiring a security deposit. My Destiny Credit Card is known for its easy application process and for being an option for those working on rebuilding their credit.

Key Takeaways

  • The Destiny Credit Card is an unsecured MasterCard for individuals with bad credit.
  • It does not require a security deposit.
  • The card helps rebuild credit by reporting to the three major credit bureaus.
  • It has an annual fee and high interest rate.
  • The card supports building a good payment record by reporting payments to credit bureaus.
  • You can use the card for purchases, leases, and cash advances at ATMs or institutions that accept MasterCard.
  • It is widely accepted wherever MasterCard is used.
  • Getting the Destiny Mastercard is relatively easy, even for those with bad credit.

Destiny Credit Card Explained

The Destiny Credit Card is an unsecured credit option designed primarily for individuals with bad or less-than-ideal credit histories. Unlike secured cards, it does not require a security deposit to open an account. 

As a MasterCard, it enjoys wide acceptance for purchases both domestically and internationally. This card specifically aims to assist users in rebuilding or establishing their credit, as it reports monthly to all three major credit bureaus. 

Despite its accessibility to those with lower credit scores, the Destiny Credit Card comes with an annual fee and a high interest rate, which are important considerations for potential applicants. 

It offers a straightforward application process, and users can manage their accounts conveniently through the Destiny credit card app. 

The card’s credit limit is typically modest, reflecting its purpose as a tool for credit building rather than high-volume spending.

It is not very hard to get the Destiny Mastercard® because it is available to people with bad credit. The Destiny Card is actually a relatively easy credit card for the average person to get.

What are the benefits of Destiny Credit Card?

What are the benefits of Destiny Credit Card?

  • Accessibility

The card is accessible to people with less-than-perfect credit scores, making it a viable option for many who are looking to improve their credit standing.

  • Credit bureau reporting

The Destiny Credit Card reports to all three major credit bureaus, assisting users in building a good payment record, which is crucial for credit improvement.

What are the drawbacks of Destiny Credit Card?

  • Overlimit and monthly fees

Users might face overlimit and monthly fees, adding to the cost of holding the card.

  • High annual fee

The card comes with a high annual fee, which can be a significant drawback for those already on a tight budget.

  • High interest rate

It features a high interest rate, making it costly if the balance is not paid in full each month.

  • Small credit limit

The credit limit is typically small, which might not be ideal for those needing a higher limit for their financial activities.

Who Can Get Destiny Credit Cards?

Individuals with bad credit looking to rebuild their credit history can apply for the Destiny MasterCard. The card is specifically targeted at consumers who might not qualify for other credit cards due to their credit scores.

What are the alternatives for the Destiny Credit Card?

Alternatives include secured credit cards like the Discover it Secured Credit Card, which requires a security deposit but often comes with a lower interest rate and no annual fee. Other unsecured cards designed for building credit might also offer better terms and lower fees.

What are the alternatives for the Destiny Credit Card?

Here’s a simple breakdown of the best-unsecured credit cards for bad credit:

Mission Lane Visa Credit Card is the top pick if you have bad credit and don’t want to pay a deposit. It’s straightforward to get and manage.

Avant Credit Card shines because it lets you check if you qualify without hurting your credit score first. It’s a smart choice for seeing your chances ahead of time.

Capital One QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards Credit Card is great for earning unlimited cash back on all purchases. If you like rewards, this card is for you.

Prosper Card stands out for its low annual fee. It’s cost-effective while helping you build or repair your credit.

Destiny Mastercard is specially designed for those who have gone through bankruptcy and are on the path to rebuilding their credit.

Tomo Credit Card is unique because it offers no annual fee and a high credit limit, a rare find for those with bad credit.

Credit One Bank Platinum Visa is perfect for earning cash back on everyday purchases. It turns your regular spending into rewards.

Who issues the destiny credit card?

The Destiny Credit Card is issued by First Electronic Bank, catering to individuals aiming to improve their credit score.

Who can apply for Destiny MasterCard?

Anyone looking to rebuild or establish credit can apply for the Destiny MasterCard, especially those who have had trouble getting approved for other credit cards.

How can this card help me build a good payment record?

By reporting monthly to all three major credit bureaus, the Destiny Credit Card helps users build a good payment record, assuming they make their payments on time and manage their account responsibly.

Why is a good payment record important?

A good payment record is crucial because it significantly impacts your credit score, affecting your ability to qualify for loans, secure favorable interest rates, and even influence job opportunities and rental applications.

How to decide if it’s right for you

Consider the annual fee, interest rate, and credit limit against your financial situation and goals. If rebuilding credit is your priority and you’re aware of the costs involved, the Destiny Credit Card might be suitable for you.

Special Considerations

You can check if you qualify for the card without hurting your credit score. This card meets all your everyday needs. Your payment history gets reported to the three major credit bureaus. Use your Mastercard wherever it’s accepted, whether that’s through the app, online, or in physical stores.

Can you withdraw cash with your Destiny Mastercard? Yes, you can get cash advances with your card at any ATM or from institutions that accept it. However, there are limits to how much cash you can withdraw in each transaction, and your account may have a set cash advance limit.


Can I apply for a Destiny Card over the phone?

No, there still is no option for applying via the phone. You need to fill in the application form which you can find on their website.

Will I definitely be approved?

Approval is not guaranteed. It depends on fulfilling the issuer’s criteria, which is designed for those with bad credit.

Is destiny a real credit card?

Yes, the Destiny Credit Card is a real, unsecured credit card that offers an opportunity for credit building.

How much is the destiny credit card limit?

The credit limit for the Destiny Credit Card is usually low, often starting at around $300, but it varies based on individual credit assessments.

Where is my destiny Mastercard?

If you’ve applied and been approved, but haven’t received your card, contact the Destiny credit card customer service for assistance.

Is destiny a good credit card?

The Destiny credit card is designed for individuals with imperfect credit history, including those who have experienced bankruptcy in the past. It is a simple unsecured credit card that can assist in improving your credit score. Be cautious of the numerous fees associated with this card, as it offers limited benefits.

Can I get cash from my destiny Mastercard?

You can also use your Card to withdraw Cash Advances from your Account at an ATM or by using it at any establishment that accepts the Card for this purpose. There are specific limits on the amount of cash you can withdraw in each transaction, and we may establish a maximum Cash Advance limit for your Account.

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