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CWC Hopes Collaboration with Google’s Tech to Forecast Floods

The Central Water Commission has expressed hope for a collaborating with Google’s tech usage for India’s effective flood management.

CWC has already entered into an agreement with Google to develop the flood forecast system in India. This is also to use Google’s tech on the dissemination of flood-related information.

Water Resources minister Nitin Gadkari said that this initiative is expected to help the crisis management agencies. Specifically, when dealing with extreme hydrological events in a better manner.

“Under this agreement, the CWC and Google will share technical expertise in various fields, including geospatial mapping and analysis of hydrological observation data,” Gadkari said.

Google's tech to help doctors in predicting death
Google’s tech to use in predicting chances of survival

As an apex technical organization in water resources, CWS will use the tech giant’s technology to likewise improve the flood prediction systems.

Flood-prone inhabitants’ expectations for flood warnings with sufficient lead time are likely to be met in the said initiative.

In 2016, the CWC disseminated flood warnings with one-day maximum lead time. Though during the flood season in 2017, the CWC stoop to modeling based on rainfall. Further, it also launched flood advisories on a trial basis with the lead time of 3 days.

Google’s tech to help doctors in predicting death

Bloomberg reported that Google has developed a new algorithm which can examine digital health records of patients.

This technology enables to help doctors to make better predictions if patients may stay in the hospital or chances of survival.

Google is planning to take the technology to clinics which will use its “a slew of AI tools to predict symptoms and disease” features.

Google’s artificial intelligence can analyze one’s medical history. This can help doctors to provide accurate predictions on one’s health and the likelihood of death.

Google is developing its AI technology to provide solutions to problems which the health sector is facing.

AI can perform tasks efficiently and sift enormous data. Google’s tech is using neural networks to effectively collect data and to improve analysis of such.

“Google’s tech can forecast a host of patient outcomes, including how long people may stay in hospitals, their odds of re-admission and chances they will soon die,” Bloomberg said.

Bloomberg also noted that Google’s tech can retrieve notes buried in PDFs or scribbled on charts to make predictions. Thus, it will help to determine the problems with solving and to help doctors make a better diagnosis.

The finding is that Google’s AI is faster and more accurate than other techniques that examine medical records of patients.

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