Counos Platform offers its hot token CCA. What about FITT?


Counos Platform is a great project that offers interesting opportunities. Based in Switzerland, it was established in 2018. The company provides many services in the domain of Blockchain technology and digital currencies.

Counos Platform aimed to establish an economic community based on Blockchain technology. It helps its members to further their aims with the help of its new technology. Ultimately, the team has created a large network of decentralized systems. It distributed all the power to various individuals, communities, and economies, all of them gathered in one place.

Thanks to this platform, the borders diminish. People from all around the world and from any country have the opportunity to engage in financial affairs and create wealth and value. All of that is possible because of the large community and club that the founder team has created. This platform offers numerous possibilities, connections, and tools.

The Counos team created a financial system and society, that has Blockchain as its bedrock. Thus, it can make many fundamental changes in human societies. By offering a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and online financial services, this company provides safer global financial trades and investments in the Defi market.

Furthermore, this Blockchain platform offers a variety of other services, including Counos Escrow, Counos Decentralized Exchange (Counos DEX), Counos Web Wallet, Counos Payment Gateway, and Counos Mobile Wallet. Besides, the team is going to create different tools and utilities to offer its users a safer and larger economic system. Those new benefits will include tools and utilities such as a certificate issuance system, an election system, and many others. According to the company, these features will create even more value and wealth. In addition, users will get access to all these features by using the coins offered by Counos.


Why is the CCA token so trending? 

Counos Coin, also called CCA, operates within a completely independent network. Its purpose is to provide the highest standards from a reliability perspective for payments and financial transactions worldwide. The company plans to use Counos Coin as one of its currencies.

Moreover, token holders will be able to use CCA for the services offered in its club. For example, they can use Counos Coin for daily uses. Users will be able to purchase it and deposit it in their account as they would do with an actual bank account and fiat currencies. Then they can transfer, exchange, or buy other goods and services with CCA. That is much more than conventional banks and currencies since CCA is a decentralized value. Its holders can do without intermediaries.  

Thanks to its advantages, demand for Counos Coin is increasing. The company believes that it will be huge as it becomes more established. People may start demanding Counos Coin for their goods and various services. On the other hand, to purchase these goods and services, other users would ultimately need to purchase a CCA token, which will make this cryptocurrency even more popular. While on the paper all looks great, remember that investing in cryptos isn’t without certain risks.  

Counos Coin uses a SCRYPT algorithm. The proof of the CCA functionality is created via proof-of-work technology in the form of a peer-to-peer network. Besides, the token has a mining capacity of 21 million coins, which represents its cap. When the team first introduced this coin to the market, the platform has mined a total number of 16.8 million units. However, the company offers a residual amount up to the cap to users to mine independently.


Fitmint’s token is also in the spotlight. Why’s that? 

How does the CCA mining work? 

The Counos Platform stated that from block 98500, it will give 1.5 reward coins to trusted nodes. The latter are those nodes that have at least 500,000 CCA. The platform will add any node that can meet this condition to the list of the trusted nodes through an agreement with Counos Platform. However, the users should submit a wallet address to which the company will send mining rewards.

The team is still contemplating the block creation time window though. For example, the 1.5 reward coins will be for the blocks created 7.5 minutes after the previous block. But if the time window is less than that, the platform will divide the reward by 10000. The company also added a new rule – after block 98500, the trusted node will get the 1.5 reward coins if it creates the block in the desired time window. Meanwhile, the rest of the nodes will receive the reward divided by 10000.


Fitmint’s token is also in the spotlight. Why’s that? 

Fitmint is an interesting move-to-earn game. It boasts inbuilt NFT gaming, as well as Social-fi elements where users can earn rewards in Crypto/NFTs just by walking, working out or running.

First, they have to mint an NFT in the form of sneakers. After that, users will earn in-game cryptocurrency by walking, running or doing any physical activity. They can use their tokens for in-game activities or cash out for profit. The platform’s utility ERC20 token is FITT. Its total supply is 10,000,000,000.

The Fitmint team believes that everybody wants to be physically active and fit. However, the majority of people struggle to break out of a sedentary life and be more active and fit.

There are hundreds of fitness apps in the app stores, trying to solve various fitness challenges once and for all. However, the challenges with fitness still remain the same for decades. Those challenges include the lack of motivation or incentives, a lonely and boring activity, and a lack of instant gratification.

For example, the motive of only being physically fit most often is not strong enough. There is an enormous gap between the motivation of working out and the number of efforts required to actually work out. In addition, humans need socializing and it gets boring when doing something alone. And most people are used to instant gratification which is missing from the activity of working out.

Fitmint aims to solve these problems. It wants to nudge people to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle. The team believes that web 3.0 is a great solution, as it offers a perfect blend of tools like NFT gaming, Community effect, Native global currency, etc. In addition, the platform will bring the interesting elements of game-fi, social-fi and real money rewards.


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