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CoinDogg Released the DOG Token. How Can Investors Use It?

CoinDogg launched DOG, which is ERC-20 Token for the CoinDogg platform. According to the company, DOG will enable content creators to monetize their content across any platform. Furthermore, fans will have additional incentives to support their favorite content creators as they will get NFTs as rewards.

The CoinDogg platform will serve as an NFT marketplace for the rewards earned by fans, and it will also facilitate the monetization of content for creators. So, it will be similar to existing NFT marketplaces.

The company aims to support independent content creators of all kinds. It wants to provide them with better ways to monetize their content and reward their loyal fans. However, CoinDogg plans to achieve all that while simultaneously accelerating the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency.

The founders envision their platform ensuring the internet remains a diverse, vibrant, colorful, and independent place. The company will support content creators, trying to reduce their reliance on traditional monetization like digital advertising revenue.

As a result, content creators will be able to continue making independent content free from corporate influence. According to the company, all types of content creators can utilize the CoinDogg platform. However, they expect early adopters to include gamers, journalists, podcasters, musicians, YouTubers, bloggers, etc.

The CoinDogg token will be the underlying currency for services and products built on the CoinDogg platform. With the CoinDogg ecosystem’s growth, the token will become more useful across applications on the platform.

The token is already available for purchase, and 1 DOG costs 0.01 USD. 400,000,000 DOG are for sale during the ICO, but the total supply consists of 1,000,000,000 DOG.

What are CoinDogg’s advantages? 

Investors will have exclusive access to CoinDogg NFTs. The company plans to develop a content monetization and digital rewards platform. Using them, content creators will monetize their content on any platform in any currency while keeping their fans engaged by providing them with NFT rewards.

Furthermore, NFT rewards gifted to fans for their support will be rare and collectible. They will also be liquid, digital assets. Fans may trade their gifts among other collectors on the CoinDogg NFT marketplace and any other existing NFT marketplace, including Nifty Gateway, Opensea, Rarible, etc. As a result, they will earn a profit from the rewards they have accumulated, which increases their engagement with the platform overall.

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