CNAME token is highly ranked. What about the UAVI token? 


Cloudname is an innovative platform for online domain trading that plans to soon launch its trending CNAME token. Defi users will be able to use this platform to create their domain portfolio and start investing.

Furthermore, Cloudname will enable customers to invest in the value of a word, an emoji, or a combination of them. Investors will also live track the value of the acquired domains. They could buy and sell domains based on the latest news, market trends, or simply on their intuition.

This company is the pioneer of a world of digital, investment, and innovation. It aims to change the approach to online investing forever and become one-of-a-kind in the sector. According to the team, investing in domains means giving words an economic value. It also means taking advantage of a new and unconventional business opportunity. Users can purchase domains that are already high-profile and simultaneously invest in domains that could become popular.


What are Cloudname’s features? 

The platform offers various exciting features, such as Tokenization, Renting, Trend Spotting, Live Pricing, Statistics, and Personal Portfolio. Through the Tokenisation feature, the customer can create multiple non-fungible tokens in just a few clicks. For example: If the value of a user’s domain is $100.000, they could create 100 tokens of $1.000 and sell their domain more easily. Besides, if the domain acquires even more value over time, those who have purchased the tokens will also profit greatly.

If users register a valuable domain name but won’t sell it cheaply, the platform offers an alternative. They can rent this name so that everyday users will be able to afford it without actually buying it. Furthermore, if the customer found the best domain name for their business but it’s already taken and very expensive to buy, Cloudname can enable them to directly contact the owner and rent it.

The company allows Defi users to create a domain portfolio simply and intuitively. It will help customers to actively manage their investments to achieve the best performance. Within their Cloudname portfolio, users will find their domains diversified by type, budget, and earning potential.

Moreover, investors will have free access to relevant data and statistics. They will always know the current status of their domain in the market. Thus, they will be able to make predictions on the trend of its value over time.

The company will also help clients spot potential trends and valuable domains to invest in. As a result, they will enjoy increasing returns on investment. Monitoring the live price of each domain to invest in the right moment also comes in handy. This platform integrates more than 20 different APIs with third party-providers, aiming to discover and display all the pricing factors of a domain.


What is UAVI Drone, and how does it work? 

The UAVI Team aims to build the first decentralized crypto-drone ecosystem worldwide. As part of the UAVI ecosystem, it is currently creating a community sharing and service-oriented marketplace PLATFORM. According to the team, the testing phase will start in the third quarter of 2022.

This Platform will provide Defi solutions in the world of drones. The company plans to do that by using the UAVI token and UAVI NFT issuances. It is also developing blockchain-based data storage. The latter provides a decentralized, transparent, unalterable data-security system for the drone market thanks to the help of smart contracts.

The UAVI Team thinks that Blockchain is more than a technology. Thus, they decided to develop their business on Blockchain. The company also created the native utility token UAVI for its platform. It launched the ICO sale on February 10, 2022. The latter will end on March 10, 2022. The UAVIs are trading for 0.02 USD per token. The total supply is 5000000000, but only some percentage is available for purchase. This token is based on Binance Smart Chain, and it is very trending currently.


CNAME token is highly ranked. What about the UAVI token? 

What makes UAVI stand out among other Defi projects? 

This project connects two innovative technologies: Drone and Blockchain. The platform offers fast, accurate, and fully documented work, along with 100% control over the tasks. Other benefits include live image transmission, unalterable data storage, and secured image and video storage. All this is available whenever users need them. Besides, UAVI Ecosystem works in an environment-friendly way. 

According to the team, drones today are a bit like what a smartphone was just over a decade ago. Namely, a well-known device but widely underestimated in terms of business potential and innovation.

A smartphone combined a small portable telephone with a larger computer, and thanks to this innovation, it became popular very fast. People outside the drone industry often think that the latter is a mere combination of a camera with a small airplane or helicopter. However, drones do a whole lot more than that. Both the software and the hardware used to build drones have reached very advanced levels. Thus, the key question now lies in drone applications. These devices already play a key role in all industry verticals. They are also indirectly helping citizens with everyday services.

Furthermore, drones are replacing the human workforce in hazardous and routine tasks. All this in an environment-friendly, cost-effective, and fully documented manner.


What does UAVI offer? 

The UAVI team is creating the first community service platform, where drone service providers and users will be able to find each other. This platform accepts transactions for operation in UAVI token only between cooperating partners. It also rewards both parties with UAVI tokens after each successful transaction. Moreover, UAVI provides grants for innovative projects that contribute to its vision.

The company aims to be the first to become a community-sharing platform in the drone services environment. Through the UAVI Ambassador program, the team is building its network around the world. The Incubator program will enable users to launch innovative new projects and help startups.

The platform is dedicated to the development of drone-based games in the real and metaverse worlds, as well. Thanks to it, drone technologies will become widely available to everyone. The team plans to provide an opportunity to learn about the application areas of the new drone technologies. It will also enable users to compare the best available solutions and develop a regulatory environment.

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