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BTC-Alpha’s first token Burn was exceedingly successful

A European-based cryptocurrency exchange BTC-Alpha, hosted a historical event. The first token burn of ALP Coins, its native tokens, went very successfully. Overall, they burnt 1,000,000 tokens throughout the entire existence of the exchange. All the ALPs paid for its services and products, with burning conducted according to the trading volumes of ALP.

ALP cost around $0.26 when the token burn began. However, now it skyrocketed to $1.34. It has rallied by 417.7% overall since April 16th. This burn is the beginning of a major update. We will completely reevaluate the economy of the ALP token – stated Vitalii Bodnar, the CEO of BTC-Alpha.

Vitalii Bodnar posted on LinkedIn the results of BTC-Alpha’s first token burn. He wrote that they were there for users with the best quality of their service for five years, adding that this token burn is their first step to a new stage of their development. Bodnar also expressed gratitude to the exchange’s all users for supporting ALP Coin, as well as their credit to BTC-Alpha.

Meanwhile, Curve Finance announced that it had joined Layer 2 Ecosystem

Curve Finance decided to leverage Polygon’s scalability solution, joining SushiSwap and Aave. A leading DeFi protocol has found the market fit in providing customers with very efficient stablecoin swapping. This includes cheap swaps between leading tokens such as USDT, DAI, and USDC. Furthermore, users can earn fees, along with token rewards for staking liquidity in various pools.

More and more users pile into Polygon’s growth, and participants within the Layer-2 ecosystem are demanding the same amenities and advantages as DeFi on Ethereum’s main net. Polygon stated that such a situation created the need for deep liquidity for stablecoin pairs, and Curve is exceptional for that.

Curve Finance has already launched a liquidity pool on Polygon. Liquidity providers and traders can now swap between stablecoins and earn rewards on the Layer-2 solution. Besides, the Curve team has declared that that additional CRV rewards will arrive shortly.

Lots of DeFi projects have made scaling the highest priority this year. They just have to choose between the top solutions, and Polygon is one of the options among them.

Optimism has already launched on Synthetix this year. This solution uses roll-ups to achieve scalability, though. Uniswap has also stated that it would include the upgrade as part of its v3 update this summer. Still, each solution has its own pros and cons. So, users will be the winners of this debate.

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