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Boson Protocol is Preparing for its Token’s Public Sale

Boson Protocol announced that pre-registration for BOSON token’s public sale is already possible. The company just ended pre-sale on June 21, 2021. Its token is listed among Hot ICOs on several platforms. Boson wants to reshape the e-commerce landscape and aims to achieve that goal by providing a new solution. According to the company, its Protocol will bridge digital and traditional marketplaces through a unique tokenization solution for services and products.

Furthermore, Boson has set out to eliminate the intermediaries that typically make e-commerce an expensive and complicated process. The company plans to work through a novel commercial interface using tokenized futures contracts to represent a commitment to purchase and sell services or goods later. The investors can then redeem these NFTs for the physical good or service. NFTs’ owners can also trade or stake them or move them in the DeFi landscape as a speculative instrument before actually redeeming them for the underlying item.

Boson Protocol plans to change the way user and customer data is used and monetized. It will provide a planetary-scale Web3 commerce data marketplace, which is essentially a marketplace for customer data. In this space, sharing is voluntary, and users will receive an equitable reward if they decide to contribute their data.

Justin Banon, a multiple-time entrepreneur and strategy consultant, and Greg Borosa, a heavily experienced blockchain technologist and software engineer, founded the platform in March 2019.

How does this Protocol work?

Boson provides the infrastructure for DeFi commercial transactions, as well as data transfers. The platform achieves that by using tokenized exchange vouchers (commitment tokens). However, these NFTs employ a specific game theory that incentivizes both sides of a transaction to complete their roles. Both buyers and sellers must finish transfers to escrow a deposit. The latter became forfeited to the counterparty if they renege on their agreement and don’t complete an exchange.

The company handles the whole process trustlessly by smart contracts. It also provides a new financial primitive which customers can use as a building block in other DeFi protocols. Furthermore, there is an arbitration system that the company uses to resolve disputes between buyers and sellers. This system determines which counterparty to penalize if users report a fault.

The Protocol launched its native utility token BOSON to give more advantages to its users and better develop its ecosystem. Token holders can stake BOSON. Besides, they will pay reduced fees for coordinating transactions and have a say in how Boson Protocol operates and how to use funds from the dCommerce DAO.

RVW Token’s ICO Sale Continues 

Boson Protocol is Preparing for its Token’s Public Sale Even though the RoeVWade token has specific and limited use, it is also quite popular and remains on the Hot ICO lists. RVW is a public security token launched by RVW Limited. The company is utilizing LCX as its exclusive blockchain service provider. Its goal is to finance the costs associated with the movie “Roe V. Wade.”

The company created its own token to raise money with its sale. RVM is the Movies Token. The film company already finished its production, but additional financing will enable it to execute its distribution and marketing plans. Alveda King, Cathy Allyn, and Nick Loeb produced “Roe V. Wade” along with Troy Duhan. The latter is the co-producer of the movie “God’s Not Dead.”

RVW Limited issued the tokenized bond, represented by the RoeVWade Token. The company is offering a total of 5,000,000 RVW tokens. The ICO price is $1 per token, with total net proceeds of $5 million. Token Sale started on November 11th, 2020 and will end on November 10th, 2021.

The HQZCASH token got high-ranking. Why’s that? 

HQZCASH token is one of the highest-ranked ICO currently. The founder of HQZconsulting created and launched this token on March 17, 2021, and the initial coin offering sale will continue until March 17, 2025.

HQZCASH’s goal is to help fund young entrepreneurs and creators with innovative ideas. According to the platform’s terms, any business supported or created by HQZCASH will have to accept HQZcash token in return, though.

Johan Boiteux, Blockchain analyst, business provider, and consultant specializing in blockchain and cryptocurrency, founded HQZ Consulting. He and his partners believe that blockchain and cryptocurrencies have the potential to become the future of the global economy. So, they decided to share their experiences in these areas and better understand the financial system and help its betterment. Thus, this company is essentially a Holding but based on the investment. However, its main purpose is to offer investors consulting about the crypto and blockchain world.

HQZ Consulting also aims to support and invest in as many business startups and small businesses as possible. That is one of the reasons why it has launched its native token. The company hopes to raise money and help other companies in return. ICOs provide an excellent opportunity to invest in a new cryptocurrency project by simply purchasing tokens.

The team plans to trade 9,000,000 HQZCASH and complete ICO only once they have exchanged all tokens. After the initial coin offering concludes officially, HQZ Consulting will launch its NPI blockchain.


How does HQZCASH work? 

After getting funding from HQZ Consulting, the startup team uses the money raised from the token sale to develop their ideas and create their own products. Besides, the value of tokens increases over time and the development of the company.

HQZ Consulting and its business partners decided to call their coin “Token HQZCASH.” However, it is a pre-launch token of the NPI cryptocurrency. Investors can exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Waves for HQZCASH. Its price is 0.30 USD per token during the ICO. Traders have to use the platform for exchanges currently, but once the HQZ ecosystem is in place, they will be able to do the exchanges directly via the HQZ application.

There is also SHI token’s ICO. What does Shirtum offer?

There is also SHI token’s ICO. What does Shirtum offer? Shirtum launched its native token recently. SHI is trading for 0.036 USD during the initial coin offering. The company wants to raise 120,000,000 with the trade. SHI tokens’ total amount is 1,000,000,000, but only 37,8% are available for sale.

Shirtum is a global marketplace of digital assets. Its platform gives users access to specific exclusive content related to the sports world. As a result, players and soccer clubs will share their stories with fans while also offering them the possibility of acquiring NFTs.

The company enables both players and soccer clubs to display t-shirts, trophies, and memorabilia they have amassed through their career and success and tell the story behind each unique moment on video.

Meanwhile, users will be able to exchange and collect limited edition tokens linked to each piece of memorabilia in personalized galleries created for customers through the platform.

Shirtum uses advanced technology that will allow users to enhance the collecting experience. Besides, its versatile API designed to integrate across platforms and facilitate transactions is anchored on Blockchain technology. The latter guarantees the authenticity, immutability of collections, and traceability.

Shirtum plans to generate a direct connection between players and their fans. Meanwhile, they will also significantly improve the existing value proposition of collecting in the sports world. The company has members in several countries, including Spain, Argentina, Andorra, Italy, and the USA.

While its current native token SHI is a standard BEP20 token of the Binance Smart Chain network, the company plans to create tokens following the ERC-20 standard of the Ethereum Smart Chain, as well.

Users must own SHI tokens to perform certain actions on the platform, including buying digital assets directly from the platform.

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