Bitcoin (BTC) moved past the $30,000 level

Bitcoin breached the $30,000 mark for the first time since June 2022 as March’s banking volatility faded further and investors became more bullish on the US central bank’s monetary policy.

The biggest cryptocurrency traded at $30,238 by market capitalization, up 6.75% in the last 24 hours.

The market is pricing in a slowdown in growth and a reduction in monetary policy by the Federal Reserve through 2023.

A bond market analysis showed that US 2-year Treasuries retreated from a peak above 5% in early March to 4% as traders quickly adjusted their expectations for a Fed rate hike.

Bitcoin last hit $30,000 in June 2022, when it was below $20,000, where it spent much of that year’s end and early 2023. It has hovered around $28,000 for the past three weeks. Investors described the effects of banking meltdowns, persistent inflationary pressures, and other macroeconomic uncertainties. Bitcoin has advanced almost 80% on the day since it started to change in 2023 to almost $16,600.

What about Ether?

Ether Dominance rate paused from 19% to 20%. That’s like an increase to 21% from 14% just weeks before the major September update, known as the Merger. This technological upgrade replaces Ethereum’s timed energy with a permanent proof-of-work tool that verifies transactions with a proof-of-stake system. Staking means depositing coins into the blockchain to increase network security and verify transactions.

Investor concern over Ether prices ahead of Shanghai stems from several reasons, including concerns that tokens released after the upgrade will disrupt the market and regulatory issues.

The market needs to be more confident, evident from Ether’s undervaluation against Bitcoin or the low stakes that place higher prices than call options.

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