ApeCoin and Akita Inu: ApeCoin goes to a new weekly low

  • The price of ApeCoin retreated yesterday to a new weekly low at the 1,960 level. 
  • Akita Inu’s price dropped to 0.0000002689 level yesterday. 

ApeCoin chart analysis

The price of ApeCoin retreated yesterday to a new weekly low at the 1,960 level. We got support in that zone but tested it again this morning. We get new support, and from there, we start a bullish consolidation that takes us above the 2,000 level. We find additional support in the EMA200 and continue to rise to the 2,040 level. We are in a bullish surge and can expect to continue this bullish trend.

Potential higher targets are 2,060 and 2,080 levels. The ApeCoin price would have to pull back below 2,000 and the EMA200 for a bearish option. This is how we approach the zone, and we will test it for the third time in the last two days. That would only increase the pressure on that level, which could give way and send us to a new non-weekly low. Potential lower targets are 1,940 and 1,920 levels.

ApeCoin Chart Analysis

Akita Inu chart analysis

Akita Inu’s price dropped to 0.0000002689 level yesterday. After the new weekly low, we see a successful formation of the bottom and the start of the price recovery of the Akita Inu. This morning, there was a bullish impulse to the 0.0000002950 level, suggesting that we could move in that direction. We are now at 0.0000002900, and here we come across the EMA50 moving average. We want to move above and continue to the bullish side.

Potential higher targets are 0.0000002950 and 0.0000003000 levels. In the zone around 0.0000003000 levels will have a bigger obstacle and the form of EMA200 moving average. For a bearish option, we need resistance at the 0.0000002900 level. After that, we turn to the bearish side, and by pulling below 0.0000002850, we return to the previous support zone. Potential lower targets are the 0.0000002800 and 0.0000002750 levels.

Akita Inu Chart Analysis

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