AGlobalTrade Review 2024 – Is this broker good or not?

General Information
Broker Name:AGlobalTrade
Broker Type: Forex & CFDs
Country: Saint Lucia
Operating since year: N/A
Regulation: N/A
Address: The Sotheby Building, Rodney Village, Rodney Bay, Gros-Islet, Saint Lucia
Broker status:Active
Customer Service
Phone: +18007570137
Availability: 24/7
The Trading platforms:Proprietary
Trading platform Time zone: N/A
Demo account:No
Mobile trading: Yes
Web-based trading:Yes
Bonuses: N/A
Other trading instruments:Yes
Minimum deposit: $500
Maximal leverage: 1:400
Spread: Floating From 0.0 Pips
Scalping allowed:Yes

Graphical representation of AGlobalTrade review with key highlights, showcasing a modern, user-friendly interface and various trading tools available on the platform, emphasizing the broker's features and reliability.

AGlobalTrade Review: General Information & First Impressions

Welcome to our in-depth AGlobalTrade review. The broker is a licensed CFD broker that has emerged as the ultimate haven for tech-savvy traders. What makes this platform a standout choice? It all begins with a remarkably low minimum deposit, setting the entry point at just $500. This financial accessibility makes AGlobalTrade an inclusive space, accommodating both seasoned investors and those taking their first steps into the dynamic world of trading.

However, the appeal of the broker extends far beyond the numerical aspect. At its core is a proprietary trading platform meticulously developed to provide users with an unparalleled experience. This platform seamlessly integrates top-tier execution, unparalleled comfort, and advanced analysis features, making every trading session a breeze.

One of the key highlights that we want to emphasize in our AGlobalTrade review is its commitment to accessibility. Regardless of your preferred device, whether it’s the sleek efficiency of a MacBook or the versatility of a Linux-powered machine, the broker ensures a consistent and reliable trading experience.

Delve deeper, and you’ll discover an extensive array of trading materials, ranging from traditional stocks to the ever-evolving crypto market. Yet, what truly distinguishes this investment platform is not just the breadth of offerings but the incorporation of built-in educational features. Traders, regardless of their expertise, can leverage these tools to sharpen their skills and navigate the markets with confidence.

But perhaps the most innovative aspect we wish to highlight in our AGlobalTrade review in its integration of artificial intelligence. Expert advisors stand ready to assist traders, providing an additional layer of analysis that goes beyond conventional approaches. Join us in this comprehensive review as we unravel the intricacies of a platform that seamlessly combines cutting-edge features with a user-friendly interface, making it the go-to destination for the tech-savvy trader.

Fund and Account Security

Screenshot of AGlobalTrade's trading dashboard, displaying a user-friendly interface with advanced charting tools, market indicators, and customizable options, highlighting the platform's technical capabilities for traders.

In the realm of online trading, security is paramount, and AGlobalTrade stands as a fortified fortress of financial safety. Located at The Sotheby Building, Rodney Village, Rodney Bay, Gros-Islet, Saint Lucia, this broker provides a clear and easily verifiable address, laying the foundation for trust and transparency.

Another high point for our review in the security domain is its unwavering commitment to clarity. The broker ensures that traders are fully informed about its fee and cost structure, leaving no room for surprises. This transparency extends to the community, fostering an environment of trust and openness.

The security measures employed by AGlobalTrade go beyond the standard, incorporating robust KYC checks that include AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and CTF (Counter-Terrorism Financing) procedures. These checks not only comply with regulatory standards but also act as a shield, safeguarding the trading community from potential threats.

Another thing that’s important to mention in this part of our AGlobalTrade review is that it leverages encryption and authenticators, creating a formidable barrier against unauthorized access. Traders can navigate the platform with confidence, knowing that their accounts are shielded by advanced security protocols. This not only prevents breaches but also empowers users with the tools to protect their personal information.

The commitment to user safety is further exemplified through fund segregation. Namely, the broker ensures that user funds are segregated, adding an extra layer of protection. This practice guarantees that even in unlikely scenarios, user funds remain untouched and secure.

The last thing we want to note in this part of our review is that it operates in an honest and forthright manner, educating and informing traders. By providing comprehensive information, the broker ensures that traders are never left in the dark, fostering a community built on trust and informed decision-making and avoiding any potential red flags.

Regulation Details

VIRTUOSO CAPITAL LTD. is the entity behind the operation of, a platform sanctioned to offer trading services aligning with the mandates of the International Brokerage Act. This authorization is backed by accreditation from the Agency for Regulation and Development of the Financial Market of Mwali, positioned within the Comoros Union. The organization is endorsed by a legitimate license, number T2023423, and is officially registered with the number HY01123445. Its headquarters are established in Fomboni, on the Island of Mohéli, part of the Comoros Union, ensuring that its operations adhere to the rigorous standards set forth by the regulatory framework. This setup guarantees that operates within a secure and regulated environment, providing its clients with reliable trading services.

Trading Account Info at AGlobalTrade

AGlobalTrade mobile trading application interface, featuring a detailed stock market chart, trading options, and easy-to-navigate menus, illustrating the broker's commitment to accessible and efficient mobile trading solutions.

Embarking on your trading journey with AGlobalTrade is not just a financial decision; it’s a strategic move towards success. With a low entry trading account requirement of just $500, the platform ensures that aspiring traders can step into the world of CFD trading without breaking the bank. This accessible entry point sets the stage for a gradual progression, setting up the broker as a center for global trade.

However, the thing regarding the accounts we want to highlight in our AGlobalTrade review is that, even if you choose to stick with the beginner account, know that it’s a powerful tool on its own. Those who don’t intend to spend more can still have an entirely pleasant and successful trading experience.

What sets the broker apart is the thoughtful setup of sensible thresholds, creating a natural progression for traders. As you navigate the accounts, you’ll find that each tier unlocks a new realm of possibilities. From a private account manager to daily custom analysis, exclusive updates, and push alerts, including SMS notifications, AGlobalTrade transforms trading into a personalized and evolving experience.

For those eager to fast-track their trading journey, the broker allows traders to skip the line by confidently depositing a larger sum. This flexibility caters to both beginners looking for a steady climb and seasoned investors ready to dive into the advanced features offered by higher-tier accounts. Whether you’re starting with $500 or making a substantial deposit, ensures that every trader finds a tailored path to success.


  • Deposit: $500
  • Basic Market Access
  • No Extra Fees
  • One Click Trading
  • Mobile Apps
  • Web Trading
  • Free Education


  • Deposit: $5,000
  • Basic Market Access
  • No Extra Fees
  • One Click Trading
  • Mobile Apps
  • Free Education
  • Web Trading


  • Deposit: $20,000
  • Basic Market Access
  • No Extra Fees
  • One Click Trading
  • Free Education
  • Web Trading
  • Market Updates


  • Deposit: $50,000
  • Basic Market Access
  • No Extra Fees
  • One Click Trading
  • Dedicated Support
  • Personal Push & SMS Alerts
  • Exclusive Market Updates

Premium Pro

  • Deposit: $100,000
  • Full Market Access
  • No Extra Fees
  • One Click Trading
  • Daily Analysis
  • Private Account Manager
  • Free Installment


  • Deposit: $250,000
  • One Click Trading
  • Dedicated Support
  • Personal Push & SMS Alerts
  • Exclusive Market Updates
  • Full Market Access
  • No Extra Fees


  • Deposit: $500,000
  • Talk to the broker’s specialists today and we’ll help you get started!


  • Deposit: $1,000,000
  • Get access to new features, best prices, priority support and exclusive events from your VIP account manager. Talk to the broker’s specialists today and we’ll help you get started!

AGlobalTrade’s Trading Platform

Trading Platform

In this part of our AGlobalTrade analysis we will be going over its user friendly trading platform—an orchestration of innovation and efficiency. Designed as a proprietary system, this platform harmoniously blends accessibility, functionality, and versatility. Accessible through web browsers, mobile devices, and available as a downloadable terminal, the broker ensures that traders have the power to navigate the markets with ease, regardless of their preferred device or operating system.

Whether you’re on a Windows desktop, an iOS device, or a Linux machine, the platform is available on all devices, including macOS. This cross-platform compatibility is a testament to the commitment to providing a consistent and seamless trading experience for every trader.

Investors can seamlessly execute trades, analyze market data, and implement various trading strategies—all within a user-friendly interface. The platform’s intuitive design caters to both beginners and seasoned traders, offering a comprehensive toolkit for success. Fast order execution ensures that traders can act swiftly in the dynamic markets, while advanced charting tools provide the analytical edge needed for strategic decision-making.

In this part of our review, we also wanted to note that the platform is a fantastic solution for those who appreciate the flexibility to trade on the go. It offers mobile trading without the loss of any core features. Traders can conveniently access their accounts, monitor the markets, and execute trades, all from the convenience of their mobile devices. The one-click execution feature further streamlines the trading process, enabling quick and efficient transactions.

AGlobalTrade Review: Conclusion

AGlobalTrade proves to be a guiding force in the ever-evolving landscape of online trading. The platform’s commitment to accessibility and innovation creates a distinctive space for traders to thrive. With a modest entry requirement of just $500, ensures that the financial markets are accessible to everyone. Even those choosing to stay within the realms of the beginner account can find a powerful and successful trading experience.

The proprietary trading platform stands out as a technological marvel, effortlessly accessible through web browsers, mobile devices, and as a downloadable terminal. This versatility showcases the dedication to providing a seamless trading experience across all devices and operating systems, including macOS and Linux. Whether you’re a novice trader or a seasoned investor, the broker empowers you to elevate your trading journey.

The user-friendly interface and advanced features, including full market access, fast order execution, and one-click execution, underscore the commitment we’ve highlighted throughout our AGlobalTrade review to providing traders with the tools they need to navigate the markets with precision. The flexibility to trade on the go through mobile devices further adds a layer of convenience, allowing traders to stay connected and execute trades from their preferred device.

In summary, the broker invites traders to embark on a path of financial growth and success. The platform’s fusion of innovation, accessibility, and user-centric features positions it as a beacon in the trading world. We’d like to end this AGlobalTrade review with an invitation to explore the boundless possibilities that await with the broker.

AGlobalTrade Review
AGlobalTrade Logo

Name: AGlobalTrade

Description: AGlobalTrade proves to be a guiding force in the ever-evolving landscape of online trading. The platform's commitment to accessibility and innovation creates a distinctive space for traders to thrive. With a modest entry requirement of just $500, ensures that the financial markets are accessible to everyone. Even those choosing to stay within the realms of the beginner account can find a powerful and successful trading experience.

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  • Trading Instrument
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