Stocks Quiz – Intermediate 2

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Stocks Quiz – Intermediate 2

Stock markets are often volatile and very sensitive to global events. Natural disasters, terrorism, inflation – all of them affect stocks greatly. Still, if you consider becoming part of this tumultuous and interesting world, you need to learn at least some basics. You can’t play the game well if you don’t know the terms. Are you ready to test your knowledge?

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Holders of Preferred Stock have:

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The Dow Jones Index's peak value before the Great Depression was 380 points. When did the stock reach the same level following the depression?

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Do you know which stocks typically perform better in a recession?

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Let's say that company A has a P/E ratio higher than company B, while company B has a P/E ratio either higher or equal to company C. If all of them are part of the same industry, investors are expecting a higher earnings growth in the future from:

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Can you tell us how many stocks are included in Dow Jones?

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What is the dollar-cost averaging?

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If a portfolio has 85% of its assets invested in stocks, it would be best suited for:

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Do you know what short-selling means?

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