Forex Quiz – Terms of Trading

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Forex Quiz – Terms of Trading

How much do you know about Forex markets and trading? Test your knowledge now. Here is our quiz to challenge yourself. Can you answer all the questions correctly?

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Can you tell us which kind of time frame a scalper should consider for his/her trades?


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Do you know what the three different ways of investing in Forex are?

FX spots, futures, options

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The difference between the ask price and the bid price is that the:

Ask price and Bid price

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Can you tell us what Mini Lot size is?

10.000 euros

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Do you know what a spread is?

Ask price

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What can you tell us about a pip?

Forex Chart

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Let’s say the price moves from 1.0950 to 1.0951. The numbers of pips covered are equal to:

A coine of 1 euro

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What does the risk-off tactic mean?

Buying a gold bar

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Please, select the times when the forex market opens and closes:

10 PM Clock

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If you have go long, it means that:

Forex signals, Buy signal

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The average score is 43%


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