Commodities – Oil Quiz

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Oil and Gold Drop amid Elusive Stimulus

Commodities – Oil Quiz

Oil is one of the most famous commodities in the world. It's not called black gold for nothing, after all. But how much do you know about this immensely profitable investment? Let's see if you can answer some basic questions about it:

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Please, choose the dominant component of natural gas:

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Do you know the standard size for a barrel of oil measured in gallons?

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Captain A. F. Lucas, the mining engineer, drilled an oil well near Beaumont, Texas. As a result, a gusher erupted on January 10, 1901, spewing oil for nine days before it was brought under control. Do you know the name of the hill that this well was located?

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Do you know the name of the formation that occupies approximately 200,000 square miles of the subsurface of the Williston Basin, and is beneath parts of Montana, North Dakota, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan?

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Choose the country, which is currently not a member of OPEC:

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Which country produced the most oil in 2015?

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Can you tell us approximately how many gallons of gasoline are produced from one barrel of crude oil?

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The United States’ top oil-producing state since 2016 is:

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Which state in the United States has had the highest effective gasoline tax since February 2016:

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What is the time period when well drilling begins known as:

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What do engineers call an area, which has a well drilled in but hasn’t previously produced oil or gas?

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