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YouTube Used to Put Cryptojacking Malware

Cybercriminals behind the Stantinko botnet have been using YouTube. The Slovakian software security firm Eset disclosed that they have been using the video-sharing platform in distributing Monero (XMR) cryptocurrency mining module.

Eset, a major antivirus supplier, recently reported that the Stantinko botnet operators had made their way farther in criminal reach. From ad injection, click fraud, social network fraud, and password-stealing attacks, they now install crypto malware on victim’s devices using YouTube.

Aside from that, it uses YouTube channels to distribute its cryptojacking module. According to a report, it already infected as much as 500,000 devices.

Recently, YouTube responded after Eset informed the platform. And it removed all the channels in connection or having traces of codes of Stantinko.

Bitcoin on Democratization of Savings

Elsewhere, Bitcoin (BTC) has the power to bring the world’s population out of debt. This is due to its ability to let consumers save without permission. This was based on the latest advocacy of Misir Mahmudov, author and operations associate at cryptocurrency hedge fund Adaptive Capital. In addition, Mahmudov is the brother of Murad Mahmudov, a prominent Bitcoin proponent.

In a social media post, Mahmudov argued saving in Bitcoin allows anyone to bypass the barriers to traditional methods of saving like stocks and real estate.

He stated, “Bitcoin is the democratization of savings.”

Based on the latest statistics, the United States’ national debt alone sums about $70,000 per capita. Moreover, global debt is now so massive that for every Bitcoin that will ever exist, there is currently $12.1 million of debt.

Moreover, the status of Bitcoin as sound money has long seen support from academics like Mahmudov. And others are indicating its specific benefits about phenomena such as fiat currency.

Particularly, Saifedean Ammous, author of ‘The Bitcoin Standard,’ further pointed out that the fiat serves as the antithesis of saving mentality.

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