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WIN token is in Spotlight. Why did it attract attention? 

WINkLink is the first TRON ecosystem comprehensive oracle fully integrating the real world with the blockchain space. It aims to provide unpredictable but reliable and verifiable random numbers. As a result, it will fully restore trust and improve user experience. The company will tap into data, payment systems, and various events from the real world to achieve its goal. The WINk team already acquired on April 26, 2021. Its native utility coin, WIN, is a TRON-based TRC20 token. It will also be the governance token of the WINkLink network.

WIN is extremely HOT right now. Besides, this token is well-established. It has already been listed on Binance, Bithumb, KuCoin, WazirX, Poloniex, HitBTC, and many other well-known international exchanges.

The WinkLink network created its token for utilization. Token holders can pay WinkLink Node operators with WINs for various services, including the retrieval of data from off-chain data feeds, off-chain computation, formatting of data into blockchain readable formats, and uptime guarantees they provide as operators. The company plans to power WIN tokens in many ways.

This platform aims to link the off-chain and on-chain worlds. The team initially deployed WinkLink on the TRON network. However, it will also support other blockchain networks in the future. The company developed its platform with the modularization concept. It will easily apply optimizations in the future.

How does WINkLink work? 

To understand how this platform works, you should know something about how on-chain and off-chain platforms work. Requesting contracts are data requests initiated by smart contracts, and they denote by USER-SC. The on-chain interface WinkLink will interact with requesting contracts. In turn, they are also smart contracts denoted by WINKLINK-SC.

The company created an on-chain module called aggregator contract. Customers can choose services and nodes from a front-end page for the aggregator contract. After that, it will calculate the final result for requesting contracts.

In addition, there are oracle services. With them, users can evaluate their specific requirements, then select nodes and services from the list page. Nodes related data is available in the list for customers.

The team has also considered that manual matching is not possible for all situations. Thus, it plans to design an automated matching mechanism to meet more needs in the near future.

Meanwhile, an aggregator contract will collect results from all specified nodes, calculating a result. The platform will then send this result to USER-SC. Considering that every demand can be different, there is not a universal aggregator contract. However, WinkLink decided to include a standard template for users to customize their contracts.

WinkLink’s off-chain component is the oracle node. Its nodes will obtain off-chain data separately and, in the end, calculate a single result in the aggregator contract. The standard open-source core implementation powers the WinkLink nodes. On the other hand, they handle standard blockchain interactions, scheduling, and connecting with common external resources.


What about WinkLink Core?


That is another interesting feature that the company offers. The core software of a node is responsible for interacting with the blockchain, along with work balancing and assignment scheduling. WinkLink calls its tasks assignments. The company can divide every assignment into subtasks. Moreover, each subtask passes its result to the next subtask. Thus, they run tandemly to get the final result.

Currently, WinkLink boasts several built-in subtasks, including JSON parsing, HTTP requests, and conversion to various blockchain formats.

Customers can customize subtasks according to their needs within an external adapter. On the other hand, adapters are external services with a minimal REST API. Developers can easily implement programs in any programming language by adding an intermediate API in front of them.

WinkLink’s application is becoming wider, with more and more users preferring to use this platform. It means that there can be many open-source adapters soon. Any community members can review the adapters’ code.

The company also uses the reputation system to record user ratings of oracle service providers and nodes. Reports generated by this validation system can become the primary factor of the users’ reputation. The team is considering calculating the reputation metrics off-chain. Overall, this company has interesting ideas and big potential. Hence, its token’s popularity.  

Traill’s token is still trending, but its ICO will end soon

token, Mozik plans to launch its ICO soon. What does it offer?   Triall launched its ICO sale on July 12, 2021. However, the sale will end on September 28, 2021. TRL is an ERC-20 token, and it’s currently trading for 0.20 USD per coin. Furthermore, this token has maintained its position on the Hot ICO listing websites over the last several months.

Its issuing company is working to lay the groundwork for tomorrow’s digital playing field in clinical trials. It is developing a digital ecosystem of blockchain-integrated software solutions, aiming to bring Web 3.0 to medical research.

Traill’s blockchain infrastructure makes medical data tamper-resistant. It also enables secure and efficient connections between the many parties and isolated systems involved in clinical research.

According to the team, the clinical trial process usually takes ten years. Over time, it has become increasingly complex, fragmented, and data-heavy. Consequently, most clinical trial stakeholders experience a lack of oversight over their clinical trial operations.

On the other hand, that leads to reiterations, significant delays, and an enormous amount of unnecessary costs. A growing number of data integrity issues, along with numerous cases of error and misconduct, also weighs on the industry. These issues drive up new medicine’s future price and delay the patient’s access to them.

Triall is the world’s first organization to implement blockchain in a live clinical trial. The team decided to apply blockchain to solve two industry-wide needs: promoting auditability and traceability of clinical trial operations and enabling the safe, compliant transfer of clinical trial data between organizations and systems. Triall’s token will give its owners lots of advantages if they want to become a part of this community. Token holders will be able to participate in governance and receive other benefits.

What about the Amasa token’s ICO?

Amasa is the first micro income stream investment platform worldwide. It connects users to multiple income providers at the intersection of Defi and Web 3.0.

The company launched its native token on September 23, 2021. The sale will end tomorrow, though. 625,000 AMAS are available for trade, Which is 0.003125% of the total supply of tokens. The price is $0.080000 during the initial coin offering, but it will increase significantly in the future. The team aims to raise $50,000 with the sale, and it accepts Eth in exchange for AMAS.

Amasa’s goal is to empower anyone worldwide to capture and amplify the value creation possibilities generated from their time, work, and online interactions.

According to the team, micro income streams offer a whole new set of opportunities to earn income from online activities.

Users may be already partaking in play-to-earn gaming, web browsing/ad viewing, social networking, sharing data, and other normal online activities. However, they randomly earn many profits with these everyday activities.

Amasa wants to change that and give the users a chance to gain more money. The team created this platform to make micro income streams easier to capture and combine and afterward transform them into better sources of wealth.

The company will achieve that in three steps: Combine, Stabilise, and Amplify. The platform will automatically combine customer’s micro income streams into a single account. After that, it will be easier to track and access various income streams in one place from a smartphone. And Amasa will also amplify the value of its users’ earnings by leveraging a range of Defi protocols.

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