Why Has Japan’s Prime Minister Stepped Down from Power?

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida will take a hit from the resignation of Japan’s minister for economic revitalization on Monday. He received criticism over his refusal to properly explain his affiliation with a church organization that some have compared to a cult.

The first member of Kishida’s administration to quit since he assumed office last year, Daishiro Yamagiwa, became the highest-profile political victim to date of the scandal that has grown since the death of Shinzo Abe, the former Prime Minister of Japan, in early July. His resignation will hurt Kishida, whose popularity has dropped in the wake of information indicating that about half of the MPs in his ruling Liberal Democratic Party are a part of the Unification Church.

Kishida Speaks Out About the Scandal

Yamagiwa told reporters he regretted his conduct. However, he refrained from apologizing and stated he would continue to serve as a legislator because he had committed no crimes. It was noted that his explanation took longer than expected. His actions inconvenienced the government. He continued, regretting his recognition of the church due to his frequent attendance at church events. Later, Kishida told reporters that Yamagiwa’s replacement would come on Tuesday. As prime minister, he must prioritize matters like economic measures and supplemental budgets. Thus he accepted his resignation, he explained. Kishida noted that a plan for economic stimulation was almost ready and would come by the end of the month.

He believes his appointment was his fault but would continue his responsibilities and appearances before lawmakers. But the opposition might not agree with his actions. Following Abe’s killing on July 8, the Unification Church, established in South Korea in the 1950s and well-known for its mass marriages, has drawn attention. According to his social media posts and press sources, the shooting suspect held a vendetta against the church and claimed it caused his mother’s financial ruin. He also accused Abe of supporting the church.

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