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Which Tokens Made it to the Hot ICO Lists This Week?

Tokens are crucial for the DeFi ecosystems’ development. They enable users to participate in governing networks and give them other advantages. Furthermore, token holders can increase their profit by burning, lending, or other activities.

While there are numerous tokens on the DeFi market, startup platforms are creating new ones daily. Not all of those tokens bring serious profits or advantages to their holders, but some of them are worthy of attention. Listed on 12,356 watchlists, Refinable’s native token FINE token is one of them. FINE’s ICO began on Polkastarter on April 27, 2021.

Refinable became the first Polkastarter IDO launched exclusively on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). A total of 5,454,545.46 FINE were for sale during the ICO for the price of $0.033. Refinable is thus far the first major NFT marketplace on Binance Smart Chain. Binance announced that it would back Refinable. The platform empowers individual creators and whole communities to easily create, discover, trade, and leverage NFTs.

This one-stop NFT solution aims to address various challenges in the DeFi space. The number of communities and users interacting with existing NFT projects is increasing steadily. At the same time, the issue of scalability and mass onboarding becomes more and more apparent.

With soaring Ethereum transaction fees, the average users have to pay upwards of $60 to create or transact an NFT token. Platform commission fees are equally high. Refinable is trying to overcome these obstacles and other such problems. It offers its users an affordable and easily navigated platform. The platform also aims to support all communities in engaging with NFTs and empower the next generation of digital transactions.

FOC token’s ICO is on the hotlist  

TheForce.Trade’s native token FOC has already been in the spotlight, but its ICO, which started on April 29, 2021, attracted a great deal of interest from investors. A total of 1,500,000 FOCs are trading at the price of $0.2.

TheForce.Trade uses customizable smart contracts to make Defi and NFT investment process easier for all levels of users. The team designed this data aggregation platform in such a way as to solve the difficulties of DeFi and NFT traders by collecting and analyzing information on different mining pools and projects.

Many investors have difficulties putting together all the data they need when navigating the DeFi space. The process of manually harvesting farming yields and switching between pools and projects is quite cumbersome, as well. Thankfully, TheForce.Trade Platform provides its customers with various automation tools and data they need to get the highest returns on yield farming and NFTs. It also allows investors to control relevant risks. 

However, users need to hold FOC tokens if they want to use every advantage the platform offers. FOC token is currently live on the Binance mainnet. TheForce.Trade plans to introduce its native token on various major exchange platforms, such as Binance Smart Chain BSC, Huobi HECO Chain, Ethereum, and several other decentralized public chains.

API is another interesting token with great potential

Which tokens made it to the Hot ICO lists during this week?

A decentralized write and read platformThe APIS Protocol is launching its native utility token on May 1, 2021. Investors can use the token for staking to resolve disputes, staking by API Nodes and Gateways, governing protocol upgrades, staking as a validator on The APIS layer-two solution network after its deployment, and allocations of The APIS treasury’s resources. The ICO Price is $0.7 per API token.

The platform offers investors many advanced tools. There are APIS Core and APIS Unified. Furthermore, APIS Stake will enable the network to become an API Node or Gateway, the servicer, and indexer of queries made by the DApps utilizing The APIS network.

APIS Validate will also allow the network to valid the layer-two solution after its deployment. In addition, APIS Vote enables users to govern both the APIS protocol and treasury.

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