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What is T coin and where to buy T coins?

As a blockchain enthusiast, have you ever thought about what exactly is a T coin? You have probably heard of it but would like to learn more? Many people are reading the T coins news daily to keep informed about one of the most popular coins nowadays. For those who’ve never dealt with them, let’s see what the coin is in the first place.

A TCOIN, or a T-coin, represents an open-source, decentralized cryptocurrency offering transparent transactions and private types. Users can generate the crypto through the process of mining.

This particular t-coin has a current supply of 0, while the last known the price was 0.0000’6528 USD, and it’s up 0.00 over the previous 24 hours. The payments of t-coin are published on a public blockchain.

However, the recipient, sender, and amount of that transaction always remain private. Tourists can use the tokens for any travel service offered by the Travel Coin partners.

T COIN Tokens – what you need to know

When it comes to t-coin tokens, you must understand that these tokens are primarily created for the needs of the travel industry. The full name of t-coin is the “travel coin.” So, what does it mean exactly?

These particular tokens are created to be used as a reward by the business, hospitality to retain the actual customers and attract new ones. Note that this token helps to reduce the platform booking fees to zero.

Tourists can use the specific Binance Smart Chain-powered tokens worldwide, at partner locations, for numerous hospitality services. These services include a spa, accommodation, food, drinks, amongst many others.

Tokens that go beyond a real travel utility

It’s essential to understand that the T coin token goes beyond being just a real travel utility. These tokens are tradable on numerous exchanges. In that way, they allow all cryptocurrency traders to leverage market volatility to make real profits one day.

Remember that the tokens can be transferred with the help of blockchain technology and be kept in the Trust Wallet or Travel Coin wallet, which represents supported electronic wallets.

The distribution of T Tokens

It’s essential to understand that t-coin tokens are strictly fixed at 1B and not minable. T coin tokens are allocated in the following way:

  1. In the funding program (investors, Pre-Sale, ICO), 50%
  2. A reserve fund is blocked at 15%
  3. Travel Coin Team, employees, and collaborators divide 20% between them.
  4. Project advisors get 5%
  5. Rewards as bonuses – 10%. It’s vital to remember that some of the prizes will be earmarked for the numerous actions of the users. A significant part will be offered to the first partners of hospitality who manage to sign up for the t-coin ecosystem to be provided to their customer tourists as a reward.

How will hospitality businesses be attracted to T-coin tokens?

The support team will be formed to keep in touch with businesses in the tourism industry and help implement the Travel Coin ecosystem with their company. Also, the support team will be responsible for promoting the benefits of using the TCOIN token.

Remember that the first hospitality business to use these tokens for their customers as a reward and enroll in the Travel Coin Ecosystem will profit from free tokens. Of course, it all depends on the number of offered facilities and accommodations to tourists. They will also receive free advertising materials that will be delivered straight to their locations.

T Coin is backed by the Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Did you know that the T coins are backed by the famous Binance Smart Chain (BSC)? That this chain refers to the cheapest, fastest, and, undoubtedly, most secured technology on the planet at the moment?

Why Did Binance Decide To List KLAY On Its Platform?  Whether you’ve been familiar with it or not, the tokens are known to deliver the latest and highest quality solutions in the digital era to businesses and customers all over the world in the tourism industry.

The Binance Smart Chain users can send t-coin tokens to anyone worldwide, regardless of the time. The transaction fees, in this case, are meager. Besides that, the BSC users will avoid any stressful situations that are associated with credit card usage.

Thanks to the latest fraud protection infrastructure that is free to the merchant, that will save them from chargebacks, automatic voids, or any other unexpected fees. Also, there is a lot more to the project for the travel business. It’s possible to enjoy free listings in the famous Travel Coin ecosystem. That will help them get more customers and improve their reach.

How and where can you buy the coins?

A great majority of people from all over the world are eager to know how and where they can buy the famous T coins. The simplest way to purchase the coins is to go to the official website that sells them and receive fantastic bonuses. Here are the following steps you need to follow:

  1. Get a wallet – before purchasing t-coin, make sure to get a wallet that supports the tokens (BSC). Install your wallet and get the address to receive these tokens.
  2. Buy T coins – You can buy the token using crypto via direct transfer or a Coinbase with nearly any existing cryptocurrencies.

Remember that buying t-coin is extremely simple these days. You can purchase this famous travel coin using a credit card, cash, bitcoin, and PayPal.

Buying  with a credit card

  1. Buy Etherium or Bitcoin at any preferred exchange
  2. Transfer them to a conversation that supports T coin currency
  3. Exchange Therium or Bitcoin to T coin

Can you buy T coin with cash or PayPal?

When it comes to buying tcoin with PayPal, it’s crucial to understand that you cannot directly buy it with PayPal. However, if you strictly want to buy it with PayPal, you need to buy bitcoin in the first place and then exchange bitcoins for tcoin using Binance.

Also, buying tcoin with cash isn’t possible directly. You need first to purchase bitcoin and exchange it for tcoin via the same service as mentioned above.


Crypto and travel enthusiasts love to use t-coin for any hospitality service available in partner locations. If you are one of them, we strongly recommend you give it a try and enjoy all the benefits of your new favorite coin! Good luck!

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