What is NuGEN and what problems does it solve?

Nugen project and Nugen coin are based on a decentralized blockchain that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to power its operations. Blockchain was first designed to meet governmental and transnational applications.

By developing a blockchain that could support CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies), developers had to eliminate scaling and speed issues, latency issues, and over-reliance on human validators and miners.

In addition, they had to aim for increased security, and this is what Nugen achieved by using artificial intelligence.

According to the team, Nugen is an on-chain cross-blockchain that does not require gas to operate. It supports social and business applications and has the ability to cushion the next wave of global adoption.

Nugen coin not only facilitates cross-chain interoperability but is also cost-effective and easy to use. It allows developers to customize unique builds that can work side-by-side with its mainnet. Additionally, developers can rely on Nugen to enhance smart contracts, virtual reality, and NFT innovation.

Is Nugen coin legit? What problems does Nugen coin solve?

Nugen coin is legit. It guarantees blockchain interoperability. The network focuses on improving the user experience by providing them with the value they need from blockchain technologies.

Additionally, Nugen facilitates increased coordination between existing blockchains, promoting stability, trust, security, and scalability.

According to the team, the network removes inefficiencies from systems caused by over-reliance on human validators. Furthermore, it eliminates the inefficiencies and excesses that characterize the use of resources in other networks.

Finally, Nugen aims to increase and facilitate mass adoption by eliminating carbon emissions.

Nugen Features


The main blockchain is based on the “substrate.” Its exchange is known as “Chain Ledger X.”

With these core technologies, the network achieves speed and scalability by removing the bottleneck limiting data flow. Additionally, the network uses consensus and implements load balancers that have their blockchain in order to increase block data, creation, and speed.

An advanced ecosystem

Nugen coin focuses more on improving the user experience. Accordingly, it provides liquidity by integrating a fully functional open market exchange with decentralized stores. Additionally, it has developed relationships with many countries to implement “blockchain code” that will provide legal certainty and better governance, thereby facilitating the growth of the crypto industry.

Advanced governance, community, and tokenomics

Nugen does not charge transaction fees. It allows users to access all the information they need through a social media platform. Through this medium, different projects and users collaborate and interact.

Additionally, the blockchain does not have a large volume of pre-made or premade coins in the hands of its founders. Instead, it has a native currency, “NuCoin,” created based on a governance protocol, rewarding user contributions to further improve the ecosystem.

Advanced philosophy and design principles

Blockchain is all about self-funding and self-governance. It also focuses on instant transaction speeds and interoperability with other blockchains. Moreover, Nugen is designed to improve the user experience as it allows to recover lost mnemonics or wallets, stolen cryptocurrency assets, shared custody, etc.

This blockchain aims to be user-friendly to encourage mass adoption. It aims to achieve this goal by breaking down barriers that people believe exist in the industry. Nugen also aims to increase the trust, security, and convenience that will make blockchain mainstream for more people.

The Benefits Nugen Coin Provides


Nugen offers new frontiers where developers can easily create crypto assets that go beyond tokens to virtual reality. Blockchain provides a better and improved interoperable experience between blockchain assets and decentralized applications (dApps).

It offers a decentralized exchange and is safer where users can invest in fiat and crypto. Blockchain allows developers to confidently create assets for business and personal use. It also provides multi-signature wallets along with other terms that can allow users to mortgage new and existing crypto assets in a real decentralized financial market.

Using the network, the user who has lost his wallet or mnemonics and assets can recover it. The network also provides legal and business certainty about the status of crypto assets, gives users access to arbitration justice, maintains identity integrity, and upholds obligations and standards of its conduct and governance disclosure.

The platform further aims to facilitate offline payments via hardware wallet by 2022. It solves liquidity issues for chains that do not have enough tokens and funds to complete certain projects. Users can trade without the interference of intermediaries, fully decentralized, as well as payments for new coins. Launching and issuing new tokens for relatively new projects.

The Nugen coin solution

Nugen is part of a family of blockchain technologies that have broken down barriers to mass adoption and integration of the new crypto economy. Scalability, block size limitations, per second speed limitations, people, shards, and the need for interoperability are now obsolete issues.

Nugen has completely redesigned blockchain technology to challenge assumptions and enable a custom-designed consensus mechanism to scale and adapt to an expanding economic reality.

Nugen, and the native token Nugen coin, which is the currency of the blockchain family, which is available to the crypto community since July 1st, 2021. With no presales, NO ICOs, and no crowdfunding, the team below has worked tirelessly to solve the major issues facing the blockchain world.

During an initial interview with Chief Data Officer and CTO Luay Mohsen, he was asked how it felt to be the newcomer to this space and tasked with solving some of the key adoption issues.

His answer “It’s great to be considered the newcomer to space, although we are anything but new. Nugen is a project designed and implemented over an eight-year period.” In fact, our original designs were back in 2013, slightly after the release of XRP. When asked about his background in crypto, we were amazed to hear that Luay was in the crypto space as far back as 1992, the days of the floppy disk.

Nugen coins do not have dominant “owners.”

Instead, Nugen will be community consensus-driven. It is designed to maximize diverse participation through a trustless governance structure. It represents the best of a DAO with participants from across the community playing the roles of councilors, senators, and leadership and divided into regions to maximize the robustness of decentralization.

Having designed a legal technology infrastructure, NuGensis is the go-to blockchain for new projects to use, collaborate on, and grow in the full knowledge that it is fully interoperable with other chains and other existing blockchains. With our interoperability, technical expertise silos will disappear in favor of trustless collaboration.

Private blockchains added on, which then attract funding for specialized projects. From venture capital/angel investments to a community patent system for scripts to a Tech-City, pioneering in Australia, as a physical home where community members can live, work and thrive.

After seven years of R&D, the Nugen coin team has ripped apart and re-imagined from the ground up hundreds of current blockchains to suppress debates in the crypto community in favor of encouraging mass adoption, a collaboration of mass, the removal of information silos, and where everyone in the community has and is rewarded with their economic role.

The  platform protects your privacy without depriving you of all the features to access what’s happening in the crypto space – from webinars, forums, debates, and instructional “how-to” videos to the vast membership base from the community with skills you can benefit from. You can even prioritize your emails, DMs, SMS, and chats based on their importance and urgency.

Specification Features


Unlimited scaling potential;

Speeds start at over 100,000 transactions per second using a singular chain. There is the potential to exceed 1 million transactions per second by combining the capacity of the future NUGEN network.

Nugen is a hybrid of Minting (Proof of Authority with AI validation monitoring. The Nugen chain integrates multi-chain mining and mining/staking using only your mobile phone! Indeed, all the world in the community has an entry value. If not a miner, you can choose from several other roles without resource cost and continuously earning.

It is designed to be suitable for CBDCs, including the integration of AI-based KYC solutions for countries we are in negotiations with ready to use.

NUGEN became built on a multi-framework foundation including Ethereum, C++ and Substrate. It can expand to connect the vast frameworks. Nugen has enhanced its settings through its modules and APIs while preserving the skeleton to allow any system to match to integrate with cross-platform communication. We go a step further than other chains to allow for cross-chain coining, minting resource allocation, and cross-platform cash support for unlimited chains. This is without duplicating id issues or issues with partitioning.

Similarly, while bridges, we enable seamless integration with external (and existing) blockchain projects enhancing the collaborative power of fintech and smart contract overlay to propel innovation.

Optimized API and UI experience to maximize accessibility by a wider user base attracted to the space to realize their vision. With a 5th generation blockchain interphase, the ability of Nugen coins to mint and be traded is unparalleled.

Therefore, Nugen promises to innovate the cheapest, most efficient, and easiest platform to design and develop its blockchain projects.

With modular capability and a small number of hooks in your code, you can switch between algorithms, hash functions, etc., to configure the best project to achieve your vision. You import not only the core blockchain functionality but the entire supporting framework that comes with it. This includes para-chains and bridges, to maximize the interoperability of your projects.

Nugen is not just a blockchain but the embodiment of an online crypto company. The terms and functionality of the blockchain became decided by the community while sharing the uplift of the minted coin among the cooperative, appreciating the value of each.

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