What is Ethereal Art NFT – get to know all the essentials

Have you ever wondered what Ethereal Art NFT is? What kind of buzz has been created within the NFT community about this unusual and authentic collection of non-fungible tokens?

In the last two years, these NFTs have increased in popularity incredibly. Most people who do not come from the crypto world are starting to take a more serious interest in investing in NFT because they are aware of its great benefits and earning potential.

They need to know what kind of NFT collections are worthy of attention and investment so that their investments do not completely fail in the long run. Ethereal NFT is just one of the valuable collections you can consider for your rich collection.

But what does it represent anyway? What is Ethereal Art NFT, and why is it so popular? Let’s see all the basic stuff, shall we?

Ethereal Art NFT – explained.

Ethereal Art NFT refers to a collection of 7,777 unique, stunning women that have recently caught the NFT community’s attention for numerous reasons. It is a project led by extraordinary, talented women whose main goal is to strengthen communities of females within the fast-evolving NFT world.

It’s known as a collection like “absolutely no other,” with the most beautiful and original Ethereal Art NFT examples you can see on the OpenSea marketplace. This unique collection offers female depictions of the famous Japanese manga style created to connect physical and virtual worlds shortly.

In this project, you’ll find exclusive prints, digital/IRL collaborations, coloring books, and more interesting stuff!

The main goal behind the Ethereal Art NFT project

Ethereal Art NFT
Source: amakawa13.com

The main goal behind the Ethereal Art NFT project is to build and strengthen the community that:

  • Empowers women
  • Supports and help each other
  • Focuses on Art in general.

Besides that, the Ethereal Art NFT focuses on the divinity of community, the significance of creative and talented artists, and the strong empowerment of women of all ages.

So, in general, we can conclude that Ethereal NFT Art is there to support Art and women with their unique digital work-of-art that you can see on their Twitter and Discord channels.

What is the real ambition of Asia Ladowska?

Asia Ladowska, the official creator of the Ethereal Art NFT project, wanted to create something unique that would attract more women into the NFT space in the first place and then empower them and create a talented community.

She describes herself as a shy and unconfident woman who found her way to communicate with the whole world via her unique digital Art. Helping women throughout her NFT project to make them gain confidence and support is her number one goal with her collection.

The process of designing the Ethereal Art NFT

Ethereal Art NFT
Source: amakawa13.com

These fantastic illustrations were created by a talented artist, Asia Ladowska, who shared almost the entire process of creating these beautiful non-fungible tokens on the official Twitter channel of this collection, step by step.

These women are uniquely designed with different styles, shapes, and colors. Creating every single of hundreds of layers, a stunning painting itself, took hours and days to be done properly.

Through creating this beautiful Ethereal Art NFT, women included rendering one of the hair layers, various exciting experiments, and drawing bubbles, eyes, and fire with carefully chosen colors and shapes. It took hard work of drawing daily so that Ethereal Art Women become who they are today and what they represent to the entire community.

Artwork inspired by Japanese Manga

As mentioned, these Ethereal Art NFTs depict sensual women, inspired by Japanese Manga, a specific anime style. These non-fungible tokens are presented as dreamy, fragile, and delicate characters surrounded by either snowflakes, butterflies, or bubbles.

Ladowska has paid a lot of attention to small details, which resulted in mesmerizing digital artwork. Since it is an anime-style art, we could see vivid colors and strong color domination in this project. The female depiction in these tokens is due to Ladowska’s great ambition to attract various women to the NFT space.

What is the team behind this project?

Besides Asia Ladowska, a Graphics Design graduate in the UK and a renowned manga illustrator with millions of followers on her social media, we have to give credit to other team members who participated in developing these fantastic Ethereal Art non-fungible tokens as well.

So, these team members are:

  • JpegJanitor and Don, who are renowned Community Managers in this project
  • Paul and Pocket Kiwi, who are developers of the Ethereal Art NFT project
  • Cheddar Tea, the famous Creative Consultant.

Ethereal Art Rarity and other specifications

The official collection of this project on OpenSea is called “Ethereal Art Origins.” When it comes to specifications, we’re presenting you with some of the most important ones:

  • Items: 5.0k
  • Owners: 2.0k
  • Floor Price: 0.02 ETH
  • Total Volume: 451 ETH
  • Best Offer: <0.01 ETH
  • Ecosystem: Ethereum
  • Release Date: February 08, 2022.

When it comes to Ethereal Art Rarity ranking, on the official website raritysnipper.com, Ethereal Art NFTs such as #1, #188, #1408, #1563, #1642, #3531, #4192, #4218, and #4507 are ranked number one.

Ethereal Art Rarity
Source: raritysniper.com

Massive collaborations and giveaways by Ethereal Art NF

On their official Twitter, Instagram, and Discord channels, you can often come across various giveaways that are mostly in collaboration with someone. For example, there was a massive collaboration of Ethereal NFT art with @TsukiNFT on Twitter in February 2022, where they were giving away 15 Whitelist spots from the “Tales of Tsuki.”

To participate in that Giveaway, the call to action was to like and retweet, follow both Twitter pages, and tag three friends. There were also rafflings of x10 Whitelist spots to any interactions with their Tweet of a beautiful Ethereal woman token and giveaway courtesy of @EtherealartNFT by @AsiaLadowska in collaboration with “Lives of Asuna.”

These Ethereal Art giveaways are just some of the numerous examples of giveaways in various forms and with various collaborators to raise the brand awareness of Ethereal Art NFT, increase the number of fans and followers of their official page and finally, purchase those authentic tokens.

There are also giveaways on special days such as Valentine’s day or international women’s day.

What makes this Ethereal NFT collection special?

Compared to numerous other NFT collections, we cannot tell that the Ethereal Art NFT is special since each collection is a work of Art. Ethereal NFT collection could be a real treasure to all tech women looking for support and compassion.

Since the Ethereal NFT collection empowers women and combines unique work-of-art inspired by Japanese Manga, all who are fans of this drawing style and the message behind this project could sense its importance in the long run.

However, it doesn’t only attract motivated women. This collection is also worthy of being in anyone’s NFT collection since many enthusiastic NFT experts see the potential growth in the value of these non-fungible tokens.

How to buy Ethereal Art NFT?

NFT platforms, NFT marketplaces

We have presented you with a unique collection of Ethereal Art NFT, which consists of 7,777 manga-inspired, beautiful drawings of women. In case you’d like to own one, or multiple, of these authentic beauties, you are able to purchase them in the following way:

  • Visit OpenSea marketplace
  • Type the name of the collection in the search bar, in this case, “Ethereal Art Origins”
  • Select your desired item/s
  • Press the “Buy now” or click on the”Make an offer” button.

Make sure you already have Ethereum in your digital wallet before doing all these steps. Besides purchasing these NFTs, on the Open Sea marketplace, you’re able to see other specifications of the collection, such as its:

  • Status
  • Price
  • Background
  • Base
  • Energy
  • Extra
  • Hair
  • Eyes

Do not confuse Ethereal Art NFTs with Ethereals

If you type “Ethereal NFT” on Google, you can easily be confused by the appearance of other collections with a similar name. For example, the Ethereals collection represents 12,345 hand-drawn, interdimensional, and randomly generated ghosts.

These ghosts include authentic traits like origin-related facial features, auras, sheets, headwear, and arms. It’s a completely different collection from the Ethereal Art NFT. Keep that in mind while googling.

Why invest in NFTs generally?


Whether you’ve been in the NFT world for a while or just started your long-awaited career, there’s always that question, “Is it worth investing in NFTs?” You are researching various collections that seem valuable to you. That is, their value will increase over time. However, you still do not clearly understand how good and profitable an idea is.

Since it is a financial security that resides on the Blockchain and contains digital data, NFTs differ from fungible cryptocurrencies. According to expert research, it is also worth investing in NFTs because purchasing non-fungible tokens will give you great potential to earn money in the long run.

Remember that some non-fungible tokens have been sold for insanely large amounts. In case you decide to purchase an NFT at the start of its project, you may be able to benefit if it gets popular, valuable, and demanded over time.

Besides that, you could resell it and earn more money than you’ve paid for it in the beginning. In conclusion, investing in NFTs is a fantastic way to earn profits if you’re wise and lucky enough to choose the right NFT collections that will increase in value over time! Good luck with that!

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