What is Cryptozombies, how does it help you to learn blockchain?

Cryptocurrencies and the technologies behind them are changing the world. They are everywhere – even your grandmother might know what Bitcoin is! What makes cryptos so special is blockchain technology. Every crypto is built on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), and blockchain is the most popular form. Do you want to know more about how to become a blockchain developer? If your answer is yes, the tools you need are freely available on the Internet. One of the amazing tools is CryptoZombies game website.

What is Cryptozombies?

CryptoZombies is a free game developed by Loom Network, which offers the possibility of learning to smart code contracts in Solidity, a programming language used to design DApps on the Ethereum blockchain. You can start deploying your Dapp, thanks to the game. It is a great resource to start learning about ethereum blockchain technology.

Learn to Play with Smart Contracts


CryptoZombies is a site and a kind of crypto coding school that will teach you how to develop games based on Ethereum.

The game is divided into 6 step by step lessons and will allow those who are interested in the blockchain to start writing Smart Contracts.

These courses, ultimately quite fun, will allow beginners to learn the basics of the Solidity language. Thus, as progress is made, you will be able to create a game based on the blockchain.

Cryptozombies thus propose to create an army of zombies. Each zombie has randomly generated DNA.

The continuation of the development of the game will allow you to enrich the game engine. Thus, you will have the possibility of attacking other zombies, managing the score, and expanding your army without forgetting to feed them.

The game ends with seeing how to deploy your contracts and how to interact with them using web3.js (so you can make a front-end for your DApp).

Finally, CryptoZombie will allow you to do your first development in Solidity, so do not hesitate and get started.

How useful are cryptozombies?

Regardless of the use case, this game enables an interactive tool to develop functions from attacking to alternating the DNA of a zombie. It can also show you how to modify functions with abilities like leveling up, creating the admin page to set new addresses and making each zombie into crypto collectibles.

CryptoZombies allows users to craft an entire army of zombies. To achieve this, users must first create a zombie factory. Users can then code the appearance of their zombies and even how they attack their victims! You will also have at your disposal the option of creating a zombie combat system. You don’t do that very often, do you?

CryptoZombies is a lot of fun and makes lots of difficult ideas fun.


However, the lessons aren’t as detailed or as clear as to when using Space Doggos.

So, if you want to learn to command an army of the undead, then CryptoZombies is for you. If you would like to know how to become a blockchain developer, we would recommend Space Doggos.

After you finish Cryptozombies, it’s a wise idea to learn how to use the Remix IDE for deploying, creating smart contracts and debugging. The docs consist of a quick start and lots of step by step instructions with screenshots to get you going. You ought to also learn about Ethereum wallets.

You can learn how to use addresses to randomly create a factory of zombies to create functions for attacking their victims. Also, users learn programming techniques for how smart contracts interact with each other.

From the back end to the front end, the lessons provide a look into the development process. Creating zombies may take additional time in this language compared to game development languages like C++. The developers also demonstrate a sense of humour with the text status updates for users during zombie generation.

On which blockchain is based Cryptozombies?

blockchain rede

Cryptozombies are created using the Ethereum blockchain and Solidity programming language. Ethereum blockchain is a tool that allows the development of decentralized, immutable applications which cannot be modified or decommissioned by external actors.

It allows using the blockchain to certify the code we use to build apps that can take multiple forms: a decentralized Youtube, a card game where users really own the cards they get, etc. The code used is composed of kinds of scripts, the smart contracts, which will be deployed on the network in return for fees.

The Ethereum ecosystem is made up of several tools. First of all, a virtual machine, the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine), on which your smart contracts will run. But also Solidity, the language with which you will develop your contracts.

Solidity can be compared to Javascript. Indeed on the form, the two languages ​​are similar. But there are a lot of additions related to Ethereum, including the notion of feature payments, addresses, and whatnot.

But many tools exist to simplify the development and deployment of smart contracts: Remix, which will allow you to easily compile your contracts, Truffle suite, which integrates several tools to deploy your applications and integrate them into a graphical interface; and others that you will discover during your apprenticeship.

Learn the Solidity programming language with cryptozombies

programming language with cryptozombies

If you are eager to learn how to develop with Solidity or create your own decentralized application, you don’t really need to be a developer or a programming expert, but you will have to learn. There’s no exact roadmap to follow. Learning Solidity is not very complex, despite what you might think. However, finding good resources to rely on is not necessarily easy, but Cryptozombies are an excellent place to start.

We advise you to start learning by setting yourself a goal, a project. For example, if you want to develop your own token or the decentralized application of your dreams, it will be easier to project yourself.

Depending on your objective, you will not be looking for the same resources: some will be essential for you to master Ethereum tokens while useless for developing your decentralized application.

One of the best completely free resources on the subject is the game. You will learn how to create zombies and make them fight each other.

The team behind this great site has also developed their decentralized collectible card game, which uses the smart contracts from the training. No programming knowledge is necessary to follow them: they give you turnkey examples of smart -contracts.

Tools to code in Solidity

Tools to code in Solidity

If your question is: How do I learn to code Solidity, well, learning Solidity is a bit like learning to speak a new language. The basics of soundness are like verbs, adjectives and nouns. Nouns, verbs, and adjectives are tools for creating sentences. Here are some tools to create Solidity smart contracts.


Variables are used to store information on the blockchain. There are many types of variables, but here are some of the most common:


It’s a type of data with two possible values. Moreover, they are used to store true or false information.

Note: A keyword is how a coding tool is written in Solidity. It’s important to spell each keyword correctly for it to work the way you want it to.


Integers are used to store information as a number. There are two types of integers. So, regular ones can be positive or negative numbers. Their keyword is int. Unsigned integers can only be positive numbers. Their keyword is uint.


Addresses are used to store Ethereum addresses. Each Ethereum user has their own address or address on the blockchain.


These are used to store textual information. Their keyword is strings.

Functions – These are used to do some jobs. A function can use info from variables to create new information. So, let’s take a sum as an example, 2 + 3 = 5. 2 and 3 represent the variables. The function is +. 5 is the information that the function returns. In this sum, the keyword would be function add. This is what amounts look like in smart contracts.


These are used to put variables into groups. In Solidity, you can use a structure to group various information.

Bottom Line


These are just several hints you will learn as you learn to become a blockchain developer. Beginners may find learning to code in Solidity rather scary. But don’t worry.

These are just several hints you will learn as you learn to become a blockchain developer. Beginners may find learning Solidity rather scary. But don’t worry. There are some really fun online courses that enable you to begin and Cryptozombies are one of them.

Space Doggos and CryptoZombies are two courses that teach you how to become a blockchain developer. You’re having fun already, aren’t you?

Both Space Doggos and CryptoZombies are solidity lessons for beginners in the form of the game. It means that they are both making the Ethereum blockchain a game! Both platforms will be the best to help you learn how to become a blockchain developer.

We are hoping that we have intrigued you with this article regarding the first steps towards becoming a Solidity developer and entering the world of blockchain. However, beware, it’s just a part of the long journey in front of you. It’s your turn now. We wish you good luck in your Cryptozombies game developing adventure!

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