What is CEEK coin and is it a good investment?

The CEEK VR is a project that combines cryptocurrency and metaverse. It is carried by a company that builds and markets augmented reality and virtual reality headsets and software. The latter aims to help musicians and other artists create virtual worlds around their works. To achieve this, the CEEK company is launching the CEEK coin. What is this crypto worth, and how does it work? All your answers are here.

CEEK coin general information

  • Name: CEEK Smart VR Token
  • Acronym: CEEK
  • Creation: 2018
  • Official website: ceek.io
  • Whitepaper: Yes
  • Setting up an ICO: Yes
  • Possibility of mining: No
  • Total Quantity: 1,000,000,000 CEEK coin
  • circulating supply of 803,717,779 CEEK coins
  • Market Cap. $233,868,781.
  • According to CEEK Price Live Data 24-hour trading volume is USD 94.90M.
  • CEEK VR price today is $0.317837. 73.51% below the all-time high of $1.20.

How do the CEEK VR project and CEEK coin work? What is CREEK

Integrated into the Binance Smart Chain infrastructure, the CEEK token is the native token of the CEEK VR project.

It was in 2018 that everything changed when artistic performance spaces were closed in the name of the coronavirus. Company’s ans wanted to keep following their idols, and they wanted to keep performing. Interest in the company’s products therefore exploded. The Ceek VR cryptocurrency was therefore born after a massive ICO, which resulted in the collection of a total sum equivalent to 22,000 ETH.

The CEEK VR Crypto (CEEK) is a cryptographic token intended to facilitate all transactions (buying, selling, etc.) carried out on the CEEK VR platform. We can therefore use the CEEK VR crypto to:

  • Participate in virtual events;
  • Participate in virtual interactions with your favorite artists;
  • Buy virtual goods in the ecosystem.

In addition to being unveiled to the personalities present at the Grammy Awards 2022 gift fair, we find this crypto listed on more than ten crypto exchanges. CEEK has undergone a very deep integration with the BNB blockchain. Yet, at its core, it was launched on the Ethereum blockchain. It is mainly because of the platform’s value proposition if it could benefit from a stand in the Grammy 2022 gift fair.

The CEEK platform: streaming in virtual reality for the price of a few cryptos Ceek VR

Source: coinmarketbag.com

The CEEK platform offers the streaming of virtual events (concerts, comedy shows, singles, videos, albums, etc.). It is associated with a patented VR kit marketed almost everywhere in the world. You will find them on the sites of large companies such as Target and BestBuy.

With the CEEK VR project, creators of multimedia content and broadcasters of this content can monetize their works. The network members will therefore be able to follow the audiovisual productions of their favorite artists in a virtual universe.

According to the project team’s plan, the platform will use middleware which, thanks to the blockchain, will promote the interaction of smart contracts via external data flows with external structures.

Thanks to this smart contract technology that combines real and virtual world payments, CEEK VR crypto users can afford many services such as on-chain memberships without difficulty.

Currently, the CEEK project enjoys the partnership of big names such as giants Universal Music Group, Apple, T-Mobile, etc. Project leaders have announced the possibility of future collaboration with Lady Gaga, Elton John, Kate Perry, The Killers, U2, and more to create virtual show experiences.

Big names like the famous comedian D.L. Hughley have already experienced this. This has also allowed them to continue to earn money even during confinement. Then, the appetite for the virtual remained on the side of both fans and artists.

Zoom on the team behind the CEEK VR project

The CEEK VR project is driven by a strong team led by Mary Spio, the company’s CEO. Mary formerly worked at Boeing Digital Cinema in the USA as a satellite link manager.

She also had time to prove her abilities in the development of customer service platforms for large companies such as Coca-Cola, Microsoft XBOX, and Clear Chanel. His expertise has been called upon several times during consultations with Amazon Launchpad and Oculus VR for Good by Meta. Apart from Mary Spio, who is the CEO of the company, the team is made up of:

  • Sherman Wright, head of the brand strategy;
  • Tina Brown, Content Strategy and Social Media Manager;
  • Keren Poznansky, Public Relations Officer;
  • Harold Ofori, Manager of Strategic Partners;
  • Joe Ortiz, Virtual Reality Production Manager;
  • Sanya Bajaj, Head of Marketing Management.

Note, finally, that the board of directors and the team of advisors are made up of influential personalities who have had experience with Microsoft, Boeing, The Walt Disney Company, Dreamwork SKG, Verizon, NFL, etc.

Can we mine the CEEK coin?

At the moment, it’s not possible to mine CEEK cryptocurrency. The consensus protocol applied to the CEEK network operates on the basis of Proof of Stake. So you cannot mine CEEK VR. However, you can stake Ceek VR.

As a reminder, crypto staking consists of immobilizing or locking a certain amount of tokens in a smart contract. The advantage is that you participate in operations on the network and produce blocks without having to mine Ceek VR. As a reward, you will receive CEEK coins in your Ceek VR wallet. This is the principle of Proof of Stake.

CEEK VR coin price prediction

ceek price
Source: currency.com

The CEEK Smart VR Token is in high demand in 2022 by crypto investors. We can see that more and more investors are putting their money into the crypto CEEK Smart VR Token. If we look at the price of the CEEK Smart VR Token, we can see that it has increased over the last six months. Of course, there is a lot of speculation going on about what will happen to the price of the CEEK Smart VR Token in 2022.

What is the latest CEEK coin price prediction?

CEEK Token price predictions for this year look very positive. If we take a look at the various CEEK Smart VR Token news and projects during the year 2022, we see that the future looks very positive for the CEEK Smart VR Token.

The team behind the CEEK Smart VR Token is a professional team whose emerging blockchain projects have a positive effect on its development. Overall, the cryptocurrency world is growing a lot with projects from Europe to Africa.

Besides, we are seeing more and more companies making a move to invest in crypto or even accepting crypto as payment. Finally, several governments have recently officially declared that they want to get into cryptocurrencies. All of these developments will make the crypto market more accessible to individuals and businesses and grow it as a whole.

What do experts predict regarding the CEEK Smart VR Token exchange rate?

If we look at what various financial experts and crypto experts are saying, we find that overall the predictions are very positive for the CEEK Smart VR Token.

The CEEK Smart VR Token is expected to grow this year and next year. For a more accurate prediction, we recommend keeping an eye on crypto news regularly.

For example, check the cryptocurrency news pages, Twitter, and other social media to always be up to date with the latest cryptocurrency news and CEEK Smart VR Token projects. That will give you a good idea of ​​the crypto team’s future plans, mission, vision, etc. So, overall, the predictions for the CEEK Smart VR Token are very good.

How to buy CEEK coin?

You can buy CEEK Smart VR Token crypto and other cryptocurrencies from a crypto exchange or broker. Once you have transferred your funds, you can start trading cryptos. Registering an account with an exchange is free.

Where to buy CEEK VR crypto?

Source: Source: coinbureau.com

As of this writing, there is no platform where you can make a direct purchase of CEEK VR crypto with fiat money. To get it, you will need to use an exchange that offers pairs, including the CEEK VR crypto.

You will therefore buy BTC or ETH, which you will then exchange for CEEK Coin. Note that not all platforms support BTC when it comes to buying this crypto. So you have to pay attention to this detail.

If you want recommendations, we suggest you choose one of the following four platforms. They are secure and offer you a better guarantee of confidentiality. Moreover, they are considered by Coinmarket as the four best based on criteria such as traffic, liquidity, trading volume, and trust capital. It is :

  • Binance
  • io;
  • HuobiGlobal;
  • KuCoin
  • MEXC

The CEEK VR crypto is based on a metaverse project and is specially designed to facilitate transactions relating to virtual events. At the time of writing, the fastest growing market for the CEEK VR crypto is on the Gate.io exchange.

How can I sell my crypto?

In the event of a profit, one option is, of course, to sell your cryptocurrencies and exchange them for “fiat” currency (euros for example). All of this can be done easily from the exchange where you purchased the cryptocurrencies. After selling the cryptocurrency, you can exchange it for euros, for example, then you can have your euros transferred to your bank account.

Which wallet to store CEEK?

There is no CEEK VR wallet specifically designed for storing CEEK VR crypto. The most important thing is to find one that is compatible with ERC-20 tokens. You can therefore choose the wallet of your choice as long as it is compatible and offers a good level of security. You can also opt for physical wallets to store your CEEK VR crypto safely.

If you are interested, we offer you, for example, the Ledger Nano (model S or X) as a wallet for your CEEK Coin. It is compatible with PCs and desktops. It supports the vast majority of blockchains and can be useful for storing many other ERC-20 tokens. For those who want Hodl their crypto, this kind of wallet will offer you very good security.

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