What is Bel coin and how much is it worth?

Have you ever heard of the Bella Protocol crypto and its BEL coin? It’s a user interface launched by the ARPA project team. The goal is to simplify the user experience of the Defi protocols that currently exist as much as possible. Thus, those who use Bella Protocol and its BEL cryptocurrency will be able to develop new assets. Those who own BEL crypto can bet and earn pre-collected revenue within the Bella Protocol project ecosystem. Note that the Bella protocol belongs to the Binance LaunchPool project, which was launched  by Binance. Let’s go back in more detail to the Bella Protocol and its crypto BEL.

Bel coin general information

  • Name: Bella Protocol
  • Acronym: BEL
  • Created: September 9, 2020
  • Official website: https://bella.fi
  • Implementation of an ICO: yes
  • Solidity of the project: Stable
  • Possibility of mining: no
  • Total Quantity: 1,000,000 BEL coin
  • Circulating Supply 48,000,000 BEL
  • Market Cap $ 85.8 Million
  • Bella protocol price today $0.862182
  • 24-hour trading volume $ 15.1 Million

Bel coin price prediction

According to technical analysis, in 2030 the BEL price could reach an average of $6.13

What is the origin of the Bella Protocol crypto project?

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It was in August 2020 that Binance officially announced the Bella Protocol project. The world’s leading crypto exchange has introduced a new platform called LaunchPool, which allows users to farm new assets securely and earn rewards for staking BNB (Binance coin). The first project that was hosted by this new platform is none other than the Bella Protocol and its crypto BEL.

How was the Bella Protocol project born?

It was in September 2020 that Binance officially announced the launch of the Bella Protocol. It is an interface for aggregated users for Defi protocols. Bella Protocol offers several Defi products. This is not necessarily innovative, you will tell us, except that the concept is greatly simplified to allow users a much more accessible banking encryption experience. The design of the product is in 1-Click, which makes the Defi environment more user-friendly and, above all, less expensive. Bella Protocol provides cryptocurrency holders with several products:

Liquidity mining

One-click portal

Flexible savings

The loans

In reality, Bella Protocol is an innovative approach considered by some to be a hybrid. The ultimate goal of this project is to optimize transparency and facilitate the user experience.

Who created the Bella Protocol project and crypto?

The Bella Protocol project was initiated by Binance and is part of the LaunchPool project. However, there is a name that represents the Bella Protocol project and its crypto BEL, namely Felix Xu. He is the co-founder and CEO of the project.

How stable is the Bella Protocol project?

The Bella Protocol project is integrated into Binance’s LaunchPool project. As a reminder, Binance is one of the first cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the world and has more than 15,000,000 users worldwide. The platform is established in more than 180 countries, and the average trading volume per day amounts to 2,852,591,354 US$. Knowing that Bella Protocol and its crypto BEL depend on Binance is quite reassuring.

How do the Bella Protocol project and the BEL crypto work?

As you have understood, Binance is a real monster at the international level, capable of executing more than 1.4 million requests per second. It is a secure and fast platform with innovative features. To take the user experience a step further, Binance has launched Binance LaunchPool, and the first project to run on it is Bella Protocol. Thanks to it, users can exploit new assets in complete safety.

How does the Bella Protocol project work?


In August 2020, Bella Protocol raised USD 4.50 million in a private token sale. This officially launched the first Binance LaunchPool project. Since September 9, 2020, users can therefore place their BNB, BUSD, and/or ARPA tokens in a pool in order to generate BEL coins. Be aware that since September 16, 2020, Binance has listed the BEL token and opened the following trading pairs:





To fully understand the Bella Protocol mode of operation, you should know that the project is aimed at everyone, from the beginner to the most seasoned user. Almost the entire protocol is automated, which makes all the difference. Thanks to the Bella Protocol crypto, anyone can participate in Defi and enjoy higher returns through a simple and secure ecosystem. Holders of the BEL token can thus stake and earn revenue collected in the Bella Protocol ecosystem, and benefit from discounts on fees, as well as rewards for staking.

What products does Bella Protocol provide?

  • Bella Protocol allows users to benefit from multiple products. Here they are :
  • Bella Liquidity Mining: users have the possibility to stake ARPA, BEL, or even USDC tokens and obtain rewards in the form of BEL crypto
  • Bella Flex Saving is an arbitrage strategy for agricultural returns for stablecoins and other cryptocurrencies.
  • Bella 1-Click: it is a smart portal allowing users to deploy assets on Defi products
  • Bella Robo-Advisor: this involves generating a personalized portfolio based on the user’s profile
  • Bella Lending: it is a decentralized loan product

What is the Bella Protocol crypto with the acronym BEL?

You have now understood the Bella Protocol project and its specificities. It is time to understand all the interests of its cryptocurrency BEL. It can be used within the platform for voting, governance, discounts on certain services, or for staking and collecting fees.

Can you mine Bella Protocol?

The answer is no. It is not possible to mine Bella Protocol. It is usually possible to mine cryptocurrency with high-performance computer hardware. However, this is not the case for the BEL cryptocurrency, which, as you will have understood, is very special. However, you can farm it by staking certain assets. The principle is quite specific but is far from devoid of interest.

How to get the Bel Coin?

In reality, you are never going to get Bella Protocol directly. Indeed, users will be able to get their BNB, BUSD, and/or ARPA tokens within three separate pools to generate and then only farm BEL cryptocurrency. Users can thus acquire new rewards in exchange for staking BNB, BUSD, and other tokens. This is a rather special mode of operation!

What exactly is the BEL coin used for?

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The BEL coin is, above all, considered as a reward. Indeed, it is users with BNB, BUSD, and/or ARPA tokens in flexible savings products which will access BEL as a reward. The reward is calculated daily based on the balance of BNB, BUSD, and ARPA that is recorded during the staking period. It should be noted that users can release their funds anytime and without delay. As you have understood, since September 16, 2020, users can therefore place their BND, BUSD, and/or ARPA tokens in a pool to develop BEL cryptocurrency. Knowing that the rewards are calculated and then distributed each day. In addition, users earn interest from flexible savings products.

How to store BEL crypto?

Like all cryptocurrencies, care must be taken with storage. This is the key and strategic point to avoid any unpleasant surprises linked in particular to possible hacks which have multiplied in recent months. It is therefore advisable to secure your Bella Protocol wallet by opting for a secure wallet. For example, you can go for the Ledger Nano S or X and the Trezor which are very secure and easy to use.

Understanding the BEL cryptocurrency price

The Bella Protocol crypto is not a crypto-currency like the others. The vision of Bella Protocol is in line with the ambition of ARPA, and the ecosystem shows great stability. Those who own BEL coin can bet and earn revenue collected within the Bella Protocol ecosystem. The fluctuations are numerous and the balance a little difficult to find, but do not forget that the system is new and that the protocol is directly linked to Binance, which is a major guarantee of confidence. Also, remember that the potential of Defi is accelerating exceptionally well, and Bella Protocol is LaunchPool’s first Defi offering on the Binance platform.

Currently, the most active crypto market in which the BEL cryptocurrency is traded is Binance. The fluctuations are numerous, and adjustments are underway, particularly with the news and the health crisis. You can follow the price of the BEL coin live. You can also discover information about this cryptocurrency on Coinmarketcap.

How is the Bella Protocol secure?

The Ethereum network secured the the BEL token which is an ERC-20 token. The latter currently became secured by an extensive mining network, which ensures that the network remains in agreement on which transactions are valid and which are not.

Currently, Ethereum uses the proof-of-work (POW) consensus algorithm to maintain its integrity, but it will gradually be replaced by proof-of-stake (POS) with the release of Ethereum 2.0.

The advantage of using a well-established blockchain like Ethereum is that there are already more than 10,000 nodes in operation, which helps keep the network running smoothly.

How to buy Bel coin?

Currently, no exchange platform allows the purchase of BEL cryptocurrency directly. It is imperative to go through a platform accepting the Euro, in order to buy ETH or BTC. Then, you will have to exchange these Bitcoins or Ethers for BEL coin on a platform that supports BTC/BEL or ETH/BEL pairs.

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