What is Axelar Bridge Technology?

With the help of the blockchain network Axelar, hundreds of previously isolated and different blockchains can now work together more seamlessly in the multi-chain future.

The Axelar network consists of SDKs and APIs that enable cross-chain composability, a decentralized validator pool, secure gateway contracts, standard translation and routing architecture, and various SDKs. In addition to being able to access users, assets, and applications across all ecosystems, developers can create apps on the ideal platform for their use case.

Building the foundational infrastructure required to onboard the following billion users of Web3 is Axelar’s main goal. In order to accomplish this, Axelar plans to:

  • Provide blockchain developers with a simple, user-friendly mechanism to interact with other chains.
  • Provide cross-chain composability to decentralized application (dApp) developers.
  • enabling seamless user interaction with applications across several ecosystems


Three key elements make up the two-layer system of the Axelar network. A decentralized network supported by validators, which carry out transactions and keep the network running, makes up the first part. The validators manage the cross-chain gateway protocol, an overlay that sits on top of Layer 1 blockchains. This protocol allows validators to cast their votes, verify occurrences on joined external chains, and carry out read-and-write activities to the smart gateway contracts built there.

The second part consists of gateways, which are smart contracts that link the Layer 1 blockchain connected to the Axelar network. Validators monitor gateways for incoming transactions and inspect them to determine their authenticity. After reaching an agreement, they write to the gateway of the destination chain to carry out the cross-chain transaction. The fundamental infrastructure layer is made up of validators and gateways.

The APIs and SDKs are built on top of the validators and gateways, giving developers simple access to the Axelar network. By introducing global interoperability to their blockchains and applications, developers can compose over any two chains in a single hop, thanks to this application-development layer. Using Axelar, developers can handle cross-chain requests, run cross-chain application triggers, and transfer assets between addresses on two blockchain platforms.

Essentially, Axelar reduces cross-chain interoperability to a single set of API requests. This is a crucial component of adoption because the developer experience for deploying Web3 applications needs to be as straightforward as possible, much like it is for Web2 developers, where the deployment considerations specific to each ecosystem and underlying networking are largely abstracted away.

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