What is 3D NFT and How To Make Good 3D NFT Art For FREE

Have you ever wondered how you can make good 3D NFT art in the most efficient and best way possible? Are there any specific techniques and tutorials that would make such an endeavor easier for you? And, what is 3D NFT art anyway?

First of all, we live in a time when the crypto and NFT industry has taken off and become almost mainstream. Everyone today has at least tried to inform themselves about how to enter these profitable industries and manage to earn some profit.

What has been attracting a lot of attention lately is precisely 3D NFT art. It sounds magnificent, as it is. But before we give you the answer to how to make good 3D NFT art, let’s first see what that NFT actually entails, shall we?

What is a Non-Fungible Token exactly?

NFT is short for a non-fungible token. It refers to financial security consisting of digital data, which is stored in the form of distributed ledger in Blockchain technology. The ownership of a non-fungible token is recorded in the Blockchain. The owner is able to transfer these NFTs, as well as sell and trade them.

Anybody is able to create their unique non-fungible token. It doesn’t require coding skills for its creation. Typically, NFTs contain references to digital files such as videos, audio, photos, and even GIFs, memes, tweets, and much more! 

Since non-fungible tokens are, as the name implies, “non-fungible,” they differ from other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, which are fungible. What proponents of NFTs claim is that they provide proof of ownership and a public certificate of authenticity. 

There is no doubt that over time the non-fungible token itself has advanced and acquired some new forms and designs. The NFT has managed to evolve into a 3D NFT in a quick matter of time. So, for those interested in knowing what 3D NFT is, here is what you should know about it.

3d nft collection
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The meaning of a 3D NFT 

Since NFTs are non-interchangeable units of data that are stored on a Blockchain, they can be in many different formats. Besides being photos, videos, and audio files, these NFTs could also be 3D animations. A 3D NFT is known as everyone’s “favorite love-to-hate-it” Web3 trend, becoming more immersive and realistic. 

A 3D NFT is simply a non-fungible token formatted as a three-dimensional animation or model. Very often, these NFTs are rendered in:

  • Voxels (typically used for 3D design)
  • Versus pixels, sometimes called “voxel-based NFTs” (the unit of 2D)

Examples of 3D NFTs

We are witnessing some of the great examples of NFTs that have been released by famous artists and major brands worldwide. At the beginning of 2022, Theta Labs and Sony launched a specific series of limited edition 3D NFT examples. 

These 3D NFTs are used with the Sony Spatial Reality Display (SRD), a tablet equipped with numerous AR capabilities. As Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, hardware will become more advanced in the future. Likely, 3D NFTs will also follow suit. 

The immense popularity of 3D NFTs

Nowadays, 3D NFTs are gaining much popularity and traction. NFT 3D art stands out because they have an inherent use case and display venue, usually in immersive gaming environments. Besides that, a good 3D NFT could one day become an integral part of the Metaverse.

It’s obvious that the Metaverse, a concept hyped as “the next era of the internet” or cyberspace, will be where good 3D NFT examples will finally find their niche in the future. Remember, in an ecosystem of numerous virtual, interoperable worlds, NFTs will probably serve as:

  • Avatars
  • Characters
  • Props 
  • Streets
  • Rooms
  • Cars
  • Sound Effects
  • Clothing and other status symbols.

How to make 3D NFT Art in the best way?

To make your unique 3D NFT in the best possible way, you need to know how exactly all the necessary steps go. Therefore, you must read the following guide from our NFT professionals, which will be of great use to you! Here are the essential steps for making your 3D NFT:

Get all the necessary equipment for creating and trading NFTS.

Before you even think about creating your unique 3D NFT, getting all the necessary equipment is crucial. Namely, you’ll need a cryptocurrency and a wallet. In order to pay any fees associated with converting your digital file into a non-fungible token, it’s necessary to use crypto.

The fees depend upon the Blockchain you pick and its gas, service, and account fees. Numerous non-fungible tokens of today exist on the Ethereum Blockchain. You’re able to pay between $50 and $150 in a comparable amount of crypto just to mint one 3D NFT. However, you’ll be required to find a suitable place to store your NFTs and Crypto.

That’s exactly why it is essential to pick a digital wallet compatible with Ethereum’s NFT token standard, ERC-72. Besides that, explore other wallet options that function as more than just a place to safeguard other digital assets. Make sure to be compatible with the marketplace you choose to buy and sell your non-fungible tokens. The best choices are MetaMask and Coinbase wallets.

NFT trading
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Create your authentic digital asset

The second step is the fun one, where you’re creating your unique digital asset. You’ll need to use high-quality software or a platform to design your 3D asset. It’s time to show your creative and genius side to the world. 

To learn more about all the essential 3D design principles, we advise you to watch some useful online courses. Once you’ve completed your authentic artwork, you should export your file in GLTF or GLB format.

Pick a preferable NFT marketplace.

The next step is to pick your preferred NFT marketplace where you think it’s suitable for marketing and selling your 3D NFT collection. Remember, while making your selection, it’s essential to keep your collector or target buyer in mind.

Despite numerous marketplaces such as OpenSea and SuperRare with built-in and broad audiences, we advise you to consider other specialized marketplaces such as SmartMFG. This particular marketplace is a good choice for gamers and 3D modelers. 

Before officially getting down to business, you must link your chosen digital wallet to the NFT marketplace. 

Convert your authentic digital asset into NFT

Once you’ve chosen your NFT marketplace and linked your digital wallet, it is time to convert your 3D art to an NFT. The process is quite simple, though. A great majority of marketplaces allow users to upload files and turn them into NFTs in just a few clicks. 

It’s necessary to find the “create” button, or something like that, to start the magic! Once you’ve clicked it, bum! The magic happened, and you’ve created your fresh, newly minted NFT.

Promote selling your 3D NFT

After all the previous steps, it’s time to promote and sell your unique 3D NFT. It’s possible to do so in numerous places such as social media accounts, your website, and online communities such as Discord and Reddit. 

Remember, you can also share your work on threads that cater to audiences such as gamers and other crypto enthusiasts. However, tread carefully. Some websites, such as Reddit, have extremely short attention spans regarding overt advertisements. The NFT market is also very crowded.

Each online marketplace includes its processes and policies for selling non-fungible tokens. You will be prompted to select transaction details such as:

  • Desired price
  • Auction time limit
  • The type of crypto you’ll accept for your 3D NFT.

In addition, reviewing fees that you or your buyer may be obligated to pay is crucial. It’s usually just some percentage of the final sale price. All these essential details are typically shown on your chosen marketplace’s website. 

Can you create your 3D NFT for free?

You must know that most NFTs registered on Ethereum have high gas fees. However, using other, not-so-popular blockchains, you can mind your 3D NFT for free. Your authentic NFT will have all unique features, such as an Ethereum NFT, even though there’ll be no gas fees for both you or your buyer of that specific NFT.

However, we recommend that you choose the Ethereum blockchain since it’s the best option for many NFTs devotees and has the biggest base of NFTs registered on it. To make some profits, you need to invest something.

The cost to develop your NFT can greatly vary depending on the type of the market. The developer needs to create code to enable the NFT to function for free. It may cost from $7 to $150, depending on the complexity of the NFT project. The creator is the one who chooses what format will his Non-Fungible Token take. 


The new phase of the internet’s hottest fad, such as minting 3D NFTs for fun, or to make some immense profits, is fertile ground for all tech-savvy creators and NFT collectors. It’s time for you to get creative, let your artistic side take shape, and enable you to earn profits.

Given that NFT is the future and its demand will only grow, we advise you to seriously consider creating and marketing your unique 3D NFT, even if it is only suitable for your collection! Good luck!

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