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What Do Google and Facebook Know About You?

Both companies build their empire on the most valuable commodity in the world – data. Using their applications is free. Instead, we exchange our data – behaviour, consumption, personality or contact. With this knowledge, they give a more personalized experience and are leading information providers for the advertising industry.

We have all accepted very extensive legal texts, without reading and understanding the extent of the information we share. To shed light that will bring us more aware of this agreement, let’s try to reveal all the things that Google and Facebook know about us.

What does Google know about you?

Google is not limited only to its famous search engine. Add all the interactions you do through Gmail, Maps, Chrome, Android, Google Play, G+, Drive, Youtube or Waze. If you exercise your legal right to access all the data they have before Google, you receive a file base with about 10Gb in weight. This is amazing because all your activity appears registered and ordered in its folder. It knows all the searches you’ve done, your phone, email, work address, friends, where you have taken your photos and what newspapers or blogs you read. If you access the location history, it has the coordinates of all the places you have passed and can predict whether you were going on foot, by train or by car. 

What does Facebook know about you?

Facebook receives more than 2.5 million pieces of content every minute from its more than 2.2 billion users. However, Facebook is more modest than Google, and the data it claims to have is less staggering. It ensures that it does not cross the Facebook data with its other jewel in the WhatsApp crown. Despite suspiciously recommending you as friends people you only have in common having crossed a message with them.

Facebook stepped into some new problem due to its lack of rigour in using the data it has about us. The most recent is known as “facebookgate.” This occurred because Facebook allowed third parties to access data of its users and even their friends. 

Many testimonials ensure that Facebook and Instagram listen to you; one of them is your mobile microphone. However, the company has always denied this fact, although its version is questioned in many articles. 

Facebook’s interest in accumulating more data does not seem to give us a personalized and targeted application on what it learns from us. Above all, it intends offering advertisers segmentation possibilities that go beyond the worrying.

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