Welcome To Poland, Conotoxia

Conotoxia, the Spanish company that owns and operates Conocí is expanding into Poland with their new branch already in operation!

The founders of Conotoxia Ltd. are now providing clients with access to Polish-speaking representatives through its Warsaw branch, according to the press release shared by this company recently. With the help of a new software in place, Conotoxia Ltd clients can open accounts and have all transactional features available locally with Polish support.

Commenting on the announcement, the CEO of Conotoxia Ltd, Grzegorz Jaworski, had this to say. “The opening of a branch in Poland is evidence of the systematic development of the company. As part of our international expansion, we are not only developing our product offer and services but also expanding our team in order to best realize the visions and ideas of Conotoxia Holding group and build a strong brand with global reach. But, this is just the beginning of our plans. We want to offer Polish investors a real alternative when it comes to investing on a global level with a trusted broker with a very good reputation and with the backing of a global fintech like”

It’s a New Chapter

The broker has reinforced its commitment to providing clients with the highest level of protection by ensuring that they are protected not only through internal compliance, but also in regards to Poland’s Financial Supervision Authority (KNF).

But, don’t take my word for it. The Director of the Polish branch of Conotoxia Ltd, Daniel Kostecki’s word will do. He says, “Our main goal is still to promote informed investment through solid education and to familiarize our customers with tools and solutions that support Forex and CFD trading.”

Conotoxia has made it possible for its users to pay with Skrill. The official announcement was in June this year. It’s an excellent way of accepting payments online, and this new addition will make your business grow even more!

In today’s fast-paced world, it is not just the quick who have something to offer. With Conotoxia you can fund your Forex account and order currency exchange transactions from anywhere in Europe with a few simple steps through their secure platform – no more waiting days or weeks for money orders! You even get Skrill as an option so that paying by card doesn’t take up any additional time on top of what would have been spent at bank branches anyway.

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