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 WELB has one of the highest-ranking currently. Why’s that?

WellBe token ICO got one of the highest-ranking on the market currently. The initial coin offering began several weeks ago and will continue until July 9, 2021. The company offers investors the opportunity to invest in the new crypto dedicated to the Fitness world.

WellBe boasts more than 230 million club members around the globe. That means its token will grow quickly. Furthermore, the fitness industry is one of the strongest worldwide. It helps consumers lead healthier lives, and more and more people use its services.

The company created Wellbe Coin specifically for this Industry, and it is a Revolution for Fitness. The platform promises its users a minimum growth of 15% per year. However, to achieve such goals, the WELB token is crucial. The ICO price is 0.1 EUR per token, and the platform is accepting BTC, ETH, USDT, and even fiat in exchange. The token’s type is ERC-20, and 5,000,000 WELB are available for sale.

What are WellBe’s goals?

The company aims for WellBe Coin to become widespread, hoping for its worldwide adoption by various players in the world of Sport and Fitness. Token holders will enjoy multiple advantages. They can use WellBe Coin to promote a system of self-financing and governance, as well as absorbing, improving, and using the most advanced technologies in the field of Blockchain. The latter includes the very comprehensive capabilities of Smart contracts, as well as limitless scalability.

Besides, WellBe Coin is removing common barriers to entry into the crypto space. So, it is on its way to becoming the most user-friendly, reliable, and secure platform to use and trade value.

The platform facilitates exchanges between the various players in the Fitness industry. It also allows each of them to integrate a community and a healthy and reliable ecosystem. WellBe provides customers with added value, along with a renewed experience and a means of exchange enriching.


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