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A new era started when cryptocurrencies were initially introduced. The potential and oppurtunies cryptocurrencis offered fascinated investors. We believed that the future was unfolding right before our eyes. At first, we only wanted a better understanding of what lay beneath the surface. However, as we gained more insight into cryptocurrencies, we realized how much value this knowledge has. This was when we decided to launch the site in 2017.

The Site

Building the site, we faced several challenges. One of them was the constant evolution of the blockchain technology behind the cryptocurrencies. This process resulted in new cryptocurrencies and new opportunities to make use of this amazing technology.

On top of that, cryptomarkets are open 24/7. With abundant data pouring in every second, we needed a robust method to process data and to produce forecasts.

This would have been impossible without machine learning. Machine learning is the heart of WalletInvestor as self-learning algorithms process vast amounts of past and present data to uncover the patterns that arise and to generate the predictions. We constantly focus on developing our AI to ensure that we offer the most accurate technical predictions possible.

Once the machine learning AI was up and running, we began to introduce complementary services to our site. We launched several new functions to enhance user experience. Some of these tools included a cryptocurrency calculator and converter, cryptocurrency comparison, and a pump & dump cryptocurrency list.

The great feedback we received made us bold. We felt secure venturing into new financial territories. After covering cryptocurrencies, we already had the

background with the necessary processes set in place. This is how Stocks, Forex, Funds, Commodities, and Real Estate markets were added to our continuously evolving site.

We have certainly come a long way. Today, we have 2 million visitors monthly and a loyal base of 60,000 people. So, come and join us at WalletInvestor.com!

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